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Backroom Casting Couch Jojo

This is Jojo she is looking for money lets be honest. That’s why she is on the dating site that Rick found her on and that’s why she is on Backroom Casting Couch. The thing is Jojo could probably actually be a pornstar in real life but she met the wrong person for sure. She talks to Rick on the couch telling him all about herself because she was told that’s what the producer what to hear. My favorite story is the one where she talks about all the girls she has slept with 22 to be exact. The second best one is her talking about the 2 male / male / girl threesome she had both of which the guys DP’d her. Since Rick heard that he made a note to get her to do anal after he had fucked her for a bit and sure enough he asked and she obeyed.



Molly Backroom Casting Couch

This weeks Backroom Casting Couch want to be pornstar is Molly. Rick met her on his top secret dating site. I made it not so top secret, kind of blowing up his spot but whatever check it out if you want to try to get some chicks as well. This girl has a really nice ass and Rick can’t help but want to get his dick in it which he does. I mean it was pretty much a given once I heard her tell the story of when she was double penetrated. I just noticed something when watching this interview too that must of the girls that come on his site watch porn but they don’t watch normal stuff they usually watch lesbian porn! I don’t know if it’s just the mindset of girls who think about being in porn or it’s the mindset of girls in general.



Liyanna Backroom Casting Couch

Rick met this girl on this dating site were girls get “sponsored” by guys. It’s pretty much a sugar daddy website but a little different I guess. It’s a good place to pick up chicks for his site Backroom Casting Couch because these girls are looking for money basically. You know they are fucking some of their sponsors just because they don’t want to lose them. He gets this girl Liyanna who is pretty cute, she has pretty much everything you can think of that is peirced including her pussy. She is kind of a wild girl who likes to masturbate to anal sex (weird right). So of course since she likes anal Rick gets his dick all up in that ass. It was pretty awesome when he was trying to loosen her up for the anal sex she was tired of all the fingers and foreplay and she was just like “stick it in”. I guess you can raw dog this girls ass and she doesn’t even give a fuck, probably likes it too.



Dee Backroom Casting Couch

This look of shock eyes of Dee here is because she has a dick in her ass for the first time in her life. She has fucked a ton of guys but she pretty much just likes them fucking her pussy. She doesn’t even like to give head can you believe that shit? Well lucky for all the guys who fuck her after she did this audition for Backroom Casting Couch she was turned out by Rick. Not only did he have her giving him head for a long time but he put it in her ass as I said earlier. I don’t know what Rick is thinking sometimes but he had this girl riding him on the couch and she was giving him the good ride and he was about to cum and he told her to stop. She did but while she was stop Rick was just cumming in her pussy giving her a creampie. She wasn’t happy at all about it but when he said he would buy her a plan B pill she was down to try anal. Rick got his dick hard again and stuffed it in there, what a great scene this turned out to be, good job Rick!



Parker Backroom Casting Couch

Rick might be a little scared after fucking this girl Parker. He was fighting cumming the entire time during this Backroom Casting Couch scene. She was sucking his dick and it was just to good and got him there too fast if you know I am saying. He bends her over the desk and just puts his dick in and kind of leaves it because he is about to cum. She stays still he pulls out and starts cumming on the floor. Instead of stopping he just puts his dick back in and starts fucking. He then tells the girl that the cum on his dick wasn’t form him but was from her. In the members area he tells the guy that he actually did cum in her pussy but just didn’t want to let her know because he still wanted to do anal. Well he never asked Parker here if she was on birth control and never actually told her he gave her a creampie! Sure hope Rick got himself fixed or something or else this could be his baby momma. Rick does end up getting in that ass of hers and Parker takes it like a champ claiming it was nothing. She does get pretty pissed though at the end of the video when she finds out that she isn’t actually going to get paid for what they just did. You should have worked that out before you let him fuck you in the ass darling duh.



Taytum Backroom Casting Couch

If you want to fuck this girl then you actually have a chance because she was picked up by Rick on a dating site! I just happen to know the exact dating site that Backroom Casting Couch uses, which you can check out here. The girl has a cute body with nice curves super small tits but a beautiful pussy. She is super nervous during this whole interview I think she is way more interested in having Rick as a sugar daddy then she is in being a pornstar. She probably just did this to be in his good graces so he will pay for some shit for her. She gives him head and almost makes him blows his load way to early! She says she has only slept with 3 guys but she has to have blown like 40 because she is fucking good! They then get their fuck on and then he blows a massage load all over her face for one amazing facial.



Bella Backroom Casting Couch

You guys owe me! I finally figured out the sugar daddy dating site that Rick from Backroom Casting Couch uses! After I saw this girl Bella I was like I just have to find this site. You can check it out here, I already join it’s free don’t worry. Back to this new video of a girl named Bella. She is super hot as you can see and she has pierced nipples. She tries anal sex for the first time because she wanted to “go the extra mile”. What girls will do to make $1,000 to $5,000 dollars a day right? It was pretty genius of Rick to join a sugar daddy site because all these girls want is money! He has a little bit of trouble in this video trying not to cum super fast. Bella is giving him head and he pops a little bit and you would too, Bella can suck a mean cock! He then fucks her doggystyle same problem. To calm his nerves he eats her out and then he is back to pounding the pussy and then having some anal sex. The scene ends with a deep creampie. So deep in fact that he couldn’t even get in cum to drip out of her pussy! Once again Rick finds himself giving a girl a creampie that isn’t on birth control. This girl claims that it’s impossible for her to get knocked up and she has proof. I would just make her take that plan b Rick, you can’t be a dad!



Nessa Backroom Casting Couch

I have a lovely little gallery here for you guys her name is Nessa. She has all the looks when she has her clothes on but she takes them off and there is some crazy bad tattoos. Who cares about that right? Well she also has the personality of a sloth, or something a long those lines. This is by far not the best sex scene on Backroom Casting Couch, this girl is just too damn shy and she doesn’t really enjoy the fuck she got at all. I know Rick did though because he pounded that sweet Asian pussy doggystyle and it felt so good he didn’t even pull out just drop his load deep in that pussy. It was so deep in there they sat around for like a minute until it all came out. This girl is pretty weird but just enjoy it for what it is a hot creampie gallery.



Sunny Backroom Casting Couch

Backroom Casting Couch is back and better then ever! They went on a little hiatus this last month or so I would say because well Rick said he couldn’t find any girls but probably just a vacation. This is a first for Backroom Casting Couch as well because its the first time that Rick let another guy do the fucking while he was there! He had some kind of surgery or something so has to take it easy but man did he pick the wrong week for his surgery. This girl Sunny is so freaking cute, she comes in dressed all kinds of weird but once she gets naked totally hot. She has great natural tits and a absolutely perfect pussy! That pussy gets filled with cum at the end of this fuck session because Rick told his male talent to do it. he however did not tell Sunny and he probably should of because she is one of those hippy girls who doesn’t do birth control. I guess she will have to take a Plan B, Rick should really buy stock in them because he sure buys a lot of their product!

Sage Evans


Sage Evans Casting Couch X

I have for you a Casting Couch X scene starring Sage Evans. I like this scene because I have actually seen Sage in another scene. That means that these guys who run this casting agency actually get girls jobs after they film their first sex scene. This isn’t like Backroom Casting Couch where the guy just tricks them into thinking that he is going to get them jobs, these guys actually get the girls job. I mean I don’t really care that much but its a little “different” then these other casting couch sites. There is one thing that is kind of the same Sage here has no idea that she is going to be making her first sex tape she just thinks she is going in for a quite interview to begin her porn career, she doesn’t know that it actually starts today!



Rosie Backroom Casting Couch

The guy from Backroom Casting Couch is just a wreck right now. He doesn’t have a office and he is having a super hard time finding models right now. This is the last update he did and for being in bad shape I think he did pretty good with Rosie here. She has a hour glass figure with a couple extra lbs but hey she has big tits. There is nothing sadder then a big girl with no tits. Rick works his magic and ends up not only getting this girl to fuck for a fake job that she will never get but he also worms his way into her butt! She hasn’t had anal sex in quite some time but Rick gets after it and it’s so nice he has to pull out because he is about to cum. He is saving his cum for a nice little creampie which Rosie receives at the end of this video. The funny thing is is that Rosie asked Rick if he was going to put a condom on when she got down to suck his cock and then 30 minutes later she is asking to be fucked and even takes a creampie, crazy world.



Krystal Backroom Casting Couch

This is a interesting Backroom Casting Couch scene because it kind of just stops abruptly at the end. Rick thought it was a good idea to go through with a interview with this girl Krystal who told him before she showed up that she is on her period. Well that didn’t stop him because he had a plan. Rick wanted to do a purely anal sex scene with her and well Krystal was down. She was down until Rick got balls deep in that ass and then it was just too much for her, she stops the scene and the tape is cut off! You will never know what happened unless you are a member of Backroom Casting Couch and if that’s the case just read the description that Rick made for this update.



Tia Backroom Casting Couch

I might use the word innocent quite a bit around here and sometimes you know what I could be wrong, in your own opinion that is. I however refuse to believe there is anyone out there that wouldn’t think Tia is innocent! She may have had sex before but on Backroom Casting Couch I really do believe that she got her pussy eaten out for the first time and having anal as well. I just call it how I see it and I totally believe we saw some first here. Tia is a true Native American so that means she is very exotic looking, she does have a couple extra LBS on her but everyone needs a little cushion for the pushin you know what I’m saying!

Sydney and Brittania


Sydney Brittania Backroom Casting Couch

I am not going to lie I don’t know which girl is named Sydney and which one is named Brittania in this Backroom Casting Couch gallery but I know what is way hotter then the other! This girl right here is the good looking one the other girl has so many tattoos and that face just isn’t doing it for me. One thing about that tattoo girl is that she loves anal sex I mean loves it! When Rick brings it up if they are willing to do it she goes off on like a 2 minute tangent about how awesome it is. Well at that point I knew Rick was going to fuck her in the ass and he does just that. What surprises me though is that he is unable to get the other girl to try it! He does get these two to eat each other out having just met I feel like that’s a pretty big deal.



Amber Backroom Casting Couch

I told you guys last week that Rick got kicked out of his office so this weeks episode of Backroom Casting Couch takes place in a hotel! I don’t know how Rick was able to make Amber believe that this is how talent agents do their interviews but he did it. She must have had some idea that she was going to be banging because I mean the hotel room is a dead give away. Amber seems like a very innocent girl she has a cute look and I am loving the glasses. She never tried anal before but Rick was able to talk his way into that virgin butt and man did he like it. This girl is a good fuck and has a great set of natural perky tits that have a lot of bounce to them as she is being fucked, just watch the video.



Serenity Backroom Casting Couch

It looks like Rick from Backroom Casting Couch is back on the hunt looking for a new office because he just got kicked out of this office that you see in this video of Serenity. I know you guys are going to love this gallery because you get to see Serenity here getting fucked super hard in the ass and then Rick doesn’t pull out and gives her a anal creampie! The funniest part of this whole video is at the end when he asks her if she knows where he dropped his load. She finds out it’s in her ass and was like “did you like it?” and he responded of course it was amazing and then she busted up laughing and was like “I did too”. She is like ashamed to admit that she liked being fucked in the ass but couldn’t help it and just had to let me in on that little secret, it’s cute.



Lola Casting Couch X

I have for you guys a brand new site that isn’t even quite open yet but I am able to give you guys a special offer because they are about to have a grand opening! The site is Casting Couch X! It’s a site where you are going to find a couple girls you recognize and then a bunch that you do not. These are all casting couch auditions that Porn Pros has done and in their auditions the girls have to fuck or they are not going to hire them! Before they would just sit on these tapes but after seeing the success of Backroom Casting Couch they just had to release them to the public. This girl you see here is a newbie that I have never seen before and I think she decided that porn wasn’t for her, her name is Lola. In this gallery you get to see that pretty pink pussy of hers fucked and that sweet face covered in a huge load of cum.



Tabby Backroom Casting Couch

I have for you a gorgeous college girl her name is Tabby. She didn’t know she was going on Backroom Casting Couch so she didn’t know the rule. When you go on there you can’t even mention that anal is possible or Rick will somehow end up in your but! That’s exactly what happened in this scene. She also told him not to cum inside of her and I thought for sure that Rick was going to do it but he played nice guy today and just dropped a fucking bucket of cum on her face! Not only did she do anal but she did so riding him on top I have it as my preview image. Pretty impressive for a girl that says she just casually enjoys anal. I think Rick has finally settle into his office because he actually had toys for Tabby to use! Ever since he moved to this office he just has been using hand sanitizer as a toy but now he has the real deal and lube too!



Backroom Casting Couch Khloe

This girl Khloe comes to a casting call to become a pornstar because first she needs money and second she knows that guys will like to see her fucked because she is “innocent”. During the interview with Rick you find out that she doesn’t swallow cum, and that she has only tried anal once. I am positive Rick makes mental notes during these interviews to do the things that they don’t normally do because he knows that Backroom Casting Couch members love that shit. Not only did he get her to actually have anal sex but he has her swallow his cum! It’s pretty funny and I have video of it of her just sitting there gagging trying to swallow it LOL!



Audrina Backroom Casting Couch

There isn’t anything much better then a Backroom Casting Couch scene and that right there is a fact! This episode is with a model named Audrina and she is like the most peppy girl I have ever seen before in my life. She is almost goofy but when it comes to sex this girl is serious she loves it. That’s why she wants to become a pornstar is because she loves fucking and sucking so much. That was until she gone done fucking this guy she just met and told Rick that she probably just wants to do solo masturbation scenes and Girl / Girl. The problem is Rick isn’t actually going to get you any jobs so that shit doesn’t matter.



Sierra Backroom Casting Couch

This weeks Backroom Casting Couch update his a exotic looking model by the name of Sierra. She met Rick on this dating site and he convinced her that she would be great working in porn. Right now she just slangs flip flops in the male so anything make $1,000 to $5,000 a day seems great to her. In the video Rick starts banging her doggystyle and accidentally cums inside of her but he doesn’t want the scene to end so he tells her it was her cum. Then he gets to have anal sex with her and for his grand finale gives her a surprise creampie which she doesn’t seem to pissed about.



Natasha Backroom Casting Couch

Natasha almost didn’t do this entire sex scene because when Rick from Backroom Casting Couch asked her to get naked on camera she wasn’t too stoked about it. Rick laid it on thick though telling her producers need to see her willing to do just about anything so they will hire her and she can make $1,000 to $5,000 a day. He found her weak spot and that is money Natasha loves it. With that one little line Rick was able to fuck Natasha in the ass, give her a creampie and did I mention fuck her in the ass? It was great because he has his dick in his ass and a lotion bottle in her pussy just because he wanted to see if he could do it. Natasha is one of the hottest models to come on his site I mean at least the top 10 so you should definitely check out this gallery!



Lana Backroom Casting Couch

I have another Backroom Casting Couch girl named Lana that Rick met on a oh so secret dating site. This time Rick didn’t give the unsuspecting girl a creampie no he wanted to have Lana swallow his cum why you as? Rick asked her during her interview for the fake producers if she swallows and she said she had never done it before. Rick always likes a challenge so he got her to swallow a massage load of cum of his. Backroom Casting Couch is one of the most real sites on the Internet some of these videos you just have to see to believe!



Ziba Backroom Casting Couch

Here is a girl named Ziba and she loves her some Ziba. I mean she has a pretty banging body with a nice shapely ass and big fake titties that are pierced. She is pretty sure that after she gets done with this interview with this agent she is going to make it big time. The big problem here is that Ziba is interviewing with the guy from Backroom Casting Couch who is actually a fake agent. He gets Ziba to successfully have anal sex, she has only done anal with a strap-on that her girlfriend was wearing. Ziba is into dicks again though and she is looking to fuck as much as she can until she finds the one. I think that’s a good plan Ziba you just need to find a real agent now.



Davani Backroom Casting Couch

This Davani girl is a very interesting girl. She is fucking Rick here from Backroom Casting Couch and she had talked to him for the first time two hours ago. Rick once again picked this chick up on and she was very interested in making money by being fucked. It’s a adult dating site but also a lot of sugar daddies sign up to find girls who want to fuck for a couple extra bucks. Rick hit up Davani and she came over he fucked her told her his usual lies and the gave her a creampie in that nice pussy of hers. For the second time in 3 weeks up updates though this girl Davani isn’t on birth control! I mean what kind of shit is that she is stalking guys on a adult dating site looking to get laid and isn’t even on the pill!



Ronni Backroom Casting Couch

If you don’t usally watch your porn with the volume on then I would suggest you go find a pair of headphones or something and listen to this one. This is the new scene from Backroom Casting Couch and there is just so much going on you have to hear it. With that being said if you don’t listen to the video you probably don’t read this post so you’re pretty much fucked. In this video you get to see Rick walked in on by his office cleaning crew, Ronni getting a creampie and much much more! Probably my favorite moment is when the cum is coming out of Ronni’s pussy and Rick asks her if being a pornstar is for her and she says “No”. Then Rick just lies out of his ass and says that he will delete the tapes and she need not worry, well Ronni here you are getting fucked on the Internet sorry.



Autumn Backroom Casting Couch

Rick is doing some dastardly things in his borrowed office right now! This is the second update he has in this new office that isn’t really Backroom Casting Couch it’s more like Backroom Casting Chair. Either way it doesn’t matter because you get to see hot girls like Autumn here getting talked into fucking a guy they just met on camera for the chance to make 1 thousand to 5 thousand dollars a day. The thing is that Rick doesn’t even submit these tapes to producers he just puts them on his own site! In this interview he gets Autumn to try anal and then he gives her a surprise creampie that they didn’t discuss before hand. Because if they did Rick would have learned that Autumn isn’t on birth control. Don’t worry though he sent her to CVS to get Plan B right after their scene.



Lia Backroom Casting Couch

Rick from Backroom Casting Couch has moved the office! His office got broken into for a third time so he thought it was time to make a move. He breaks in the new office with a bang literally. This girl Lia is so fucking hot and by my count that two really hot girls in a row for Rick now he must really be laying it on thick to these girls over the phone. Lia here has never had anal sex before and she also doesn’t let Rick know that when she orgasms she is a squirt. It was quite a surprise to him ones he gets her to cum. Rick was also able to fuck Lia in the ass and give her two different cumshots because he came to fast when she was first starting to give him head.

Robin & Tonya


Robin and Tonya Backroom Casting Couch

It’s always amazing what Rick from Backroom Casting Couch is able to get away with! In this update he got two best friends named Robin and Tonya to not only eat each other out but also have their first threesome together. One of the girls is definitely hotter then the other the girl you see pictured on top here is the hot one and the one that Rick fucks in the ass. He tells her that he didn’t know he was fucking her in the ass and I actually believe him. Robin took it up the butt with no lube or anything and didn’t even tell him to stop, she really wanted to impressive those fake producers so she could make 1k to 5k a day.



Backroom Casting Couch Monica

The guy from Backroom Casting Couch really had to work hard to convince this girl to do a free sex video for these fake porn producers. She knew something fishy was going on but Rock threw enough 1 thousand to 5 thousand comments that she caved and sucked and fucked him. Monica gets a creampie that she isn’t happy about at all because she isn’t on any birth control. It’s kind of a awkward ending and you get to hear them talking about going to CVS to get a Plan B pill as the camera’s where shutting down.



Backroom Casting Couch Carmen

This is a Backroom Casting Couch scene and it’s pretty damn awesome! It’s really long but that’s just because I had to share with you a lot of the interview. This girl Carmen goes through it all and Rick gets to the part of like “we have to see what you look like on camera, now I want you to suck my dick”. The is the first time I heard a girl just turn to him and be like I don’t think I can I have a boyfriend. Well being the wizard with words Rick is he is able to convince her to fuck him even though she is in a relationship. He wasn’t able to get her to do anal though that’s like the second time that’s happened. He was able to get her to let him just cum in her pussy, doing the classy thing and asking if she is on birth control before he drop his load.



Lauren Backroom Casting Couch

It’s nice seeing Rick from Backroom Casting Couch having everyday problems like some other dudes in this world. He is fucking this hot little petite chick named Lauren who has a cheerleader body and once tight pussy and he just can’t hold his liquid. He ends up cumming inside of her and then asking if she is on birth control, REAL classy Rick real classy. Anyways he is able to rally and give her another cumshot and even having her try anal sex for the first time, Rick is a wizard with words for sure!



Kim Backroom Casting Couch

Is this face bliss or agony I do not not but Kim here is being fucked in the ass so it could be both. She went to do this interview to become a pornstar with a talent agent the thing is that he is a fake talent agent. He really just runs a site called Backroom Casting Couch which is probably my favorite site of all time. Kim was ready to get her fuck on and she even blew Rick’s mind when she was giving him head. You have to be pretty good and giving a blowjob if you are impressing someone who does this for a living that’s for sure! Kim here has probably had quite some practice though you don’t get that good not doing it that often!

Apryl Anal Creampie


Apryl Backroom Casting Couch

I want to know what Rick is eating from Backroom Casting Couch to be dropping loads like this! This chicks name is Apryl and she didn’t like anal the first time she tried it but I think she took to it in this video even letting him cum in her ass! The pussy on this girl is super hot too nice and tight and it just looks so soft. Backroom Casting Couch is definitely one of my favorite sites and when you watch this video I think it will at least crack your top 10!



Melody Backroom Casting Couch

Melody was willing to do whatever it took to get a job as a porn actress in adult films so much so that she let a fake talent agent fuck her in the ass! Melody is a really cute girl and I actually wish Eric from Backroom Casting Couch got her a job somewhere because I would love to see her fuck and suck dick again but that will probably not happen. Eric loved this girls head the most said it was some of the best he has ever had and she almost made him cum to fast when she started sucking him off the first time! That’s when you know a girl is really good when she almost makes a pro like him cum fast!



Backroom Casting Couch Kirsten

This is one spunky chick her name is Kirsten and she was hoping to get into porn so would actually like her job for once. This is just not the right place for her to be though because the guy from Backroom Casting Couch is a fake agent. The video is really hot and funny at the same time. At first Kirsten didn’t even want to get naked for the Rick with the cameras rolling but in the end she has anal sex with him! How can you go from not wanting to get naked to letting a guy you just met bareback you in anal sex, that’s funny I don’t care who you are. You have to admit though Rick has a way with words.



Sabrina Backroom Casting Couch

The guy from Backroom Casting Couch has another Sabrina on his site but this one was actually never suppose to be on the Internet. After Rick fucks this girl in the ass for the first time in her life and then has her suck him off and swallow his cum she says she doesn’t want to do this anymore. I don’t blame Sabrina here about that because she took one hell of a ass fucking just check out the video and you will see what I am talking about.

Gina The Latina


Gina From Backroom Casting Couch

The guy at Backroom Casting Couch got himself a real deal Latina with this girl Gina. He had to spend a lot of time breaking in his new camera but he eventually got to fucking this amateur piece of ass. Gina is just trying to make more money and do it the easy way. After taking a dick up the ass and getting it pounded really hard I think she is starting to rethink just how easy this porn business is going to be. Little does she know it’s actually harder then she even imagine because this guy isn’t that talent agent she thinks he is and he is in fact not going to find her other jobs.



Tory Backroom Casting Couch

This girl seriously had no idea what she was getting herself into when she went to some interview for a porn gig she was trying to get. The first thing that Tory should have done is not agree to meet up at 1 A.M. at his office. You know your getting fucked if you show up to some guys place at that time. The guy from Backroom Casting Couch did it again though putting his dick in this newbies ass as well as her pussy. She then sucks him off and swallows his cum before he could even get the video of the cum shot which sucks but doesn’t at the same time you know what I mean?



Delaney Backroom Casting Couch

When I first saw this girl I wasn’t too stoked about the scene but then I watched the video and it changed my mind. She is actually pretty damn cute, and has a banging petite body. I also like a girl who is able to cum on camera and Delaney here did it twice, once by her fingers and the other time by Rick eating her out. The scene ends in a anal creampie something you just don’t see often enough in today’s porn but you see it a lot on Backroom Casting Couch.



Brekell Backroom Casting Couch

It’s pretty funny how many times Rick has talked a girl into doing anal on Backroom Casting Couch who said they wouldn’t do it in their interview. Brekell is one of those girls who doesn’t like anal but in the end she is getting fucked kind up upside down on the couch in her ass! She doesn’t seem to complain too much and that’s pretty hot if you ask me. Brekell loves sex so much that she masturbates before she goes to sleep every not or she can’t get to sleep. The scene ends with a surprise creampie just how I like it and how Backroom Casting Couch likes it as well!



Bethany Backroom Casting Couch

This is a gallery from Backroom Casting Couch featuring a girl named Bethany who isn’t a rookie when it comes to fucking at all. From the way she gave Rick a blowjob I would say she has taken a lot of guys to the champagne room if you know what I’m saying. I forgot to mention she is a stripper so that will make the champagne reference a little more clear. Rick gets his fuck on convincing this dumb blonde that in order to make $1,000 to $5,000 dollars a day she has to make a good audition tape for the fake producers. He even gets a little to excited and cums in her pussy a little bit while fucking her on the desk but pulls out so she doesn’t get made. He keeps it hard, or Bethany does actually and then sucks him off for the real big cumshot and she takes it like a champ!



Daisy Backroom Casting Couc

Sometimes girls come in to Backroom Casting Couch and they’re just a train wreck but Daisy here seems to have her shit together. Well, she just happened to go to the wrong casting call to become a adult actress but if there was really producers that Rick sent this tape to, I think she would get hired. She is trying to make it through college so needs to make some extra money plus she loves sex so it seems like a good idea to her. She gets talked into doing anal sex with Rick and gets that tight asshole pounded like she never has before!



Backroom Casting Couch Paige

I know there is some of you who are not going to like this chick but I just urge you to take a look at the video and you might! She is all tattooed up and has on this huge glasses, very emo looking for those of you who like that. Rick convinces her that she needs to suck his dick in order to get a good recommendation from him to all the producers he knows. She has no problem with it because she in fact believes she gives one of the best blowjobs in the world. Rick has his wait with Paige her having her do everything he wants, and then he even cums in her pussy at the end of the scene without even letting her know, that’s Backroom Casting Couch style ladies and gentlemen!



Kalani Backroom Casting Couch

I am not a big fan of girls with tattoo’s I would say the majority of guys aren’t but this girl Kalani kind of does it for me. She is definitely a bad girl that’s probably why she let a guy she just met cum inside of her. Backroom Casting Couch site owner Rick doesn’t just fuck her pussy though he gets Kalani to take it up the butt, and let me tell you Kalani kind of likes it just see for yourself!



Violet Backroom Casting Couch

I wasn’t sure about making this Backroom Casting Couch video my first gallery for today because well Violet here isn’t the hottest chick in the world, but I think she will do. You can’t really except Backroom Casting Couch to get perfect 10’s all the time because unlike all the other porno sites out their they are dealing with real amateurs. In this gallery though Rick tries something he has never done before its called “straight to the ass” where you go right for it no lube no nothing just put it in her butt!



Backroom Casting Couch

This is a first for Backroom Casting Couch I think! The girl after all the sex and blowjob were done he asked if she thought thought the adult industry was for her or not and she said NO. I think you can tell that Taylor really threw Rick off, he told her he was going to delete the tape and they could just pretend this never happened. Well, Taylor I hate to break it to you but now your cute little face is all over the Internet getting fucked in every position and it won’t ever go away.



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This is Aalyiah as you can see she has awesome big natural tits and the reason she contacted the fake talent agent on Backroom Casting Couch is she needed to make some quick money. That really isn’t that abnormal of a reason to get into porn but the reason she needed quick cash was gambling debts and what kind of gambling you may ask, BINGO! I don’t get it either but I am glad Aalyiah need some cash because would wouldn’t have got to see those natural tits bouncing all around as she was fucked in the ass and given a creampie!



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This is something that has never been done before on Backroom Casting Couch and that’s a pregnant woman getting fucked! If you guys don’t want to see this freaky gallery that don’t look at it but I will admit its pretty hot! If its not enough that Rick tricks this pregnant chick into believing that he is going to get her a job in the porn industry that pays 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars a day, he convinces her she has to do anal to get in on the industry! So Cami needing the money spreads her cheeks and lets him fuck her ass, at least she made him wear a condom!

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