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Gianna Nicole


Gianna Nicole

Click to see Gianna Nicole on Tonights Girlfriend!

They say money can’t buy love…that may be true but you know what it can buy? A whole lot of other fun things, including having a gorgeous pornstar like Gianna Nicole come by and spend the night with you in your hotel room, fucking your brains out like she does with this guy in a hot update from Tonights Girlfriend! Gianna shows up looking like a dream cum true and that only gets more so as she loses her clothing, changing into her sexy skimpy little lingerie to drive this guy wild! He was a big fan of Gianna’s work and this time he actually had the bankroll to have her come by and he was gonna make the most of a great situation, fucking that sweet wet pussy of hers all night long…Gianna has one of the finest booties in the biz and you’ll get plenty of chance to see that for yourself here as she gets pounded doggystyle, still wearing her garter belt and thigh high stockings!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole in the crack

If you’ve checked out gorgeous Gianna Nicole in the past but wanted to get nice up close and personal with that sweet tight fuckable pussy now’s your chance as In The Crack takes you on a nice closeup journey! Gianna rolls around on the bed before spreading her legs and fingering her tight hole, masturbating and tickling her clit but fun with her pussy isn’t all she had in mind…Gianna loves having some backdoor fun so she busted out one of her favorite toys, slipping a blue buttplug in her tight little pucker, showing off that perfect tight round ass and looking of course incredible as she does it. This chick is a hot horny pornstar with an appetite for exhibitionism and she doesn’t mind getting us right up next to that tight pink hole of hers…try not to lick your computer screen when you get inches away from her pussy, I know it’s a temptation but try to restrain yourself.

Gianna Monster Curves


Gianna Nicole Monster Curves

Gianna Nicole is one of those girls who I think is really hot but she is just so active on porn sites I can’t keep up with all of her galleries. So as I see new ones that I know I haven’t posted yet I just grab them and throw them up. This one comes from Reality Kings and more specifically it’s for Monster Curves. You see that amazing tight waist that Gianna here has? Well then you know whey she is on Monster Curves. The funny thing actually is that this image has been photoshopped to hell and the thing with Gianna is you don’t even need to photoshop her. She just naturally has a awesome body but it looks like Monster Curves is trying to get some seriously crazy curves on girls. Curves that just do not exist. Luckily for you guys I am not sending you to a page with a bunch of photoshopped images instead I am sending you to a nice long video of Gianna getting fucked. It’s the good part of the video too when Gianna is riding this guys dick, a girl with a big booty you always want to see them riding, I know that’s what I want!

Gianna In The Backroom


Gianna Nicole In The Backroom on Bang Bros

Gianna Nicole has a casting video that you probably haven’t seen before and it was the one she did for Bang Bros. She got called in to be on their sites but they didn’t tell her that today was going to be her first scene. I don’t know what it is about pornstars but they need to “plan on having sex” or they always get thrown for a loop. Gianna it looks like at first is going to break the Bang Bros guys heart but then she fills out the paperwork and gets banged in the backroom of Bang Bros! What do you guys think her best assets are? She thinks it’s her eyes and her ass… I can agree with the butt thing but I kind of like her tits. They’re natural, not really big or anything but they hang on her body really nice. They look almost puffy or something. Anyways what do you chumps like about her?

Halloween Adult Party


Passion hd halloween adult party

I’ve never in my life seen a nurse costume so skimpy as the one Gianna Nicole is sporting in this Passion HD update called Halloween Adult Party! It barely covers her sweet round ass and just plain doesn’t cover her nipples as she and her man make out on the counter…I don’t know how much of a party this is since it seems like it’s just the two of them, but Gianna is lookin smokin hot so I guess she’s a party all by herself. Soon she gets naked except for a garter around one leg and gets her sweet shaved pussy pounded by her man’s big thick dick, spreading her legs and bending over to show off that perfect booty! They say Halloween costumes are all about being sexy nowadays and this Passion HD scene is a pretty good example of that if you ask me…Gianna makes a hell of a nurse though, can you imagine her being your bedside in the hospital? Her man dressed up as a doctor I guess, which makes this a little more of a roleplay fantasy than a costume party if you ask me.

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole on tlhc

You might have seen naughty girl Gianna Nicole before but did you know she goes absolutely buck wild for a big fat dick? I mean don’t get me wrong she loves to fuck no matter what size the meat but she definitely gets a little more into the swing of things when there’s a swing to that dingaling, know what I ming? Mean, whatever, it rhymed better the other way. Anyway in this scene from the Reality Kings network site Teens Love Huge Cocks this 19 year old hottie puts that sweet perfect pussy to work as she gets impaled by this dude’s massive dong, getting her perfect ass up in the air to get licked and get her pussy pounded fucked from behind, taking off her red top to reveal those nice perky breasts as she gets a hot beef injection for the ages. This girl is an absolute stunner with a gorgeous sexy body and we get to see every inch of it here, I wasn’t sure if Gianna was actually a teen or not but I looked it up and sure enough, this girl is a legit 19 year old!

Gianna Nicole Moto Majestic


Gianna Nicole Moto Majestic Porn Fidelity

That ass and pussy right there are pretty fucking good aren’t they? Like how that pussy is just wrapping around Ryan’s dick here bet that feels nice. The models name is Gianna Nicole a girl you guys should be used to seeing by now. This episode of Porn Fidelity is called “Moto Majestic”. It has Gianna playing like the video Ho or something like that. She is outdoors in a g-string bikini shaking her ass in from of a Lambo. Then she goes inside and changes into a sexy little red dress. She gives Ryan a strip tease something she is probably used to as she was originally a stripper. She gets him hard just from her lap dance and then he throws her on the floor and starts eating out that tight pussy of hers. She gets so horny she begs him to fuck her and he of course does. Ryan ends up cumming pretty fast he puts it on a glass table and Gianna being the man pleaser she is licks it up. You know Ryan he isn’t just cumming once when he fucks a girl so he continues to pound away at Gianna here and when he cums again he doesn’t pull out instead just dumps his load deep inside of her. She then uses a vibrator that she has been cumming on through the whole video and gives herself another orgasm with Ryan’s cum still in her pussy.

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole team skeet

Sexy brunette Gianna Nicole was ready to work up a sweat but the real workout started after she was ready to cool down, which is when her personal trainer helped take her titties out of her stretch top, grabbing that perfect ass with his big dick poking out of his shorts! If you know Gianna at all you know she’s not one to let a cock just go waving in the wind without getting her hands and mouth on it, so soon she’s sucking and then fucking this dude in a hot update from the Team Skeet site called The Real Workout! She puts the weightlifting bench to good use as she spreads her legs to get that sweet pussy pounded, bouncing her round ass up and down as she gets fucked…hopefully she towels off the bench after they’re done, I’d hate to be the next person working out on that equipment after a hot and sweaty session like this!

Sweet As Honey


Fantasy hd sweet as honey gianna nicole

Sexy exotic babe Gianna Nicole likes her tea nice and sweet so she starts pouring some honey in the cup, and her man strolled into the kitchen just in time to see her licking her fingertips and looking sexy as hell! Soon he has her bent over the kitchen counter, fucking that perfect pussy from behind before they head out to the living room couch for a little more comfort. Gianna’s pink hole is sweet as honey and this guy gets to sample it with his tongue and fingers and cock for Fantasy HD as these two make passionate love…he even pours some honey on her perky nipples and licks it off but it’s hard to tell whether the honey or her tits are sweeter! Gianna always looks amazing and she definitely makes some fantasies cum true in this hot scene…I think she’s only been in one other Fantasy HD scene before and I’ve got it for you right here, so make sure you check that one out as well! I just can’t get over her sweet round juicy ass, Gianna definitely takes care of her body and it’s paying off in spades when she bends over to get that butt and pussy in the air, pulling her little panties aside to give us a glimpse of that wet pinkness before her man plunges his hard cock into it. She gets a taste of his own honey at the end of this scene as he shoots his load all over her chest and she runs her fingers through it before licking them clean!

Serving Up Dessert


Gianna nicole 2 povd

Gorgeous Gianna Nicole was whipping up a batch of cupcakes when her man found her in the kitchen in this POVD episode, sliding his hands around her and up and over those big full titties of hers! She had been putting frosting on the cupcakes but soon she found a better use for it, squirting it onto her man’s big cock and then licking and sucking it off…and of course this is POVD so the whole thing is in incredibly high quality lifelike video and in first person perspective so it’s like you’re there in the driver’s seat getting your meat gobbled by this beautiful horny babe! After getting her pussy eaten out Gianna headed to the living room couch to go for a ride and get that pussy filled up wtih dick, moaning as she rode the guy to orgasm with her big round ass bouncing in his face…it’s no wonder he had to bust nut soon, shooting his load all over Gianna for a creamy facial finish to this update called Serving Up Dessert!

Watching Her Fuck My Man


Phd watching her fuck my man

I mean I’ll be honest here, when I read the title of this Passion HD update called Watching Her Fuck My Man I thought for sure Gianna Nicole was going to walk in and find her man in bed with Sabrina Banks and it would be like a voyeuristic thing about a woman whose husband is cheating on her or something. Turns out though that Gianna just led her botox monstrosity of a fella upstairs and beautiful Sabrina was already up there naked in bed and waiting to have a little fun with the two of them! It’s probably better this way because now we get to watch both of these beautiful babes getting fucked and making out and eating pussy all at the same time…if you’re into a young gorgeous hottie with perky smaller boobies and a sweet ass you’ve got Sabrina Banks, if you’re more into a beautiful more mature honey with bigger boobs you’ve got Gianna Nicole, and if you’re into dudes who look like mannequins come to life and given botox injections and a facelift you’ve got whatever this guy’s name is. They’re not into him for his looks though I suppose, he’s got a big dick and apparently knows how to use it so they take what they can from him and pleasure each other at the same time! This is a little bonus for all those who actually read these blogs! I found another video of Gianna over at Brazzers called Cock Sticks that I think you will like if you like this exotic coed, I know I do.

Blind Date


Passion hd blind date

When I first started watching this Passion HD update called Blind Date and saw Gianna Nicole coming down the stairs and lifting up her top to show off those big perfect tits to her man I almost called bullshit, that was no kind of blind date I have ever heard of in my damn life. However, when she pulled out a blindfold and put it over his eyes, AHA! Very clever, Passion HD, well played. It doesn’t actually stay on his eyes for all that long but hey I guess all they needed was an excuse to give the update this title…soon nobody cares about the title or anything like that though because Gianna starts fucking him, riding his cock with that nice tight pussy of hers and bouncing her boobs up and down as she gets penetrated deep and hard! This exotic beauty loves to get fucked and you can tell in this sexy scene as she pulls out some of her tricks, working his shaft with her hole and even getting tittyfucked before receiving a nice big facial.

Gianna Nicole


Latina sex tapes gianna nicole

It was only a matter of time before lovely exotic Gianna Nicole was featured on the Mofos network site Latina Sex Tape…she’s got that sweet round tight latina ass and nice bouncy titties, not to mention her beautiful face! In this update she shows off her curves in her tight pink leggings before her guy pal rips them open to get at that nice juicy booty and her shaved pussy. Gianna spreads her legs to take his meat deep in her hole but I’d have to say the best part is when she gets on her hands and knees with her butt in the air to get pounded doggystyle, what do you think?

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole for povd

The view from the top floor is pretty breathtaking, especially when you’re looking from the top of Gianna Nicole‘s head like in the beginning of this POVD update called Highrise Hookup! That’s because not only do you get to see the view of the street below, you also get to look down at her big squeezable titties! She wanders inside to the bathroom where her guy pal is taking a shower and the perspective goes back and forth from hers to his, making you feel like you’re right there in the room fucking Gianna (or that you are Gianna sucking cock and getting fucked if that’s your jam). The video resolution on this site is incredible, I know I mention it like every time for POVD sets but it’s true, it has to be seen to be believed. When I first saw this scene from POVD I thought I had already posted it before but in fact I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was thinking of the scene she did for POV Life. It is good but come on nothing can beat POVD!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna nicole teen curves

If you’ve got a hankering to see gorgeous horny teens stripping down and getting their sweet pussies railed you’ve come to the right place my friend…Teen Curves has the hottest chicks around like sexy Gianna Nicole here, who hangs out by a graffiti covered wall pulling her little shorts down to unleash that incredible round juicy ass on the world! An ass like that deserves to get fucked so soon she heads indoors and gets on her hands and knees with her cheeks oiled up, to get penetrated doggystyle…this lucky dude hammers away at that sweet tight fuckhole for a bit, I expected him to give her some anal pleasure but I guess not today. He does frost that beautiful butt with a creamy load though when he pulls out and shoots!

Gianna Nicole


Gianna Nicole Casting Couch X

Well this fucking hot isn’t it? Her name is Gianna Nicole and when I first saw her on Passion HD I thought she was a winner and I am glad she is still around shooting porn. At least I hope she is I know this video is actually the first one she ever made but any time news scenes are coming out I consider the girl still active in the industry. This scene she is fucking her talent agent. He takes all his girls for a test run before he goes out and finds them jobs. You know why these scenes probably come out after other ones. I bet he makes deals with these other sites that he won’t post his scene till X date or whatever. It’s a pretty awesome setup he has fucking his models before anyone else in the industry I mean he can give real feedback to these porn producers. Gianna here has a nice rack but as much as it pains me to admit it I think her big round ass is probably her best asset. That’s saying a lot too because look at how full and perky these boobies are! When she rides this guy the tight little jiggle they make is the sure fire sign of “perky tits”.

A Sexy Valentine’s Gift


Gianna Nicole by Passion HD

There is going to be a lot of girls looking just like this in about 4 days you know what I’m saying guys! Gianna Nicole is in a Passion HD scene called “A Sexy Valentine’s Gift”. You get to see her in sexy black stocking, black high heels black bra and garter. She starts off by getting her man hard by sucking his dick he probably thinks he is about to fuck after that but Gianna wants her. She lays back and gets her pussy eaten real good and then they start to fuck. At first he takes charge and fucks her in missionary and in doggystyle and then Gianna gets her turn. That’s when the real magic happens because she has a nice big fat ass as you can see and this guy loves to grab it and she rides him. She does it cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl and the video ends with her swallowing his load. If you are kind of hook on this girl then please enjoy this other video she has done for Fantasy HD called Takes Dicktation.

Secretary Takes Dicktation


Fhd gianna nicole secretayr

Imagine having a gorgeous exotic secretary with dangerous curves and sexy lingerie like Gianna Nicole…it’s been a long tough day at work and when your secretary comes into the office and drops her coat all she’s wearing is that sexy underwear! You’ve imagined it enough, now watch it go down in this FantasyHD update called Secretary Takes Dicktation! Pad puns aside, this chick is hot as hell with her long dark hair, perfect breasts and big juicy booty that looks insane as she gets her hole slowly penetrated from behind. Fantasy HD brings you right up to the girls of your dreams, and if this girl isn’t in your dreams tonight I’ll be pretty surprised. That big round ass of hers is a thing spoken of only in whispers and legend, but here we have it in full effect as gorgeous Italian babe Gianna gets pounded and takes a facial!

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