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Surprise Surprise


X art surprise surprsie

This guy had already basically won at life when he got gorgeous redhead Ashley S into bed, lying there naked with her and kissing and playing around…suddenly she covered his eyes and the next thing he knew, surprise surprise, Ashley’s stunning blonde girlfriend Sammy was in the house grabbing his cock and kissing him as well! This X-art update features two of the hottest petite babes on the site if you ask me, taking turns sucking and fucking this lucky jackoff’s big thick dick. He bent both of them over, slamming two perfect pussies one after the other before shooting his load onto both of their faces for them to share!

Kaylee and Naomi The Way I Feel


X art the way i feel

When two lesbians as gorgeous as Kaylee and Naomi from X-art get together in the bedroom you know there’s gonna be some hotness laid down…we’ve seen Kaylee before so we already know how sexy she is but Naomi is a newcomer to the site and she’s making her presence felt in a big way! The title of the episode is The Way I Feel and I am pretty sure both of these horny girls know just exactly how they’re making each other feel as they kiss and caress each other, slipping their fingers down to play with each other’s pussy before heating things up with their tongues in a hot sapphic scene! It might be the depths of winter but man it sure feels like it’s getting steamy up in this joint with two of the most beautiful girls on the web getting naked and making sweet passionate love while the cameras clicked away!

Three Way is the Best Way


Threeway is the best way on xart

It can be difficult being the newcomer, especially when it’s a tight-knit group like the X-Art gang…sexy newbie Belle Knox was trying to figure out how to break the ice a little with one of her fellow models (namely gorgeous Jenna) one day and when Jenna started getting naked and sucking her man’s dick she couldn’t help but masturbate, playing with her tight pussy and getting naked herself and realizing that sometimes, Three Way is the Best Way to get to know someone! See how I worked the title in there, pretty good eh? Anyway, Belle joins the couple in their fun and Jenna is nice enough and horny enough to share that big dick, letting Belle suck and fuck it as well…nobody is left out though, the girls kiss and lick pussy while the guy has his way with both those pussies before shooting his load into Belle’s hole for a nice creampie!

Brilliant Jillian


X art briliant jillian

Jillian is a teen hottie from the US making her debut on X-art, and apparently they thought she’d be bouncing off the walls and could hurt herself because they put this babe in a room with padded walls! She’s got that deer in the headlights look at first which makes her look a little dopey and goes kinda funny with the title of the set “Brilliant Jillian” but once she starts spreading her legs and buzzing her pussy with her little magic bullet vibrator she loosens up so to speak and goes to town, bringing herself to orgasm for us! She is a looker, that’s for sure…with that doll-like face and those big bouncy titties I can’t wait to see if Jillian will do a hardcore scene or something.

Sex With Glasses


X art sex with glasses

It’s pretty much an established science fact that sex with glasses on is basically the best…at least it prevents you from getting a shot of cum in the eye if you take a facial! Spoiler alert, blonde newcomer Sammy takes a facial in this X-art update…not because she’s afraid of cum though, she even licks off that man-cream from her spex! She’s cute as hell all through this photoshoot with those perky little boobies as she licks and sucks her lucky fella in bed wearing her knee high socks and white panties. He seems to be loving every second of it, especially when she spreads those long thin legs to get her pussy wrecked!

Ashley Is A Hot Number


Xart a hot number with ashley

Now, I know you already basically saw this set a few weeks back as just a photoshoot from X-art called All I Want Is but hey now that the video is released I figured it was well worth a second look, know what I mean? To refresh your memory, we’ve got the gorgeous redhead vixen Ashley here in her black sheer thigh high stockings sucking and fucking her lucky big-dicked boyfriend as they roll around in bed together…I didn’t want to just put the same photos back up again so these are a bunch of screenshots from the full video, you can see the clip of it here too (you’re welcome)! Ashley is fucking gorgeous as are pretty much all of the models from this site, but if you have a thing for redheads (which I do) she’s even hotter still. Just look at that perfect butt as she bends over on her hands and knees to suck her guy’s prong and you’ll see what I mean…there’s something about a redhead’s ass that just takes the breath away. She’s a hot number, that’s for damn sure.

Get Wild At Home


X art get wild at home with jenna

Watch gorgeous Jenna and her guy pal James get wild at home in this hot X-art update! He was just lounging on the floor reading a magazine when Jenna came into the room wearing just her tshirt with no panties on…she stripped down and basically jumped on top of him, kissing her guy and convincing him that clothes are a pretty bad idea for him too so soon they’re both naked and things are really steaming up! Jenna keeps her knee high socks on as she lifts her leg and gets her pussy pounded, moaning and writhing on the floor as he slips his meat deep inside her wet hole. It’s a hot and steamy hardcore update from a site known for having gorgeous girls, so you know you’re in for a treat.

Queen Of Hearts


Queen Of Hearts by X Art

Guys, I would like you to meet the Queen of my heart her name is Aidra. She is one of those models that X Art has found and she is so hot, but when do they ever shoot a girl that isn’t good looking. Never that’s the answer. Here she is in a scene they call The Queen Of Hearts and she is against a all red background and the shoot her fingering her pussy and then as you see her toying it. The pictures are amazing as always, I am a guy who can appreciate both photography and video so if you are a guy who only likes to see videos of girls masturbating and what not you should probably move on to the next gallery because this one has no video.

Feeling Frisky


Red fox feeling frisky x art

This bank worker Jake was found lying on the bed fast asleep completely naked with a huge smile on his face, with the bank vault wide open next door and a big heart drawn on the wall. Looks like The Red Fox has struck again! Alright maybe that isn’t how it all went down but with a name like hers she’s gotta have some intrigue to her…what I do know is that she is absolutely fucking hot with a perfect body from head to toe and that she’s naked and fucking this guy in an X-art update called Feeling Frisky! She’s also exclusive to the site which was a great move on their part because she’s going to be a star for sure…I mean how could she not be with those looks and that body! Can’t wait to see more sets from this newcomer, if you aren’t already a member on X-art this might just be what puts you over the edge of deciding to sign up!

Mile High Club


Angie x art mile high club

Plenty of people have ‘joining the mile high club’ on their bucket list but I guess after this X-art update Angie and Tyler can cross that right off! These two lovebirds hop on a plane on a mission to make sweet love above the clouds and man they sure as hell succeeded. Things start off already smokin hot with Angie getting those huge tits out and spreading her legs to let Tyler tongue her clit and lick her pussy to get her crazy with desire, then trading spots as his huge cock slides into her throat! They start making their own turbulence happen as she wraps her legs around him and pulls his cock deep inside her hole, fucking and moaning above the sounds of the engines as the plane cruises around. I’ve never gotten bumped to first class but if it doesn’t involve screwing a gorgeous babe like Angie I’m not sure if I’ll ever spring the cash now!

Playing Dressup


X art playing dressup

If there are two girls on this planet I’d rather see playing dressup than Izzy and Caprice from X-art, I don’t know who they are…these chicks are spectacularly hot, each in their own way! Blonde Izzy has those nice perky little titties and looks stunning in her thigh high sheer stockings and of course Caprice is…well, Caprice! The two lovely ladies try on some different lingerie to start out this update, playfully kissing and caressing each other but then things start getting a little more serious and the hands start drifting down to touch each other between the thighs as these two lesbians start making out in earnest. Their guy friend Marcus happens to come by and of course he joins in the fun, getting his cock licked and sucked by both of these girls before taking turns fucking them each. Two perfect asses, two perfect pussies, four perfect breasts, this guy must have been loving it as he pounded Izzy from behind before sliding into Caprice’s hole, which felt so nice he shot his load inside for a creampie finish to this hardcore threesome!

Before Creamy


Izzy creamy on x art

Some girls enjoy putting lotion on their bodies but blonde cutie Izzy here takes it to a whole other level of hotness for this X-art update called Before Creamy! She slides her hands all over her body, exploring and caressing her perky boobies and the rest of her smooth skin and of course dipping her hands between her thighs to masturbate for us! She loves touching herself and loves being watched…I wonder what she’s thinking about as she tickles her clit, tilting her head back with eyes closed? Just kidding, I know she’s thinking about me, I just didn’t want to hurt you guys’ feelings by rubbing it in. Rubbing it in, get it, like the lotion? I keep pitchin em and you guys keep missing em. Anyway Izzy is an exclusive model on the site, she hasn’t done a bunch of shoots yet but she had a hot solo debut and then was in the sexy lesbian orgy Christmas special so make sure you check those out!

So Young with Emilie


X art so young emilie

After seeing her introduction to X-art a little while back I think pretty much everyone has been dying to see Emilie do a boy-girl hardcore scene, and now our wait is finally over! She’s rocking this guy’s cock with that perfect body of hers…she looks so young and yet fucks so good as she takes off her loose sweater and takes his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking and slurping it hard before going for a nice long ride on it! She’s got basically a perfect ass with those long creamy legs and of course her beautiful face…in short, just what you’d probably expect from X-art! She looks incredible getting fucked and takes a big facial load of cum to finish off a hot scene. Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

In For The Night


Tiffany x art in for the night

Buckle up your seatbelts and unbuckle your pants because one of the hottest girls in the world is back on X-art! It’s been a long time since Tiffany Thompson rolled into town but she’s back and she’s in for the night with her boyfriend Brandon…from the time she gets out of bed you know instantly that she’s something special. Speaking of which if you haven’t seen Tiffany in action before you’re in for a treat…she is absolutely perfect from head to toe and in this X-art scene we get to see her getting that smokin hot body worked. She starts out refreshing us on her blowjob skills as she drops to her knees, licking and sucking her man’s cock until he’s rock hard, then climbing on top to drop her sweet wet pussy on him! Her ass and those perky titties and tight shaved cunt are all amazing but it’s that beautiful face of hers that really does it. Welcome back Tiffany, can’t wait to see more of this goddess over the year as she gets back in the groove! It’s not shown in the video but she very nearly gets creampied, so hopefully we’ll be treated to that at some point as well…one can only hope.

All I Want Is


Xart ashley all i want is

All I Want Is…well that’s the name of this photoshoot from X-art and after taking a look I’m pretty sure the answer for most people is Ashley! She’s the gorgeous and seductive redhead who stars in this update, showing off her perky little boobies and very fine ass as she spreads her long thigh-high stocking clad legs to ride her lucky boyfriend’s cock and giving him a nice blowjob. He licks and tickles her pussy with his tongue but it’s her vagina that’s the star of this action…this girl is truly smokin hot and it looks like she’s making her boyfriend’s holiday wishes all cum true at once as she fucks him before taking a nice cream facial!

Zeppelin On Fire


X art zeppelin on fire anna jenna

Oh the humanity! The name of this X-art update is Zeppelin On Fire, which I guess is a reference to the sweet tunes this guy Tyler is strumming out on his acoustic guitar which gets Anna and Jenna all wet in the panties. I’m pretty sure it’s not a reference to the Hindenberg because this update does anything but crash and burn…Jenna looks sexy as hell as always and newcomer Anna is hot as hell with a fantastic body of her own! They both take turns sucking and licking and fucking this lucky guy’s cock, riding him and letting him show off his fingering technique using their wet holes instead of his guitar…it’s always the guitarists who get the hot chicks! If I had a time machine I’d go back and learn to play Stairway to Heaven or something to at least have a chance with this caliber of girl. These gorgeous lesbians love making out and licking each others assholes and pussies but really seem to love getting penetrated by that cock in this hardcore scene.

Risky Business


X art risky business allie haze

Sounds like the X-art crew has been dying to get their hands on Allie Haze here for the site and after checking out this hardcore update I think you’ll be able to see why! She convinces her businessman boyfriend that he can spare a few minutes before his big meeting to take care of a few of her needs…it’s risky business because once he gets a look at her gorgeous nude body he forgets all about work and dives face-first into her pussy but from the looks of things it was totally worth it! Meetings can always be rescheduled but when you’ve got a stunning horny girl like Allie at home you’d better be ready to take care of her when she needs it. It’s a great first update on the site for this hottie and I can’t wait to see what else she does…leave it to a site like X-art to bring out the best in an already-fantastic model!

And Then There Was You


X art and then there was you

If you were on the fence about X-art,, maybe this update called And Then There Was You will help to convince you why it’s so damn hot…for one thing it stars Misty aka Paula Shy who has the luck and genes to be thin but have big full breasts! Also this episode is just downright sexy…it uses mirrors to great effect as Paula starts out masturbating and watching herself before her guy pal shows up and lends a helping hand, a helping tongue and a helping dick! Watch these two make love on the couch with the guy finally shooting his load deep in her hole for a creampie finish and try not to hurt your wrists clicking through to sign up or something. Did I mention she’s wearing seductive black sheer thigh high stockings and a garter belt while she gets fucked?

No Turning Back Now


Xart no turning back now

When Jake spies his beautiful sultry brunette girlfriend Teal strolling into his apartment wearing a blindfold, thigh high stockings and a pair of sexy thong panties, he can’t help but slide his hands all over that gorgeous body of hers and there’s no turning back now! Once he slips a dildo into her pussy and feels her moving with him he’s under her spell…he keeps her blindfolded as he works her cunt with a vibrator, bringing her to orgasm before getting tied up and blindfolded himself! Teal’s hot friend Addison (another one of X-art‘s stunning brunette contingent) takes over without him knowing, working his cock with her hands and mouth before taking off his blindfold and revealing who he’s been making out with! Teal smiles and encourages them as he slips his rock-hard snake into her friend’s wet pussy, fucking her right there in the middle of the room! Addison must have had her eye on Jake for awhile and Teal wanted to open up the relationship a little, just for fun.

Christmas Story


Xart christmas story lesbian orgy

It’s a Christmas story like you’ve never seen before and it’s coming your way from the folks at X-art! They really know how to celebrate a holiday as Kaylee, Lisa, Izzy, and of course Caprice get together under the tree for an all-out lesbian orgy that will have you rewriting your wishlist for next year already! These are some of the hottest girls on a site known for having incredibly hot girls, the cream of the crop so to speak…speaking of cream, get some tissue ready because these girls will stop at nothing to make their Christmas dreams cum true. Watch the girls unwrap their presents and immediately put them to good use with each other, buzzing clits with vibrators and poking puckers with buttplugs and of course making out and eating pussy and biting nipples and all the fun hot stuff you can think of, and of course they’re all completely nude the whole time so we get plenty of opportunity to check out those gorgeous bodies as they writhe around together!

Fantasy Come True


Fantasy come true on x art

For this lucky man it’s a fantasy come true on X-art as he gets to fuck both Scarlet and Christine! They’re both absolutely fucking smoking hot and it’s hard to decide which one is sexier…luckily he doesn’t have to choose between them, he just has them take turns licking his pole and riding him until he shoots his load all over both of them! It’s kind of a double facial as he cums on both of them at once as they rub his cream into their perfect tits. You might think the one with the red hair would be Scarlet but nope, that’s Christina…Scarlet is the girl with the perfect ass and incredible tits, wait that doesn’t help much, they both have those! Scarlet is the one with the dark hair, ok? Let’s just go with that.

Model Couple on Vacation


X art model couple on vacation jessica

They’re attractive, they’re graceful, and they’re flexible…and lucky for us, they love having people watch them fuck! Let’s join this model couple on vacation as they enjoy the warm tropical breezes of Ibiza, with Jessica riding her man Calvin’s cock as the X-art cameras roll…she looks absolutely beautiful to begin with and the exotic paradise of a setting only adds to her allure, no wonder this guy just wants to stay inside all day and make love with her! These two have posed together before, if you’d like a little refresher course in sexiness take a look at this on called Bohemian Rhapsody and you’ll fall in lust with Jessica all over again. Enjoy!

Good Night Kiss


X art good night kiss angelica

It had been a long, passionate, wild night of sex but Angelica decided she never got her good night kiss so she dressed up in her sexiest lingerie, popped on a trenchcoat and headed to her husband’s office where she hopped on his lap and went for round 2! She sucked his cock and if you know Angelica you know she gives basically the hottest blowjobs in the world, and then offered up that sweet tight pussy to get pounded as he saw fit. For any other site that would probably be more than enough but cmon man, this is X-art we’re talking about, so Angelica pops off of his cock and slides it into her perfect asshole for some hot anal action since he’s a back door man! She finishes things off by milking a load out of that big thick dick all over his desk and teh floor…have fun explaining that one to the janitors, buddy! She leaves him to it, calmly buttoning up her trenchcoat and heading out the door. Looks like she forgot to undo his handcuffs, so he’s left standing there with his arms tied in the air and his pants down with that big slab of dong hanging out! When his boss comes in he’ll either get fired or get a bonus, I’m not really sure which.

Love At First Sight


X art love at first sight with kendall

For some couples it takes a few days or weeks or even months of awkward nervousness and tentative attempts before things really click but for others, like Kendall and Tyler here, it’s pretty much love at first sight! Or at least lust at first sight, which I could totally understand on his part because she is absolutely fucking gorgeous with her long blonde hair, nice perky tits and beautiful ass…in this X-art update we get to see this horny couple giving in to their lustful desires, grabbing each other into the bed and rolling around on the sheets until they’re both satisfied and Kendall’s got a nice big creamy load on her pretty face! Her body is just delectable and happily her lucky boyfriend is more than happy to share her with us as they get into some serious steamy fucking. She really seems to love it when he tongues her pussy, so take notes fellas…sometimes you’ve gotta get your nose wet to make a girl really happy.



Chloe amour x art temptress

When you think of a temptress you probably get an image in mind of a gorgeous exotic babe with big perfect breasts, seductive eyes, and a sexy come-hither smile. Well lucky for you (and for me too) that’s exactly the kind of temptress X-art thinks of as well! They call her Amelie but you and I know her better as the beautiful Chloe Amour. This is a solo photoshoot so we don’t get to see her taking a big dick in that perfect pussy but hey, it’s Chloe so it’s not like anything or anyone else is needed to make it sexy as hell…just Chloe rolling around in the nude like this, grabbing her big breasts and sliding her hands down to play with her pussy! Watching Chloe masturbate is about as tempting as things get, so the name of this update is pretty well earned if you ask me.

Putting On A Show


X art putting on a show for you lauren

Who wouldn’t want a private show from sexy X-art newcomer Lauren? She’s putting on a show for you in this photoshoot, relaxing in the bedroom and giving you a nice look at every inch of that tight nubile body in and out of her favorite pink lingerie. She’s gorgeous with a great smile and an even greater body with perky round titties, a spectacular ass and a nice pink pussy that she looks eager and ready to get filled up with cock! Hopefully at some point she’ll do a hot hardcore scene for the site but since she’s the new girl who knows what she’ll get up to…I think we all have high hopes for her though. Hopefully she’s not just a pretty face with no personality like a few girls I could mention…I guess we’ll all find out on this big adventure called life.

I Want To Tell You


X art i want to tell you

Prepare yourself for some of the hottest lesbian action around…you already know X-art can bring the hotness and here’s even more proof! Bailey is brand new to the site but you’re bound to fall instantly in lust with her when she gets together with hottie Lisa for this sexy scene called I Want To Tell You…Lisa was lying on her stomach and when she felt her lover’s hands sliding over her body she lifted her sexy firm butt up to give better access to her already-wet pussy! Bailey gives her what she wants and both of these hotties end up with mind-blowing orgasms in this sexy twosome.

So Right Its Wrong


X art so right its wrong scarlet kendall

Sometimes it’s obvious where the names come from for X-art episodes and sometimes they’re less so…the latter is the case for this one entitled So Right It’s Wrong, featuring the lovely duo of Scarlet and Kendall as they do a sexy striptease outside of their friend James’ window. He of course invites them in to continue and they get naked while he watches, kissing and caressing each other to drive him wild! I guess it works because soon he’s lost his underwear and is taking turns licking and fingering each of the girls before fucking them both in this hot hardcore threesome. The title might be a little puzzling but the scene itself is crystal clear…who doesn’t love a nice threeway, especially one that ends with two beautiful girls getting showered in cum?

Many Shades Of Grey


Many Shades Of Grey

I have for you the always beautiful Ivy in a scene from X Art called “Many Shades Of Grey”. It’s a little bondage type scene based off the book 50 Shades Of Grey. If you haven’t heard of the book you are living under a rock so I suggest you crawl out from under it. You can buy the book at Amazon I am probably getting you a killer deal because it is Cyber Monday after all! Back to the sex scene we have here. You can buy a memberhsip to X-Art for the same price so I would suggest you get the hardcore porn verse the book who likes to read anyways! Ivy is all tied up with her hands over her head and the two of them fuck standing up. The position you see here is the position in which the video ends as he pounds away at Ivy’s small pussy he doesn’t pull out instead just drops a crazy big load in her pussy and then they sit there and make out afterwards. X Art is erotica at it’s best so if you like the way this scene is shot you’re in luck because X Art updates like 6 days a week all with this amazing type of content.

Just Jennifer


Just jennifer on x art

As you may already know, Jennifer absolutely loves group scenes…threesomes, foursomes, orgies, what have you, the more the merrier! This X-art update though is a bit of a changeup as it’s just Jennifer, exploring her body and enjoying herself in a sexy solo scene. She’s got her knee-high socks on and that’s about it as she takes a nice long look at her pussy in the mirror and fingers herself, masturbating until she cums all over the place. She’s all by herself in this hot photoshoot but you just know that when she reaches orgasm she’s probably thinking about having a cock in her pussy and another girl’s cunt on her mouth! Gorgeous, horny and sexually adventurous, Jennifer is just right for a site like X-art…enjoy this stunning solo set and brace yourself for the next group session she gets into!

LA Plans


X art izzy la plans

As you may already know, Izzy and her boyfriend are European but have dreams of heading to America…they’re planning to take a trip to LA to see the sights and just the thought of it gets them both all hot and bothered so they just have to fuck in this hot X-art update called LA Plans! It’ll be interesting to see what happens on the flight overseas; they might just join the mile-high club five or six times on the flight if this behavior is any indication of their horniness! Izzy has a tight little body and loves getting her wet pussy filled to the brim with her boyfriend’s hard meat…especially when he grabs her hair and pins her to the bed from behind!

High School Dropouts


X art high school dropouts jayden

I can imagine it would be pretty hard to go to high school with Jayden, because anytime she was like “hey lets skip class and go fuck” it would be game over. In this X-art update called High School Dropouts we see Jayden up to her tricks, shaking that perfect ass and wearing just a pair of thigh high tube socks that look incredible on her legs, teasing and tantalizing her ‘classmate’ as he does a little studying in bed! She has no interest in the midterms, all she wants is to get that cock in her mouth and she won’t stop til she gets it…not that it’s much of a challenge with a body like that! Watch Jayden give a nice blowjob and get her sweet tight shaved pussy fucked in this hot scene and see if you’d be able to turn down an offer like that to go back to calculus.

Tease and Please


X art tease and please

Sexy Czech newcomer to X-art, beautiful brunette Paulina, has a turn-on that you may not have thought much about but holy shit now that you have a photoshoot of it I don’t know if you’ll think of much else for the rest of the day! She loves getting fucked of course but even more than that she loves to tease and please…watch her straddle her guy and finger her tight wet pussy just inches from his face, masturbating and orgasming just out of licking distance just to drive him crazy! What a vicious thing to do…at least she has the manners afterwards to give him a nice long blowjob after she cums, sucking and licking his big hard cock until he shoots his load into her mouth for this hot introductory photo set. With a start like this I can’t wait to see more from Paulina and I bet you’re in the same boat!

Ready for Love


X art ready for love

Cecilia is a Hungarian newcomer who showed up at X-art ready for love and ready to share it with all of us! Watch her and her handsome guy pal do exactly what they love to do in this hot update…Cecilia loves to fuck and loves a good amount of foreplay so we get to see her getting her ass and pussy eaten out and sucking her guy’s cock (by the way in case you ever had porn make you feel inadequate in the penis department this guy might boost your confidence a little, he’s not exactly huge down there…just goes to show that average-cock-sized guys can get hot chicks too!) before climbing on top of him and taking him nice and slow into her tight wet hole. Oh and just so I don’t forget to mention it, she gets her feet worshipped too so if you’ve got a foot fetish this might be what blows your hair back!

Blonde In My Bedroom


X art blonde in my bedroom kendall

If there was a blonde in my bedroom as hot as Kendall I don’t think you guys would be looking at photos right now, because a camera would be the last damn thing on my mind! Kendall is a newcomer to X-art but I have the feeling she’ll be stealing hearts left right and center with her good looks and great attitude, not to mention a huge sex drive! In this photoshoot she’s giving the bed a little go-round in her baby blue panties and bra, pinching her pert nipples and stripping down nude to masturbate with her fingers and a little buzzing toy that she slides into her tight pink pussy! She’s hot as hell and wants to make a good first impression as she shows off every inch of that sexy body…consider that mission accomplished, Kendall!

Double Daydream


Xart double daydream jenan

Sexy Jenna has some pretty interesting daydreams…for instance, this one that comes to life on X-art features Jenna getting fucked by two guys at the same time! She loves nothing more than having a hard cock in each hand, unless maybe you count having one in her pussy and one in her ass for a hot double penetration scene! Jenna is gorgeous to begin with, with her beautiful face, perky breasts and that sexy tight ass of hers and she looks double hot in this double daydream with two dicks plumbing her holes simultaneously until all three of them have had intense explosive orgasms one after the other.



X art awakening ashley

Apparently this is Ashley‘s first time having sex with a guy on camera but man oh man I hope it’s not the last…she lights the camera on fire in this X-art update entitled Awakening! She’s got an appetite for sex that will blow you away, and of course has an incredible body…tall, long legs, gorgeous ass, perky breasts, and she’s only 19! Watch this hot redhead rock this guy’s world with a fierceness that will leave you breathless as she straddles the guy and rides his cock, sucks him off, and bends over to get penetrated doggystyle, driving the guy so nuts he just has to shoot his load onto her face! Ashley isn’t done yet though, she wants an orgasm and knows just how to get it…she pulls the guy’s head into her pussy, grinding that twat on his lips and as he tongues and fingers her clit she has a huge explosive orgasm that has got to be seen to be believed!

So Beautiful


Xart so beautiful with clover

If you’re tired of seeing girls all gussied up to look like clowns as they get a traffic cone rammed into their nostrils or whatever and are in the mood to see a truly hot woman this X-art update entitled So Beautiful is for you. It features Clover all by herself but hey that’s more than enough hotness for a single gallery if you ask me! She’s looking incredible in her skimpy little bikini, throwing those devastating glances with her lovely eyes and teasing us with a spin or two to show off that nice round ass before stripping down completely nude and masturbating for us! She plays with her wet tight pussy, sliding her hands down over her perfect breasts and closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of exploring her own body, not self-conscious about being filmed at all as she gives in to the pleasure that her fingertips are providing. Clover has done a few other sets for X-art before, including this amazing lesbian sex scene with Anneli called Clean and Wet if you’d care to take a peek!

Arrest Me


Xart caprice arrest me

Her man is an off-duty cop who has been on the other side of handcuffs for quite a while but now thanks to Caprice it’s time to turn the tables! She strolls in wearing just a pair of sexy little panties while he’s asleep and slips the cuffs on his wrists, binding him to the bed and letting him know in no uncertain terms that he is fucking HERS to do with as she will! He doesn’t seem too disappointed by this turn of events either as she rubs her perky perfect tits in his face and turns around to grind her pussy on his lips as she sucks his cock…as you no doubt know, Caprice is one of the hottest girls in the world and has a body that would make any guy’s head blow off, and she loves using it to her advantage in her X-art shoots! This one is called Arrest Me anad it is just smoking hot from beginning to end…eventually she relents and releases him from the cuffs so he can give her a good hard proper fuck, shooting his load into her mouth to finish things off!

No Hurry


Xart no hurry with misty

When Misty and her guy pal get into an intimate lovemaking session they’re in no hurry to end it; they take their time and fully enjoy each others’ company! In this X-art update she and her fella get into the groove, slowly and happily exploring each others bodies with their hands, lips and tongues. Misty is a gorgeous Czech with a thin lean physique but large perky breasts and she loves using her body to pleasure and tantalize her man as she climbs on top of him and licks his cock, gazing up at him with those pretty eyes and a wide happy smile. He just lays back and enjoys the sensation as she gives him this leisurely blowjob, getting his cock nice and hard before climbing on top and riding him with gasps and moans of pleasure! After fucking him for a bit she switches things up a little, spinning around to put her pussy in his face to lick as she worked his cock again in a 69, pumping out a nice facial as he shoots his load at long last.

Lovers at Home


X art lovers at home angelica

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen an X-art gallery featuring the incredibly beautiful Angelica, but the wait is over! She’s hanging out with her boyfriend and we’re all invited to come watch these lovers at home as they get naked and make passionate love. Angelica has such an incredible body it’s hard to believe she’s real and not some kind of CGI elf! Watch her get that tight pussy and lovely little butt eaten out before her lucky guy pal slips his hard cock into her wetness and fucks her deep and slow. Angelica loves lifting her legs in the air and getting her pussy filled as deep as that cock can go, moaning with delight and enjoying every second of this hardcore scene…all good things must cum to and end sometime though and this guy makes the best of it, pinning her to the bed and fucking her from above before shooting his load all over that perfect pert ass!

Blindfold Me Pt 2


Blindfold me part 2 x art

I know you guys have probably been on the edge of your seats waiting for the next installment of this little series or whatever you want to call it from X-art, and here it is! Blindfold Me Part 2 stars Scarlet and the new girl Jayden again as they continue their light bondage and lesbian romp (here’s a link to Part 1 if you somehow missed it before) but this time they’re joined by James who turns things into a hot hardcore threeway as he takes turns fucking both of these sexy ladies! Scarlet and Jayden might be lesbians when they’re together alone but once a hard cock comes into play they both basically dive face– and pussy-first onto it one after the other for this steamy scene. It makes me wish there was a part 3 upcoming but hey I’m sure the site has plenty of other hotness up their sleeves!

Blindfold Me Pt One


X art blindfold me part 1 jayden scarlet

Newcomer Jayden gets a hell of a welcome to X-art as she’s paired up with lovely Scarlet and they have a sexy lesbian encounter as she gets blindfolded and tied up and tantalized all up and down that gorgeous body! The update is called Blindfold Me Part 1 and by that you can be damn sure there will be a part 2 coming up soon and in that one a guy gets in on the fun as well, should be pretty hot. For now though enjoy these two beautiful girls getting a little kinky as they tie each other up and lick pussy, tickling each others clit with their tongues to drive them crazy! They also take turns with a little silver bullet vibrator and get into some ice play to make those nipples get nice and perky and bite-sized. Two incredible girls getting naked and bringing each other to orgasm again and again, and this is only part 1 of this scene? The future is looking pretty bright right about now.

Body Language


Body Language With Susie

I have for you guys today a hot threesome gallery with this gorgeous teen startlet from X Art named Susie. She has been in two other threesomes for X Art body invovled other girls but they were called “Beautiful World” and “and Then They Were Three” each really good if you like girl on girl action. Susie took on the challenege here but I think one of the guys wasn’t quite up for it. He didn’t even get to stick his dick inside that perfect tight pussy that she has! Why you ask? Because he blew his load way to early just from Susie giving him a handjob and sucking it a little too! Shame for him but his loss is the other guys win because he then gets her all to his self only problem being that she has another dudes come on her. That’s fine though because he just takes that pussy for a spin doggystyle until he cums all over that shaven vagina.

My Naughty Girl


Xart my naughty girl with caprice

Mark here calls Caprice ‘my naughty little girl’ and if you take a look at this latest episode from X-art you’ll see why! She loves sex of all kinds whether it’s with a guy or another girl or a mix of both or a couple of each…she just loves getting fucked and what’s more, she loves getting fucked in the ass! That’s right, Caprice is getting some hot anal action in this sexy update, mounting up and riding the guy in reverse cowgirl as his big cock slides into her tight back door. She’s a naughty girl and has one of the hottest bodies in the business, not to mention a beautiful face, and in this update we see why she’s become such a legend! Perky tits, perfect ass, horny pussy, naughty temperament…that about sums up Caprice. With a beautiful butt like that can you blame Mark for wanting to lick, finger and fuck it?

All Tied Up


X art all tied up caprice eufrat lisa

I know it’s been awhile since we’ve seen an update with the beautiful Eufrat on X-art but I get the feeling they’ve been saving this one up for a special occasion…she’s joined by two of the hottest models (besides her of course) on the site in my opinion, Lisa and the inimitable Caprice! Eufrat gets all tied up and helpless on the bed as the other two take turns kissing her and grabbing her breasts and licking her pussy, not to mention fucking her with a vibrator…all three of these beautiful lesbians get their pussies worked over in this sexy sapphic threesome! The combined power of these three is just off the charts, I can’t believe they didn’t just break the world in half when they got together in the same room.

Bohemian Rhapsody


X art bohemian rhapsody jessica

They called his update Bohemian Rhapsody but don’t expect to hear Freddie Mercury singing…instead, get ready for quite possibly the hottest hippy on Earth as Jessica from X-art gets back to nature with her handsome fella! They’re relaxing at a resort on Ibiza, enjoying the beauty of nature and of course each others’ company in this hot update…I’m not sure how bohemian they are (apart from Jessica’s hippy headband) but hey with a girl this hot with perfect tits and a great ass who’s going to argue with something like the set title! Watch this beauty get fucked in her tight shaved pussy before he pulls out and shoots his load all over her cute tummy.



Dillion harper luminescence x art

X-art has a lot of incredibly beautiful models on the site but Dillion Harper is one of the hottest if you ask me. She has a stunning face with big brown eyes, absolutely perfect breasts and an ass that could make a dead man turn his head if she walked past! In this solo update entitled Luminescence she’s spending a little quality time on her own, enjoying and exploring her nude body in the bright afternoon sunshine. Like a cat, she rolls around with her eyes closed but instead of just purring and napping this kitty is masturbating, grabbing her boobs as she fingers her tight wet hole until she has a nice strong orgasm! Maybe she takes a catnap afterwards in the sunlight, it wouldn’t surprise me…it looks like a perfect relaxing afternoon for it. Dillion is always stunning in her upates on the site, take a look at her A Perfect Match update if you missed it, you can see her getting that sweet hole of hers pounded nice and hard instead of just fingered!

Alone is a Dream Left Behind


Xart alone is a dream left behind

I’ve gotta say, this X-art update has maybe the most pretentious name for a hardcore porn set I’ve seen in a long time…what the hell does Alone is a Dream Left Behind even mean? It sounds like a high school goth kid’s diary entry or something. If you can get past the title though the set itself is pretty hot with raven-haired Natalie taking charge of Johnny and riding him rough and hard! He’s usually the guy who takes control of a situation but Natalie was just so horny she basically threw him down on the couch and hopped onto his hard cock to go for a ride, with her perky beautiful boobs bouncing up and down in his face. He fucked her on the outdoor couch, sliding his crank into her wet hole until finally shooting his load all over her stomach.

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