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Dillion Harper


Dillion Harper

Click to see Dillion Harper on Porn Pros!

I’m telling you guys here and now, I’m a big fan of Dillion Harper…there’s just something about this chick that is indescribably sexy, I don’t know if it’s those perfect bouncy breasts or her sexy round firm ass or that fuckable pussy or just that adorable face of hers! She’s always up for some sexy fun and in this Porn Pros update called Easy Bake Pussy she and her man were in the kitchen making some treats when he decided to go for a treat of his own, grabbing her tits and kissing her up and down as she giggled! Soon Dillion was naked getting that tight wet pussy fucked hard, moaning as she bounced that perfect butt up and down with her sweet titties bouncing all over the place.




Click to see Molly on Net Video Girls!

I’ve gotta say I’ve been super impressed with the caliber of girls they’ve had showing up at Net Video Girls lately…we just recently saw stunning Jayla and now we’ve got gorgeous blonde Molly! It’s like they put a little addendum on the advertisement they put out that says something like ‘calendar shoot models wanted, super smokin hot only please’…whatever they’re doing I hope they keep it up. Molly here is a knockout blonde with legs for days and cute perky little boobies, as you’ll see when she strips down to show she’s got what it takes to make it as a calendar girl…the guys at NVG are adept at talking these hot amateur girls out of their clothes to show their commitment to getting this ‘job’ (too bad there is no actual calendar) so they can suck cock and get fucked for us to enjoy! Tattooed hottie Molly here gets that sweet pussy pounded, looking absolutely incredible every step along the way.




Click to see Jayla on Net Video Girls!

Oh man would you look at the eyes on this girl, not to mention her incredible legs and sweet perky tits! She’s here at Net Video Girls hoping to be a part of a calendar girl shoot and it’s not surprising, she does definitely look like a model…I guess she really wants to make a good impression in her audition because she’s willing to strip down naked, suck the videographer’s cock and get that sweet perfect tight pussy fucked! This girl is hands down one of the hottest they’ve ever had walk through the door at Net Video Girls, sometimes they swing and miss but sometimes they just straight up hit a home run like this girl here. Her name is Jayla and prepare to fall in lust….hopefully she comes back for round two of her audition and hopefully she does so before realizing that there IS no calendar, it’s all a scheme to get hot amateur models like her naked and fucked on camera for their website!

Panties Down


Panties Down

Watch This Black GFs Video!

This chick Adriana is if you ask me one of the cutest girls that has appeared on Black GFs, and as you know if you’ve been following along on this journey that’s definitely saying something! Adriana is hot as hell and also has a dream of a body, which we see right off the bat in this update called Panties Down as she lounges in her tiny red shorts which was basically driving her boyfriend crazy…he begged her to make a sextape with him but she would only do so on the condition that he never, EVER showed it to anyone else. So, he taped this hot hardcore fuck scene and of course sent it in to Black GFs lol! Adriana has a spectacular ass and sucks cock like a dream, she also has a pussy as tight as a vise so it took a little effort for her man to even slide that dick of his into her hole…those big tits of hers go for a nice bouncy ride, make sure you check this one out!

Bailey Returns


Bailey Returns

Click to see Bailey on FTV Girls!

Hey do you guys remember when beautiful Bailey was on FTV Girls before? If you don’t you either missed seeing it completely or you’re just plain crazy, because there’s no way someone could forget this hottie…in any case I’ve got her previous update linked right here so make sure you check that out! She’s back again and is looking just as sexy this time around, getting naked in public of course (can you imagine all the jaws dropping as this stunner walks around in the buff?) and heading back inside to masturbate and squirt, and if you’re a fan of anal she does some penetration fun wtih her fingers and a total of ten, count em ten, anal beads that she stuffs back there! Bailey is seriously smokin hot, it’s no wonder FTV brought her back for some more fun with their own unique style!

Do It To Me One More Time


Do It To Me One More Time

Click to see Tiffany Thompson on X Art!

So the name of this X Art scene is a little on the long and awkward side so let’s just get it out of the way right off the bat shall we? It’s called Do It To Me One More Time and after a mouthful like that I’d be about ready to write it off but not so fast there, hot rod…this hot hardcore scene stars none other than incredible beauty Tiffany Thompson and that my friend is reason enough to check out every single photo and every second of video if you ask me! She is an absolute stunner, I have yet to see a girl hotter than her on X Art or, really, pretty much any other site for that matter! The curtains float around her in the breeze as she and her man make sweet passionate love, her long slender legs wrapped around him to pull his cock into her tight perfect pussy as deep as possible.

Aidra Fox Holidays


Aidra Fox Holidays

Click to see Aidra Fox on Amateur Allure!

This update from Amateur Allure is a little behind the times but hey, tis the season for pleasin once again! Amateur Allure wished everyone a happy holidays, but I dont think they anticipated me posting it in June…they had brought beautiful Aidra Fox back for a little bonus action and she was certainly dressed up for the occasion in her sexy little Santa corset! She’s one of the downright prettiest girls on Amateur Allure if you ask me, especially when she busts out that big open friendly smile and throws a few glances your way with those beautiful eyes of hers…and then gets her tits out and sucks cock like she’s doing in this holiday-themed update! Aidra gives a magnificent blowjob, deepthroating the guy and then getting that sweet sexy teen pussy pounded, making her juicy titties go for a hot bouncy ride! The guy doesn’t even bother taking his pants off, just unzips and pounds away at her hole before shooting a load of cum into her mouth to swallow down! If you missed out on Aidra’s first shoot on the site, make sure you check it out right here.

Dillion Harper Naughty Housekeeper


Dillion Harper Naughty Housekeeper

Click to see Dillion Harper on Fantasy HD!

What guy hasn’t had a fantasy about a naughty housekeeper? Well I would say ‘none’ especially after seeing this Fantasy HD scene. Dillion Harper was doing a little cleaning up (sans panties, of course) in this guy’s hotel room when she found his ipad that had porn on it of him getting his cock sucked by his hot girlfriend! She thought it was hot as hell and started playing with her pussy right there on the bed but he came back to his room and found her there…she was embarassed and tried to leave but he had other ideas, and convinced her that he wasn’t mad, he just wanted to join in the fun! Soon this gorgeous brunette (and Dillion is way hotter than the girl on the ipad if you ask me) was getting that perfect tight pussy pounded, her big sexy boobs bouncing every time he slid his cock deep inside and slapped against that incredible round firm tight ass from behind!

Dripping Pleasures


Dripping Pleasures

Click to see Lisa on X Art!

Beautiful brunette Lisa stars in a super hot X Art update called Dripping Pleasures here…her man had woken up and when he looked over at Lisa he couldn’t help but just start kissing her all over! I can’t say I blame him either, she’s got an amazing body and loves to be caressed and kissed apparently because when he starts moving his way down her body she grins and starts pulling her little panties aside! Lisa gets that perfect tight little pussy licked up and down before turning the tables, getting her man’s big hard dick in her mouth for a nice blowjob. Every inch of Lisa’s body is hot as hell from her gorgeous face to that spectacular round ass to her perky full breasts and beyond…this guy is determined to lick and touch and tongue every inch of her and Lisa is more than happy to let him make that dream cum true! She ends up going for a ride on his cock, pulling his hands up to grab those perfect breasts as she takes him inside her wetness…X-art always has incredibly beautiful women but they really took the cake with this girl!

Good Morning I Love You


Good Morning I Love You

Click to see Tiffany Thompson on X Art!

No, you’re not still asleep and dreaming; this girl really is this gorgeous. It’s the one and only Tiffany Thompson on X Art in a scorchingly hot scene they call Good Morning I Love You! Tiffany enters the bedroom with her shirt hanging open to expose those perfect perky breasts and the rest of her flawless body, before meeting her man on the bed and making out before spreading her legs and getting that tight sexy pussy eaten out, sucking his cock and going for a nice deep ride on it! She gets that sweet perfect ass in the air and takes a nice doggystyle pounding, looking of course like a supermodel every step of the way even with her hair splayed out and her face on the sheets, then gets on her knees to take a facial, pumping a load of cum out of that cock right into her waiting mouth. This girl is easily one of the hottest women in the industry if you ask me, she’s one of those girls that juts keeps getting more beautiful somehow every time she gets in front of the camera. X-Art is known for having gorgeous women on the site but man, Tiffany is in a league of her own there is no doubt about that…just take one look at that stunning face and perfect body and see for yourself.

Roberta Berti


Roberta Berti

This beautiful girl Roberta Berti has amazing bright shining red hair, it’s so shining and light that it’s almost blonde but I’d have to say this chick is still a redhead…and in this photoshoot she’s giving us a nice closeup look at that sweet sexy shaved pussy of hers! She’s got a smokin hot tight body and looks great here with her legs in the air, tapping her toes together and slipping a finger between her lips…I mean I don’t want to get in any trouble for using foul language here but I would have to say that this woman definitely has thoughts in her head regarding sexual intercourse right about now! I can’t say her name rings a bell nor her face but man this girl is sexy as hell, might not be a bad idea to look her up and see what else she’s done in the adult industry!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia

Click to see Eva Lovia on I Know That Girl!

If you’re a fan of Eva Lovia you have definitely gotta check out this shoot from the Mofos network site I Know That Girl! Eva starts out in the bathroom in her little bikini bottoms, getting ready for a big day while her boyfriend secretly recorded her…suddenly he busted in, scaring the living daylights out of her! She was a little annoyed and definitely surprised but soon she got over it and gave this guy a fantastic blowjob…Eva is a stunner with every inch of that glorious body and in this POV shoot we get to see what it’s like to get your cock sucked by this beauty and then fuck her brains out! With her big tits in this guy’s face while she rode his cock it’s amazing he didn’t bust his nut two seconds into this hardcore fuck scene but he held on, getting Eva on her knees to pound that wet pussy doggystyle before she got down to suck out a load of cum, taking that pearly white cream in her mouth and swallowing it down!

Sun Kissed Beauty


Sun kissed beauty on nubile fimls

Some women seem to go into a kind of hibernation through the winter, showing up in the spring with skin so fair that just a few minutes in the sun turns them into a walking burn, and then there are women like Eva Lovia here! She is a sun kissed beauty throughout the year, somehow, always looking just incredible with a healthy tan even in the dead of winter. I don’t know how she does it but hey let’s just enjoy it as she shows up for this Nubile Films update, getting ready for a night out on the town with her man Van. He was working on tying his tie and behind him Eva was lounging on the bed wiht no panties on, rubbing her pussy slowly and getting more and more turned on…this freckled stunner spread her legs open and then came up behind Van, kissing him and guiding his hands down between her thighs! Looks like their plan of a night out on the town is out the window, they’re not gonna be leaving the bedroom anytime soon…they stripped down and hopped on the bed, Eva lifting her leg in the air to get that sweet dripping wet pussy of hers penetrated nice and hard and deep! She loves riding a hard cock and had a great time on this one, taking it deep in her hole before pumping out a huge load of cum right into her mouth to swallow down and finish up this red hot Nubile Films scene.

Easy Entrance


Easy Entrance GF Revenge

This girlfriend went on a little showing trip and when she came home her boyfriend was home and wanted to see what she got. It was suppose to be a surprised but he was persistant so she said to grab the video camera and go outside. She put on these leather pants and then told him to open his eyes. At first she had it hidden and then she opened up her legs and showed him the easy entrance point for his dick. She has quite a nice pussy though doesn’t she? The pants of course get him in the mood so they go inside where she sucks his dick and gets him hard and then he fucks her while he record the whole thing. You can totally tell this is a amateur couple just because of how shitty the camera work is. This guy can’t keep it still to save his life! He is banging her and the camera is going every which way but whatever that’s what you get with amatuer porn but sometimes GF Revenge gets those videos where they just put down the camera and fuck those are nice. The scene ends with him banging her hard doggystyle and he pulls out and nuts on her nice round ass.

Staci Returns


Staci returns to ftv girls

The wait is over ladies and gentlemen, the incredibly gorgeous blonde Staci has returned! This is her second shoot for FTV Girls and if it’s at all possible this might be even hotter than her first time around on the site. I linked her first update right there by the way so if you were unfortunate enough to have missed it the first time ’round make sure you check that out because man oh man is this chick smokin hot. Staci loves getting naked in public and that’s FTV Girls’ bread and butter so to speak, so they give her pretty much free rein and just follow along for the ride as she strips down out of her running pants and tight stretchy top in the park, doing cartwheels and interrupting some guys’ golf game as she scampered around in the nude! The guys didn’t exactly seem super put out by that; they were a little surprised at first but when they got a good look at the situation and saw that Staci is an absolute fucking hottie they were A-OK with having her run around in the buff. After tiring herself out this sporty hottie headed back inside to give her pussy some much-needed attention, gaping and fingering her hole and fucking herself with a shoe heel and a banana and even having some double penetration fun…this girl loves getting a little kinky and looks red hot every step of the way in this FTV Girls shoot, and of course it’s all caught in their high quality photographs and videos!

Let Me In


Nubile films let me in lindsey woods

Incredibly beautiful exotic hottie Lindsey Woods headed over to her boyfriend’s house in her cute little tiny skirt, but found the door locked and nobody answering! She was a little annoyed but when she got around to the back door she found her guy pal inside taking a nap…she knocked on the door, mouthing ‘let me in’ and he was more than happy to do so in this red hot Nubile Films update! He wasted no time before kissing her neck and sliding his hands all over her perfect tight sexy skinny body, grabbing those perky tits and her perfect tight little ass before they both lost their clothes and headed to the bedroom for a little fun! Lindsey took his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking his meat before bending over with that vice-grip of a pussy in the air for him to pound doggystyle…this girl is an absolute knockout, from her beautiful face down that lean teen body all the way to her cute little feet! She was on Nubile Films once before giving a world class blowjob and now she’s back getting her perfect pussy fucked nice and hard before pumping out a nice load of cum that she takes all over her fashion model face and into her mouth for a nice facial finish!

Multi Cultural


X art serena aubrey multi cultural

Welcome to a multi-orgasmic and multi cultural threeway courtesy of X-Art featuring beautiful Serena and Aubrey! Brunette beauty Aubrey looks incredible but she might even be surpassed in this hot hardcore scene by redhead stunner Serena! These two absolute beauties get busy with their mutual guy pal, some lucky son of a gun with a big thick dick who happened to be in the right place at the right time, getting both of these girls naked at once and getting his crank worked! Aubrey and Serena licked and sucked his dick simultaneously, then took turns going for a ride on his cock…check out that ass Aubrey is sporting as she bends over on her hands and knees, getting fucked doggystyle while making out with Serena. Perfect tits all around, gorgeous faces, beautiful sweet tight asses and pussies, these girls are both fucking glorious and they each get a nice pounding by this guy in a red hot threesome scene! Looks like these girls are having a cock sucking and fucking competition and everyone gets a gold medal if you ask me.

Home Early


Passion hd meagan rain returns

We’ve seen before what happens when a dude in the Passion HD universe heads home early from work, and this time it’s just as hot if not hotter because we get to see gorgeous Megan Rain in all her glory! The guy finds her in bed having a little me-time so to speak, masturbating that perfect tight pussy of hers as she welcomes him with open arms and open legs too! Megan is fucking gorgeous from head to toe with those piercing eyes and sweet bouncy perky titties, not to mention a perfect firm spankable fuckable ass that looks great bouncing up and down as she rides this guy’s big hard dick. Passion HD has some of the hottest girls in the industry and Megan is a fine example of that as she gets her snatch filled up with man meat, fucking this guy until she cums all over his cock and then he busts a load right into her mouth to swallow down! Since this is the second PHD scene they’ve put out that’s called Home Early I can only hope it’s the start of a sort of series, these have been two of the hottest updates in awhile if you ask me and I’d love to see em keep cumming!

Naked Breakfast


Fantasy hd jade nile breakfast

You’ve heard of the book Naked Lunch, right? Well this Fantasy HD update is called Naked Breakfast and is just like that, only with 100% less drugs and surreal nightmarishness and a whole lot more of gorgeous brunette Jade Nile! OK it’s nothing like Naked Lunch, but it does have Jade sharing a morning meal with her man and pouring syrup on those perfect tits of hers, sating the guy’s appetite for food and for pussy as she gets pounded on the couch! This girl is fucking gorgeous with perfect bouncy full firm breasts, sexy smooth legs and a fantastic ass, not to mention a drop dead beautiful face…she also loves getting a mouthful of cock, you can see her lust in her eyes as she gives this guy a great blowjob! He pounds that sweet wet pussy of hers nice and hard in the living room until finally he had to release his load, blasting a

Elegant Teen Stunner


Elegant teen stunner girls do porn

You can tell this girl is a model as soon as you look at her but as it turns out, she’s never done any kind of nude modeling before so this Girls Do Porn shoot is a whole new thing for her! Usually she just does clothing modeling and athletic shoots…she loves to work out and it’s easy to imagine this hottie working out in her little stretch pants keeping that body of hers tight as a drum. Speaking of tightness, this exotic 18 year old raven-haired beauty has only been with 4 guys so you know that pussy of hers is like a vise! Nervousness aside this girl is ready to make her very first adult video…she’s got this sort of elegance to her that just radiates hotness and when she strips down she’s got the body to back that up! Perfect perky breasts, long smooth sexy legs, a great ass and a nice tight teen pussy…in her introductory video she says she’s not really sure what her sexual position is because she’s not all that experienced, so in this hardcore scene she gets to try out quite a few and figure out what works for her. It’s hard to say from here but it sure seemed that she liked getting fucked from behind with that cute firm athletic butt in the air, so maybe doggystyle will be her jam of choice. She also had mentioned that she didn’t know what a facial was and had never experienced one and she definitely got to check that off the list at the end of this scene; after the guy pounded that tight little hole of hers he was ready to explode and gave her beautiful face a nice frosting to finish things off. This shy teen beauty got some experience in the bedroom as well as some extra spending cash here today on Girls Do Porn and we got to watch a gorgeous 18 year old get fucked, so I’d say it’s a win-win all around!

The Studio Part IV


Colette the studio part iv

Get ready for two of the hottest women in the world! In the Colette update The Studio Part III Mila and The Red Fox tied up Angelica to have their way with her…now we’re on to The Studio Part IV and this time Angelica and Red are teaming up together to take on Angelica’s lucky-ass boyfriend Ben! Their hardcore photoshoot had naturally gotten these two gorgeous girls all hot and bothered so when he showed up to pick up his girlfriend from the shoot they basically jumped on him, sitting him naked in a chair with his hands tied and taking turns licking and sucking and fucking his cock while he did his best not to bust a load every two seconds! These girls are both jaw-droppers, absolutely red hot from head to toe…it would be hard to pick which one is hotter, Angelica has the face but The Red Fox has the tits if you ask me…luckily in this Colette update we don’t have to pick, we get to enjoy them both!

The Studio II


X art studio II angelica

So you guys remember in the X Art update called The Studio Part I when Angelica and Mila fucked each other like lesbians in the dressing room, right? Well Angelica was still horny as hell after all that and decided to take care of her craving for cock with this lucky photographer…after posing for him for a bit they called a wrap to the shoot, at which point Angelica basically tackled him and grabbed his big dick out of his pants! He was already pretty turned on just taking pictures of this absolute beauty so he wasn’t exactly going to complain about her grabbing his lovestick, sucking him off before spreading those long lean legs and getting her tight Russian pussy pounded! Angelica is seriously one of the hottest women in the world if you ask me…her body is flawless and her face is angelic, and her libido is off the charts as well! She pulled up her shirt to show off those perky titties and took the photographer’s cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him up and down and then bending over with her tight little ass in the air to get fucked doggystyle. Angelica got fucked in that perfect tight hole for a bit until the guy was ready to pop, and then sucked his load out into her mouth to swallow down!



Uma jolie on ftv girls

Alright alright pick up those jaws off the floor, they’re getting dirty…if you can wrench your gaze away from those stunning piercing eyes to read this, I’m pleased to introduce gorgeous teen newcomer Belicia on FTV Girls! I guess her porn name now is Uma Jolie, and I guess she does have bits of Uma Thurman and Angelina going on in her body and in her face…here though she’s Belicia and at this point she was a total first timer being introduced to the world and the adult industry by FTV! It’s the perfect place for this hottie, too; you get to see her naked in public and exploring her sexuality and of course we get a look at every inch of that tight teen spinner body in high quality videos and photos! Of course the first thing you’ll notice are those spectacular eyes of hers, but Belicia is sexy as hell from head to toe…this girl has some kink up in her, too, she gets to explore it in this update as she flashes in public, fucks herself with a big cucumber, even fists that tight little cunt of hers and somehow she still has that angelic innocent look on her face as she does it! This is one of those girls that you just know could get away with murder, all she has to do is flutter her eyelashes and fix the judge with those eyes, maybe flash a little perky teen titty and she’s off the hook!

Bait And Switch


Passion hd bait and switch

Usually when you hear the term Bait And Switch it’s in the context of something negative, like you thought you were getting one thing but ended up with something crappy…well in this case it’s a term of absolute hotness as this Passion HD update unfolds! Beautiful Abby Cross was busy making out with her man when she decided to kink it up a little, slipping a blindfold over his eyes as she started kissing and sucking his big thick dick…well, her girlfriend Dillion Harper was peeking in the door and tiptoed over, asking with her eyes if she could take over for a bit so she ended up sucking him off while he thought it was his girl Abby! Of course once the blindfold came off the guy realized what was up and an intimate evening with his main squeeze turned into a hot hardcore threeway fuckfest as he took turns pounding both of those perfect tight pussies one after the other until all three of them were moaning with pleasure and lust! He ended up busting his load all over Dillion for a nice facial finish and Abby proceeded to kiss and lick his cum off her her friend…this is Abby’s first update on Passion HD by the way, and she’s making quite a first impression here if you ask me!

Anya Amsel


Anya at the store on zishy

Beautiful tall vegan hottie Anya Amsel stars in this Zishy photoshoot as she and the photographer headed to the store to have a little fun! Anya got naughty flashing that perfect ass in the parking lot as she bent over to pick up a piece of paper and ‘accidentally’ let her skirt ride up, then went inside and flashed her sweet perky titties and flipped up her skirt again to show off her panties! Anya loves having a little harmless fun and had a great time making this normal everyday shopping trip into a hot naughty photoshoot…Zishy always has great high quality photos and loves to let a girl’s personality shine through instead of just showing her outer beauty (although there’s plenty of that too!), and we get to see Anya in all her glory here. This daring vixen even tugs her panties down to flash that tight perfect trimmed pussy of hers! She is hot as hell, with legs like a gazelle and a face you’ll fall in love with immediately. Looks like she found the perfect site to shoot for!

Poolside Massage


Passion hd poolside massage

I never thought I’d see the day where I described Tali Dova as being in second place but I’ve gotta admit, in this Passion HD update called Poolside Massage she sort of takes second fiddle to the hotness that is Ariana Marie! But then again I mean who wouldn’t. These two aren’t competing though, they’re both stunners and are ready to take a massage instruction course by this waterfall and pool…their instructor is thanking his lucky stars as he gets them both naked and they take turns oiling each other up and rubbing and caressing each others perfect perky breasts and those sweet tight pussies too! Soon the girls are getting mighty turned on and the guy’s cock is bulging out of his shorts so they bring him into the fun, sucking him off and then getting fucked by that big thick cock one after the other! Passion HD always brings the heat but this hardcore threesome is a cut above the rest in my opinion…maybe it’s just the sexy lesbian chemistry that exists between these two horny hotties as they eat each other out and get fucked and share a facial!

Sporty Girl


Kelly diamond on gf revenge

This guy was lucky enough to be dating sporty girl Kelly Diamond and when he showed up at her house she was stretching out getting ready for a run…she had on her tiny little sexy shorts but didn’t have her sports bra on yet, she had a shirt tied up in a knot and was looking fucking incredible! He had his video recorder and convinced Kelly that they should make a sort of home sextape, and Kelly got naked to basically dive face-first onto his big dick! She gave him a great blowjob, slowly stripping more and more naked before spreading those long legs to get her tight perfect pussy pounded hard and deep! She got fucked nice and hard until the guy pulled out, busting a big load of cum all over her tight stomach. Kelly is one of the hottest girls I think I’ve seen on GF Revenge, which means she must have done something pretty messed up for her boyfriend to dump her and send this footage in for all of us to enjoy! One look at those perky little titties and her perfect sweet round ass and you’ll fall in lust with this girl, I can almost guarantee it.




Brace your eyeballs so they don’t blast right out of your head like one of those toys you squeeze, because Staci here is an absolute stunner! We’ve all seen so many pretty blondes with nice bodies get naked that a chick’s really gotta be something special to merit much attention in the adult industry…well luckily for Staci, she is indeed something special! Absolutely perfect ass, incredibly stunning face and nice perky titties, this girl is a dream and a half. She’s posing here for FTV Girls in her short little dress and no panties, bending over to give us a peek at that tight perfect pussy and walking around totally nude letting the sun shine down on her butt! If there’s a woman out there who’s worth getting in trouble at work because you were looking at naked pictures of her, it’s Staci.

Love From USA


X art love from usa

This beautiful 19 year old from the Czech Republic is Katherine, and she’s ready for a little Love from the USA in this X Art update as she meets up with a handsome traveler at a bed-and-breakfast…they’d been flirting and making eyes at each other and finally had the house to themselves, taking the opportunity to chase each other around in their underwear and then passionately kiss on the couch! When Katherine felt his big thick cock stiffening in his pants she showed a little European hospitality, taking his dick out and sucking him with those luscious lips…he returned the favor, getting tongue-deep in her tight teen pussy before giving her a nice deep pounding! With those big perfect breasts and her nice tight ass Katherine is a stunner in any country in the world and looks fantastic here as she bridges international borders…Katherine gets that perfect butt in the air to get her pussy fucked from behind, taking every inch as she slips a finger into her ass for some anal pleasure as well until finally pumping a load of cum out of that cock and into her mouth!

Alli Rae and Dakota James


Dakota and alli on blacked

Ever have a hankering to watch two absolutely gorgeous blondes get their tight little pussies railed by a huge black cock? Alli Rae and Dakota James are hanging out together…as it happens, Alli’s idiotic ex-boyfriend was cheating on her (I hope it was worth it, jackwagon…Alli is a fucking stunner) and Dakota was trying to talk her into some revenge sex! Dakota had been fucking this fella for a little bit and knew he’d be just Alli’s type and sure enough, when the guy showed up he was right up her alley! After a couple of photos Alli was 100% down with the idea so the two dressed up in salt-and-pepper colored lingerie to get ready for him…he about dropped his jaw on the floor when he showed up too, finding a couple of sexy little blonde knockouts ready to take his big fat dick for a ride! The dude was more than hung enough to take on both of these hotties and in this BLACKED update he makes Alli forget she ever even HAD a boyfriend…I can guarandamntee that he never fucked her tight wet pussy like this dude does! The girls take turns licking and sucking and fucking that huge dark dong until he finally blasts a load of cum for the girls to share.

Sexy Oil Rubdown


Passion hd sexy oil rubdown

Apparently word is spreading about the sensual deep tissue massages that can be had at the Passion HD massage studio, otherwise known as the dining room…beautiful brunette newcomer Lexi Dona wanted a Sexy Oil Rubdown so she headed in, making out with her masseuse to get things started so to speak! She dropped her towel to show off those sweet perky full breasts and perfect ass, laying on the table for the guy to pour warm oil on her nude body and rub her stress away! Soon Lexi had a mouthful of the guy’s cock, sucking him off while he ran his hands over that tight pussy, making her moan with desire before pounding that wet hole! Lexi loves a nice hard dicking and getting fucked after a massage is like a dream cum true for this hottie…Lexi holds her legs wide open to get penetrated as deep as the guy can muster, moaning and letting her perky breasts bounce to the cadence of his thrusts until finally the guy blasted a massive facial on her that frosted that pretty face from chin to hairline!

Fuck Me Harder


Colette fuck me harder

Having these two hotties making out and getting naked like lesbians together is already plenty of goodness for a fun update but Colette takes it a step beyond in this scene they call Fuck Me Harder! Riley Reid and Anikka Albrite got into some naughty fun together, stripping each other down to show off those tight sweet bodies as they kissed and caressed and explored with their fingers and tongues and lips…the heat got cranked up though when their guy pal joined in on the action, turning it into a hardcore threeway! Colette has some of the sexiest women in the business, oftentimes they’re from the Czech Republic or somewhere else in that area but Riley and Anikka are both from the good ol’ US of A! They’re both sexy as hell, so whether you’re into brunettes or blondes they’ve got you covered…perky titties galore, two sweet perfect asses, nice tight wet pussies, what’s not to love about this terrific twosome? They certainly seem to get along well together, sharing that cock as the guy pounds them one after the other and then blasting them both with a nice facial finish!

The Secretary


The secretary on x art

Have you ever imagined having a gorgeous secretary who would not only take down letters and handle phone calls and appointments but would also stay after work sometimes to get naked and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before? That’s exactly what’s going on in this X Art update called The Secretary as Jenna Ross gives her boss the ride of his life. She’s an absolute stunner every time she’s on the site, especially getting in a red hot hardcore scenario like this one! She takes the guy’s big thick dick in her mouth, licking him up and down and sucking him hard before stripping naked and getting that perfect round ass in the air for the guy to lick and then slap his balls against as he fucked her sweet pussy from behind! Watch Jenna’s sweet perky breasts get bounced around as she takes the guy’s cock in and out of her hole, moaning and sticking her foot on the guy’s face so he could lick her toes…I guess he’s a bit of a foot fella in addition to having fine taste in secretaries! I don’t know what her WPM score is for typing but she’s scoring a perfect 10 in terms of sexiness and fuck skills. Jenna gets drilled here good and hard before dropping to her knees and getting a big facial on her cheeks and into her mouth!

Alli Rae


Alli rae for amateur creampies

We’ve seen beautiful blonde Alli Rae in a few things since this Amateur Creampies scene was shot and she looks incredible every time, so it’s no surprise that even one of her early shoots has her looking sexy as hell! She slips out of her little dress and slides those panties down her smooth lovely legs before getting her tight perfect pussy pounded…Alli’s tits are incredible by the way, they’re not huge but they bounce perfectly and are nice and perky, and you get to see them in all their glory here as she rides the guy. Of course since this is Amateur Creampies you know she’s going to end up with a snatch full of cum and that’s exactly what happens…I’m only surprised the guy was able to hold out as long as he did! She’s got that perfect tight ass too and we get a very nice view of that as she bounces up and down on the guy’s cock moaning and squeaking and gasping with pleasure. This is one hottie who loves getting filled up with man cream, from the looks and sounds of things!

Doe Eyed Teen


Doe eyed teen girls do porn

Oh man would you just look at that face! This 19 year old amateur is so adorable it almost hurts…this teen hottie is in school to become a physical therapist and in this Girls Do Porn update she’s about to give a little physical therapy to this dude if you follow me. She’s cute as hell with big beautiful eyes and from the sound of things she’s got a good head on her shoulders which is always nice…she’s not just doing things on a whim, she’s given it careful consideration and decided to head to Girls Do Porn and make her very first adult video! Usually when she watches porn it’s a girl-girl scene (and she seems VERY interested in doing a lesbian scene so keep an eye out for that!) so she wasn’t too clear on how a hardcore guy-girl shoot ends, and when the guy tells her about a facial her expression is priceless. She might be a little innocent and inexperienced but she gives a mighty fine blowjob and man oh man when she strips down that body is going to blow you away! Lean and gorgeous and tight as a drum with nice perky breasts, a sexy tight perfect little ass and a pussy like a vice-grip…this cutie gets that hole slammed in probably more positions than she’s even heard of and it is seriously hot as hell. Keep an eye out for when she’s on her back by the way, she arches her back as she gets fucked and moans and it just about lights the camera on fire! This sexy doe-eyed teen takes that big hard cock like a champ, then takes a HUGE facial that frosts her up from chin to hairline…and she loved it, grinning up at the guy as he dropped that load on her face! Afterwards she says that the reverse-cowgirl and the facial were her two favorite parts of the experience, so I guess we’ve got a convert here ladies and gentlemen.

Paula Shy


Paula shy in the crack

I don’t think gorgeous Paula Shy has been on In The Crack before but man oh man did they hit a homerun when they signed her up! She’s got straight up perfect tits if you ask me…I know that’s a pretty subjective thing but damn just look at those boobs and tell me they’re not smokin hot! Speaking of smokin hot, Paula isn’t just a pair of tits and an ass (her ass is also fine as hell by the way), she’s also a total knockout in the face! Like, if you were walking on the sidewalk and saw this girl passing the other way you’d probably konk into a lamppost or wander out into traffic or something. The fact that she’s getting totally naked and spreading those long legs to fuck herself with a big vibrator is just icing on the cake! Paula is just top notch from top to toes, and we’re getting the grand tour of that beautiful nude body of hers here. Hopefully she comes back for more fun on In The Crack, it’s great to see another perfect pussy nice up close up and personal!

A Gift For You


Nubile films a gift for you

The holidays have come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at some of the hotness, tis the season for pleasin’! This update called A Gift For You is from Nubile Films and features gorgeous babes Marry Lynn and Alli Rae as they treat Alli’s man to the best Christmas present of the year…beautiful blonde Alli blindfolds him after teasing him with those big tits and sweet perfect ass, then they’re joined by Marry Lynn and the two proceed to tease and lick and suck his cock to drive the guy crazy! When he took the blindfold off and saw his girlfriend’s best pal Marry standing there with her sweet tits out he about high fived himself, whipping out that big thick dick to fuck both of these girls one after the other in a red hot threesome…he rails Marry Lynn doggystyle, then sits back as Alli went for a nice ride on his cock. I don’t know if the dude got on the Nice or Naughty list to deserve this threesome, it’s hard to say because it’s got a bit of both going on am I right? Alli’s perfect titties bouncing around were just too much for the guy to withstand and he ended up busting a load all over Marry’s stomach to finish things off.




Now that is one sexy woman…check out Josephine here as she hangs out by the rocky cliffs at the oceanside, letting her sweater hang open to show those huge perfect breasts of hers and of course those sexy hips! Josephine is perfection from head to toe if you ask me…I guess it’s just personal preference but man she is just undeniably smokin hot, that’s just science fact right there. She’s even got a cute butt and nice long legs, it’s like she was formed from the collective dreams of mankind to appear on the earth and drive everybody crazy with desire! She’s just hanging out in nature completely nude and unabashed, relaxing on some sandstone and feeling the ocean breeze brush through her hair and tickle her skin with the crash of the waves in the background. Just plain beautiful.




I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some photos of this Malena girl before from W4B, but it’s kind of hard to say because she’s so damn hot and has such a perfect body that anytime you look at her your brain goes into a boil! This chick has an absolutely perfect ass and sweet perky breasts, not to mention that lovely face as she hangs out around this huge…uhh what is it, a tub? A massive hamper? A table? It’s hard to say but it’s got a candelabra on it and is up on legs, and apparently Malena loves hanging out in the nude on top of it! There’s also an elegant silver mirror on the wall so we get two angles of that perfect body at once, especially when she’s bending over like that and flashing her cute tight ass and pussy…Malena is incredible head to toe!

Throat Massage


Jenna marie throat massage fhd

In the mood for a little oral hotness? Beautiful blonde Jenna Marie sure is…she strips out of her tight stretchy pants and shows off those perfect breasts before masturbating, fucking herself with a toy to drive you crazy in this Fantasy HD update! She was driving her man crazy with that perfect body of hers, I mean who could keep a straight face when confronted with that vision of sexiness! Soon he’s whipped out his cock to give Jenna a nice throat massage, filling her mouth with his big dick and then pounding her tight wet pussy hard and deep. This is Jenna’s first time on the site but man oh man that body pretty much guarantees a return visit if you ask me! You can’t really go wrong with a stunning horny blonde with perfect tits getting naked and getting fucked…I know a lot of guys have fantasies about blondes and this is the perfect way to see them brought to life in a big way without causing any marital strife if you catch my drift. Jenna takes that dick from behind for awhile with that sweet tight butt in the air until finally getting the big cream facial she had been craving!



Ftv girls staci blonde

Buckle up buttercups because this girl Staci is one of the hottest girls I’ve seen on FTV Girls in a long damn time! And that’s saying something; they’ve got some smokin hot girls coming through…but this blonde hottie is definitely something special. She’s a first timer from North Dakota and is 21 years young, with a smokin hot body to go along with her supermodel face and fun exciting personality! It’s a killer combination and Staci shows it off in these shoots for FTV Girls, hanging out at a party with no panties on as she flashes her ass and pussy dancing around and then climbing up a rope to show off her athleticism…and since she still has no panties on, that’s certainly not all she’s showing off! Besides the public nudity this girl Staci hits all the FTV home runs, flashing her ass and perfect breasts around the joint and fucking herself with vegetables and of course going to town with some vibrators to make herself have nice big natural orgasms, with a little squirting no less. At one point she runs across this dude whose truck had broken down…she doesn’t know a damn thing about engines but she does brighten the guy’s day in a big way as she gets naked and shows off that perfect body next to his poor truck! Enjoy this hot young babe in all her natural fun beauty…there’s no better site to enjoy time with a girl like this than on FTV Girls.

First Time with Aubrey


X art firs ttime aubrey

Insanely gorgeous newcomer Aubrey gets that sweet perfect pussy fucked on camera for the first time in this hot X Art update! I mean I could put it a little more elegantly than that but hey, that’s what it all boils down to…this girl is a total fucking stunner and as you can see in the video here she really knows how to work that perfect ass of hers, slamming it up and down on the guy’s big fat cock and moaning her head off as he penetrates her sweet pink pussy again and again, making her cum all over him! She returns the favor too, licking and pumping his meat until he busts a nut all over her face. Aubrey made a splash already just doing a solo masturbation scene right here in her X Art debut but this is just incredible, she is so fucking hot it almost hurts. Beautiful face, great tits, jaw-dropping ass and now we know she really loves getting pounded too and looks great taking a big dick in her hole! Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us with this girl, but it’s bound to be made out of win.

Pure Aubrey


Pure aubrey on x art

Feast your eyes on the hotness that is new X-Art model, teen stunner Aubrey! She is an absolute knockout and I guess it makes sense that she was a fashion model before making the fantastic decision to lose the clothes but stay in front of the camera! This girl is beautiful, there’s just no two ways about it, and has a tight little teen body that’s going to be rocking your dreams tonight I’m sure…she strips out of her little black panties and gets that perfect tight ass in the air, showing off a little before letting her hands drift down to spread open her little pink pussy lips and finger herself to orgasm for us! This photoshoot is just 100% Pure Aubrey from beginning to end, she doesn’t need anyone else in the scene to make it hot (although I would love to see her getting pounded, wouldn’t you?) as she tickles her clit and slips her fingers in her hole. X Art loves bringing you some of the hottest women in the business and I would dare to say that Aubrey here is one of the hottes girls on the site already!

Eva Lovia


Eva lovia on teens love huge cocks

If you’ve ever seen pictures or videos of this chick Eva Lovia before you already know she’s fucking perfect from head to toe, right? Well you’re about to get either a reinforcement of that viewpoint or, if somehow you’ve never seen this chick do her stuff, a crash course in sexy as Eva takes care of this dude’s massive hard dong! She’s ready to get that tight wet pussy impaled in this Teens Love Huge Cocks update from the Reality Kings network, showing off that perfect firm round bubble butt and her nice perky titties, and of course there is that incredibly beautiful supermodel face of hers to contend with as well! I don’t see how any guy can poke his dick into that hole and not bust a nut in two seconds flat but somehow this guy manages to give Eva a nice deep dicking and satisfy her cravings for big hard meat. He fucks her hole and brings her to orgasm, then climbs up to join her in the pinnacles of ecstasy as he blasts a huge facial load of cum all over her open mouth as she greedily laps up his cream!

Beautiful Intelligent Brunette


Gdp beautiful intelligent brunette

Holy smokes this girl is hot as hell…the first thing that hits you will be her obvious beauty of course with that stunning face and nice tight 20 year old body, but when she speaks the hotness ratchets up even more! She’s got a very calm soothing smooth voice and seems like she’s got a good head on her shoulders, working through a little initial shyness and getting more comfortable in this Girls Do Porn update. She mentions she’s studying kinesiology which is apparently the study of human movement and man from the looks of things in this update she’s been doing her homework because she really knows how to move! Sweet perky little titties, a gorgeous tight ass, nice landing strip, tight little pussy and of course that gorgeous face looking up at you the whole time, who could resist this hottie? Girls Do Porn always brings only top-shelf girls in their updates, I don’t know where they find these amateur knockouts week after week but I hope they keep doing what they’re doing! This girl will knock your socks off and I would guess your pants too as she gets her mouth filled up with cock and then takes a huge deep pounding, it’s been a little while since she’s been fucked so she was ready to make up for lost time and she got that sweet tight wet pussy worked nice and hard and deep here. Absolute ten out of ten for this chick.

Better With Blondes


X art better with blondes

If you saw the name of this X Art update and thought to yourself, ‘surely there are some things that are NOT better with blondes’ please allow beautiful Pam here to prove that you are so friggin wrong it’s not even funny. Take this picture of a window, is it better or worse by including Pam in the photo showing her perky breasts and sexy white panties? I rest my case. This girl has a beautiful body and the face of a supermodel, and I guess she loves getting photographed because look at those perky nipples of hers! Pam rolls around on the bed stripping out of her panties and spreading her legs to slide her hands down her thighs and touch herself…she looks absolutely gorgeous in this photoshoot, I can’t wait to see more from this hottie on X Art in the future. This is only Pam’s second scene on the site, she’s had plenty of fun already but just imagine seeing this hottie getting that perfect tight pussy penetrated!



Casting couch hd natalia

When a chick shows up at Casting Couch HD sometimes she’s got more personality than looks, if you catch my drift, but then again sometimes a goddess like Natalia here shows up at the door! I hope your’e in the mood for a beautiful girl with a perfect body because that’s just what you’re in store for here…Natalia was auditioning for a hiphop dance video gig, or so she thinks; there’s no real video and this guy just wants to get her naked and fuck her brains out on camera for CCHD! I mean honestly who wouldn’t want to fuck this girl, she’s got a supermodel face, legs for days, a perfect tight ass and a sweet pair of perky titties to boot! This girl is red hot from head to toe and we get to see every inch of her body in this update as she gives in to the ‘casting director’ and his smooth words, taking his huge black cock in her mouth and then getting her tight little pussy pounded! It’s hard to pick which position is the hottest in this hardcore fuck scene but I’d have to say it’s when she’s on her hands and knees getting railed doggystyle, what do you guys think?

Fuck Me More


X art fuck me more kim

When it comes to a woman as beautiful and sexy as blonde 20 year old Czech hottie Kim here, it’s not a matter of her begging you to fuck her, it’s more a case of her saying Fuck Me More! In this X Art update this cat Jake shows you how it’s done, giving Kim every inch of his hard cock again and again until she’s moaning and gasping for breath…that body of hers is amazing, I’m sure you’ll agree, with big perfect tits and a tight firm beautiful ass that looks good enough to eat! If you’d like a little refresher on just how hot Kim is, take a look at her back catalog so to speak, for instance her previous scene called Do Me Darling! She loves getting her gorgeous body rocked and this time around it’s a super hot and steamy and sensual scene as she rolls around in bed with Jake all night long, steaming up the windows and making her neighbors jealous as she gets pounded and slides that pussy up and down on his cock until he pulls out and blasts a load of cum all over her pussy and ass!

Golden Touch


Passion hd emily grey golden touch

Legendary Passion HD stunner Emily Grey had heard this masseuse had the Golden Touch so to speak so she set up an appointment for a nice long sensual deep-tissue massage. The guy oiled up her perfect body and then put his talented hands to work, squeezing and rubbing and caressing her sweet round ass and those perky little boobies and flushing all the tension out of her body! Emily could feel her circulation returning and soon she was getting more and more turned on by the skillful touches and brushes of his fingertips over her sweet tight pussy…she took his cock in her mouth for a blowjob in gratitude and it was all gravy from there! The guy gave that perfect pussy of hers a pounding, sliding in and out of that tight wet hole and making her moan and gasp in pleasure…I’m surprised he lasted more than a few seconds with that gorgeous face of hers looking up at him but he somehow did, fucking her nice and hard and deep for awhile before she pumped a big load of cum out that got all over her beautiful face!

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