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Dakota James


Mg18 dakota james

I think I’d be a little mesmerized by that tattoo on Dakota James‘s back if I was fucking her from behind like this Massage Girls 18 guy seems to enjoy…she’s got a star between her shoulder blades that is made out of a spiral and whoahhh man, trippy. Anyway she’s trying her hand as a massage therapist and I guess she’s doing a pretty good job because the dude starts popping wood like 5 seconds into his rubdown and she wastes no time in grabbing his cock and taking him in her mouth! She sucks him for awhile and then climbs up and gives him a nice ride, but what she really loves is getting fucked doggystyle so the guy is more than happy to bend Dakota over and pound that sweet hole from behind until he shoots his load all over her. I don’t think I’ve seen this girl on any other sites, at least not yet, but keep an eye out because I’ve got the feeling this won’t be the last we see of this blonde hottie!

Kelly Diamond


Mg18 kelly diamond

I’ve gotta say, I’m a fan of the way Kelly Diamond treats her clients as a massage therapist…most masseuses do the old style rubdown using the hands and walking around their clients as they lay there but not Kelly! She’s from the new school and isn’t afraid to push the envelope, taking a unique stance by climbing on top of her client as she rubs his sore muscles…the drawback is that a massage is rarely finished, the guy just gets too turned on! Sure enough, Kelly’s hand-work does just that and get the guy all bonered up, and if you know Kelly Diamond you know she can’t resist a hard dick so she takes the guy in her mouth for a nice blowjob before joining him on the massage table for a good hard fuck in this Massage Girls 18 update, fucking him with that sweet pussy and bouncing her perfect round juicy ass in his face until he shoots his load onto it.

Samantha Rone


Samantha rone on mg18

It’s that time again, to say hello to another pornstar turned masseuse as lovely blonde Samantha Rone gets ready to do a little rubbing and bring some relaxation and pleasure to her lucky client on Massage Girls 18! As usual the actual massage lasts for about three seconds, these girls just can’t help themselves when they get a look at a big cock, they’ve just got to get their hands and mouth on that meat right away! Samantha looks sexy as hell in her sheer panties and glasses as she gives this guy a nice blowjob before hopping up on the table and getting that big round juicy ass in the air to get her pussy fucked from behind in a very hot hardcore session! I know it’s sort of a trend nowadays for girls to have horn-rimmed glasses (that’s what these are right?) for porn scenes but I happen to find it hot as hell, hopefully you do too. I think a lot of the time it’s a defense mechanism when the girl knows she’s going to be getting a facial cumshot so she doesn’t get any jizz in her eyes or whatever but in Samantha’s case I guess they just help her see better because after getting her pussy mortar-and-pestled by this guy he shoots his load all over her stomach and pussy!

Sabrina Banks


Sabrina banks for mg18

Yep, it’s that time again to welcome a brand new masseuse to the tables at Massage Girls 18! This time it’s the lovely Sabrina Banks who happens to have a downright perfect ass. Just pointing that out. Anyway, she tugs off her crazy little outfit and gets to work on her client, sucking his cock and getting that ass of hers in the air at the same time…did I mention she has a perfect ass? Sabrina rocks this guy’s world, I don’t know how relaxed he got from her rubdown but she certainly worked some kinks out of his love-muscle as she sucked his cock and then rode him, sliding her sweet tight pussy up and down on his meat and getting railed doggystyle hard and deep (I can’t blame the guy for spinning her around and fucking her from behind, being able to stare at that butt would be irresistable) until he shot his load all over her stomach and pussy. I don’t know if a permanent position on the site is available but if so, I’d say Sabrina has it on lockdown!

Payton Simmons


Payton on mg18

Gorgeous blonde Payton Simmons is the latest masseuse to join the workforce at the Massage Girls 18 studio, pulling off her denim shorts and tugging off her white tank top to get those big sexy tits out and putting on her utility belt before rubbing down her first client, caressing his stiffening cock and then sucking him off before popping a condom on his prong and riding him nice and hard! She knows she’s got a hell of an ass so she makes very sure to get on her hands and knees to shake her round booty, getting pounded from behind and then summoning the next guy in line into the room to suck him at the same time she’s getting pounded! She’s determined to give both clients a happy ending at the same time and is doing a damn good job of it.

Bridget Bond


Bridget bond on mg18

It’s always fun to see a new enthusiastic chick show up ready to get down to business at the Massage Girls 18 studios, getting all geared up to do a nice intimate rubdown! After stripping out of her tiny denim shorts she gives her first client a cursory massage before taking his cock in her mouth and earning that sweet tip! Bridget Bond is the name of this sexy masseuse, keep that in mind because you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of this girl in the days and weeks to cum…she’s got a great body, especially that sweet bouncy firm ass, and loves to get her pussy plundered like she does here, riding the guy’s cock hard and fast until he shoots his creamy load all over her butt!

Emily Grey


Massage girls 18 emily grey

This absolutely beautiful spinner is Emily Grey, you may have seen her on a couple of other sites before like this update but here on Massage Girls 18 she’s being a masseuse for the day, rubbing this guy up and down a little before going for his cock with her hands and mouth! She gives him a great blowjob before getting completely nude with that spectacular ass in the air. When this guy gets a look at that butt of hers he just couldn’t resist grabbing it, fucking that sweet pussy of hers from behind with that perfect round ass bouncing up and down! Emily is incredibly gorgeous in clothes and even hotter out of them, I get the feeling she’s just getting started in this industry and is gonna make quite a splash. Speaking of splashes the guy shoots his load all over her ass after fucking her, and she scoops it up to get a little taste!

Rilynn Rae


Rilynn rae for massage girls 18

I just can’t get over those tits Rilynn Rae has! They’re big and full and completely fucking perfect but don’t look like a horrible fake boobjob like lots of pornstars are sporting nowadays. She’s the masseuse of the day at Massage Girls 18 and I’ve gotta say, I like her technique of climbing up on top of her client topless to rub him down! I wish some of the girls I get massages from would do that but I’m sure they’d have to triple the cost. Rilynn isn’t necessarily the best massage therapist around but that’s ok, that’s obviously not what this site is all about deep down…she is absolutely gorgeous with a body that would melt steel with its hotness and she gives this guy the rubdown of his life! By that I mean she sucks his cock and then rides his dick until he shoots his load all over her perfect round ass, of course.

Anna Morna


Anna morna for massage girls 18

The girls they have come in and try being a masseuse for a day on Massage Girls 18 are always hot but I’ve gotta say this latest episode is somethin extra special in that department! Anna Morna is totally fucking gorgeous, especially if you’ve got a thing for chicks with smallish boobies…she’s a stunner with those big seductive eyes and that amazing ass and she puts every inch of her body to work in this hot scene, rubbing this guy up and down until he gets hard (which takes about 2 seconds, naturally) before sucking his cock and climbing up to go for a ride! We get some great views of that ass and those titties as she rides him cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, before bending over for some doggystyle which is her very favorite! I guess the guy dug it too because soon he shot his load all over that sweet round ass of hers.

Carter Cruise


Carter cruise on mg18

I really need to find out where these hotties are giving their massage skill demonstrations in these updates from Massage Girls 18! All the models they have on this site are fucking stunning and they all love getting naked and giving their clients the special treatment…for instance this horny hottie is Carter Cruise, a beautiful blonde with pierced nipples and libido for days who gives a hell of a blowjob and wiggles that spectacular juicy ass in the air, just taunting this guy until he gives in and fucks her sweet pussy! Well I mean it didn’t exactly take a whole lot of arm-twisting, he was more than down to give her a nice deep dicking for this hot scene.



Abby on massage girls 18

Sexy redhead Abby might not have the best teeth in the world but hey, who cares about a jacked-up grill when the girl is hot as hell and has a cock in her mouth, am I right or am I right? She’s the masseuse for the day at Massage Girls 18 and I’ve gotta say her technique is one I haven’t seen before…instead of standing next to the table and rubbing her client she hops right up on the bed with him before she starts stroking his body. It might not be the most effective way to give a good rubdown but it definitely works in her favor when she takes his cock in her mouth for a blowjob and then rides him hard and deep in this hot hardcore scene! We get some nice looks at her perky titties but man oh man that big round juicy ass of hers is the star of hte show as she bends over and gets her hole slammed doggystyle…I guess the client liked it too because he gave her a huge cumshot that frosted her from chin to pussy when he busted nut!

August Ames


August ames massage girls 18

I don’t know about you guys but I just cannot get over those tits that August Ames is packing! They’re just about damn perfect, especially if they’re natural but it’s hard for me to tell nowadays sometimes unless it’s just blatant. If they are fake, I’d like to shake that surgeon’s hand because they did it up right this time…August looks fucking phenomenal and she’s a masseuse for a day, if you can believe it! Can you imagine walking into the massage parlor and getting a rubdown from a drop dead gorgeous girl like this, especially if she starts stroking and suckiing your cock like in this shoot from Massage Girls 18? She’s not only supermodel-beautiful and has an incredible body but she also knows what to do with it, as you can see from the way she rides and fucks this guy in a very hot hardcore scene. He gets about the happiest ending any guy on earth could wish for, fucking this goddess until he shoots his load all over her…hopefully he’s got a punchcard because I think he’s gonna be a repeat customer if she’s around!

Lucy Tyler


Lucy tyler on massage girls 18

If you had to go in for a rubdown with a masseuse who doesn’t really have a whole lot of experience you could certainly do worse than Lucy Tyler here! She’s the masseuse of the day on this update from Massage Girls 18 and what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in hotness and horniness. Watch this stunning blonde strip down and give a cursory rubdown before moving on to the main event, sucking her client’s cock and then going for a ride on it! We get a great view of that perfect ass of hers as she bobs her pussy up and down on the guy’s dick but she’s not quite satisfied…what she really wants is a cock in the mouth and one in the pussy at the same time so she calls in an auxiliary client (maybe the guy next in line) to fuck her face while the other guy fucks her pussy! It’s a mighty hot update with a very happy ending.

Amanda Tate


Amanda tate massage girls 18

Alright now I know a lot of you are probably wrinkling your noses a little right now and I know what you mean, Amanda Tate doesn’t exactly have the best body a pornstar has ever had…her bra tries its best to make some cleavage out of her pancake titties but it’s not really cutting the mustard if you ask me. Maybe that’s why she’s trying her hand at other careers like being a masseuse in this update from Massage Girls 18! Once she gets her hands on her first client though old habits die hard and soon she’s hot his dick in her mouth and is climbing up on the table to ride him to orgasm! I mean don’t get me wrong she’s not ugly by any stretch, it’s just we get a little spoiled with some of the girls that come through the door on this site. Maybe it takes a slightly less gorgeous girl like this to make us appreciate what we’ve got and that’s a life lesson that’s worth learning.

Chloe Skyy


Chloe skyy massage girls 18

Imagine walking into a massage parlor and seeing that your masseuse for the day was sexy tight teen Chloe Skyy with her perky little boobies, beautiful face and nice firm butt! Well this Massage Girls 18 update shows what goes down in such a case, and speaking of going down Chloe gives a little bit of a rubdown but then moves quickly into the dick region with her hands and mouth, sucking off her lucky client before stripping nude and climbing up to join him on the table! She rides his cock, working it with her tight wet teen hole and then bending over to take him from behind before finishing things off with that classic massage parlor happy ending, the handjob! She doublefists it, working the guy’s big dick with both hands at once until he shoots his sticky load onto her. This teen is happy, fun and smokin hot from head to toe!

Belle Knox


Belle knox on massage girls 18

This tight little number is Belle Knox and she’s giving a whirl at being a masseuse for a day on Massage Girls 18! With her skinny arms she doesn’t look like she’d do too well at rubbing sore muscles but she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to get those big tips at the end of the day. This petite honey slides her hands under her client’s sheet and grabs his stiffening cock, taking it in her mouth and sucking him hard before taking his meat in that tight teen pussy of hers…she rides him hard, taking every inch of his cock in her hole as he grabs her perky little boobies until finally he shoots a creamy wet load on her chest and into her mouth!

Lilly Banks


Lily for massage girls 18

It truly never does get old…a beautiful blonde with perky breasts getting naked and showing her skills pleasuring a hard cock is just timeless! Meet Lilly Banks, a gorgeous blonde who straps on her utility belt and prepares to give masseusery a whirl in this update from Massage Girls 18 as she strips down to her thong panties and slides her hands up and down her client’s body. His cock stirs and she notices, giving him a helping hand and then a helping mouth as she removes the sheet and starts sucking him off! He loves a good blowjob so soon he’s hard as a rock and Lilly climbs on top, riding his dick and taking him deep in her sweet tight teen pussy. She’s got a fantastic ass so keep an eye out for when she rides him backwards (reverse cowgirl I think, right?) which gives him the opportunity to grab and squeeze those cheeks while she slides up and down his shaft.

Teanna West


Teanna west massage girls 18

You’ve seen Teanna West get that sweet tight little body oiled up, rubbed down and fucked hard but now she’s trying out her skills on the other side of the table, so to speak! She’s on Massage Girls 18, showing her stuff as a masseuse but she just can’t keep her hands and mouth off her client’s stiffening cock…she sucks him off and then goes for a ride, sliding that wet pussy up and down on him and moaning her way to orgasm! I don’t know where the chicks on this site went to massage therapy school but they all suck as masseuses. Get it? Well just give it some thought, it’ll come to you. Speaking of coming, the guy shoots a big load all over Teanna’s pretty face and perky round titties after fucking that teen pussy hard fast and deep!

Taylor Whyte


Taylor whyte massage girls 18

Sexy, beautiful blonde Taylor Whyte has already shown her stuff as an up-and-cumming porn starlet but did you know she can give a pretty mean rubdown as well? In this update from Massage Girls 18 she shows off her skills a little…well, actually she barely gets her hands on her first client before grabbing his dick through the sheet and then sucking him off. I guess old habits die hard! Speaking of hard, he immediately gets a boner and ends up fucking her hard and deep right there on the massage table, which seems like a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon if you ask me. I’m sure he came out of the massage parlor with a bigger smile on his face than if she had just given him a shoulder rub!

Alina Li


Alina li massage girls 18

Somebody needs to tell me what massage parlor this is because if gorgeous Asian Alina Li is doing the rubbing I’m gonna be first in line! She is absolutely smokin hot with a supermodel face, a perfect ass and perky little boobies…she doesn’t have all the skills one might expect from a masseuse but she’s got plenty of assets that more than make up for her lack of experience, such as giving a fantastic blowjob and fucking like it’s going out of style! She rides the guy’s hard cock on the massage table, taking him deep in her sweet tight shaved pussy and then putting her knees up to her ears to get her hole pounded hard before the guy shoots his load all over her for a nice facial finish for this Massage Girls 18 update.

Marina Angel


Marina angel for massage girls 18

To paraphrase the movie Princess Bride, there is a shortage of perfect asses in the world, it would be a shame to ruin this one…luckily there doesn’t seem to be any danger of Marina Angel ruining her ass when she gives it a frequent workout like this! She’s on the site Massage Girls 18 to try her hand as a masseuse but what she really wants is to get that hard cock inside her pussy and go for a ride. After stroking the guy to stiffness and sucking him for a minute she gets her wish, taking him deep in her hole and bouncing that perfect butt up and down as she fucks him for this hot hardcore episode! Looks like everyone is getting a happy ending today.



Tysen for massage girls 18

This tall gorgeous drink of water is Tysen and she’s at Massage Girls 18 to try her hand at the massage game…she’s a decent enough masseuse but kept getting in trouble because of the way she can’t keep her hands and mouth off of the customers! They never seemed to mind but their wives certainly did…watch Tysen strip down and show those cute little purple crotchless panties before getting her perky little boobies out and then taking the guy’s cock right through her panties and fucking her on top of the massage table. I always love when they get a truly smokin hot babe on this site, they don’t look like they can rub their way out of a wet paper bag but they fuck like crazy and look great doing it.



Natasha on massage girls 18

Gorgeous Natasha doesn’t have a whole lot of experience as a masseuse but she always make huge tips, and we’ll see why real soon in this update from Massage Girls 18! She strips down to her panties and shows off an ass that is just fucking perfect, then slides her hands up and down over the guy’s body…when she brushes past his crotch she can feel his cock getting harder through the towel (probably because she let him grab her ass and tits while she rubbed him) and takes him in her mouth, sucking him nice and hard before climbing up and going for a ride on his magic carpet! She throws her head back and moans with pleasure as his cock slides into her hole, fucking that sweet teen pussy nice and hard before giving her a big creamy facial finish.



Jayden for massage girls 18

With her perfect ass, gorgeous face and perky titties, Jayden might just be the masseuse you’ve been dreaming of…and if that description wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, what if I mention that she likes to give full-body rubdowns in the nude! That’s what she’s up to in this update from Massage Girls 18, rubbing this guy through his towel as he feels up that tight ass and fingers her pussy…she returns the favor by giving him a nice blowjob, sucking his cock until he’s hard as rock and ready to fuck! I’ve never had a massage where the masseuse jumps up on the table and fucks the client’s brains out but I guess that’s just how they roll at Massage Girls 18 if this hot hardcore update is any indication.

Courtney Shea


Courtney shea for massage girls 18

The girls at Massage Girls 18 are always hot but man, they’re rarely THIS hot! Meet Courtney Shea, an absolutely gorgeous blonde with nice perky boobies, a sweet tight ass and a pussy that just begs to get fucked! She shows her massage skills but what the guy really wants to see is how well she can suck and fuck a hard cock…spoiler alert, she’s awesome at both of those things. Watch this hottie gradually lose all her clothing as she rubs out his sore muscles, then when her hands get sore she uses her mouth and lips and tongue to great effect! She sucks him hard then climbs up on the massage table to go for a ride, taking him to the hilt in her tight wet pussy until he shoots a load all over her lovely face.

Sara Luvv


Sara luvv for massage girls 18

How could anyone show up for a rubdown and not pop wood if the masseuse was anywhere near as cute as adorable Sara Luvv in this Massage Girls 18 update? She is absolutely gorgeous with those pretty eyes and friendly smile, not to mention her perky bouncy boobies and that perfect ass. She starts out topless which is a good sign, rubbing the guy and enjoying herself as his cock gets harder under the sheet…soon she has it in her mouth and is giving him a nice blowjob as he grabs her butt, and I think you can imagine where things go from there! Actually I take it back you don’t have to imagine it, just watch for yourself as she climbs up onto the massage table and fucks the guy, riding his dick in all kinds of different positions and spreading her legs on her back to take his cock as far into her wet hole as he can push it. I’m sure she earned a hell of a tip as he pulls out and shoots his load all over her gorgeous face, it looks like this whole rubdown was one big happy ending to me!

Callie Rubdown


Callie calypso massage girls 18

There have been quite a few girls who I’d consider a cut above the norm in terms of hotness on Massage Girls 18 and this girl is definitely one of them…I mean cmon, look at those sexy skimpy little black panties and tiny yellow bikini top! You absolutely have to check out this latest update with Callie Calypso, an incredibly stunning babe who gives a nice little rubdown, followed by a great blowjob and a mind-blowing fuck! She’s got a beautiful face, incredible body and is sexy as hell…some women have all the tools but apparently not the know-how to use them, this is not the case with Callie from the looks of things. Check out that ass as she climbs up on the massage table and goes for a ride on this lucky dude’s cock, giving him what must be the happiest ending of his life! She even has a few tattoos here and there to show her edgy side…she’s not just an innocent cutie regardless of how nice her smile is. The guy ends up shooting a huge load all over her face (which she swallows most of) and I think she was like mid-orgasm when he did it from the expression on her face…and check out the little dance she does at the very end, that is one happy hottie!

Anna Massages


Anna Lynn on massage girls 18

You might recognize that gorgeous round ass up above as that of Anna Lynn and you’d be right on the money! She’s been making the rounds on a few different websites but it’s nice to see her getting into the massage trade as she gives a rubdown on Massage Girls 18. This wavy-haired beauty gives a nice rub but once she gets to the crotch area of her client she seems to get distracted and just has to get that cock in her mouth, losing her own panties and top in the process! She climbs up on the table and gets fucked in this hot hardcore scene, riding that dick until they’ve both gotten a nice happy ending…she cums on his dick and he shoots his load inside her wet teen pussy for a nice creampie finish.

Ava Sparxxx


Ava sparxxx for massage girls 18

Adorable teen redhead Ava Sparxxx says she likes to give a sensual and relaxing massage…now, the sensual part I believe but I’m not so sure about the relaxing bit! I think I’d feel pretty excited if this cutie was giving me a rubdown with that big round juicy ass out in the open like this. She rubs the guy down a little in this Massage Girls 18 update in her panties but once those perky titties come out she gets so turned on she just has to take his hard cock in her mouth! Ava licks and sucks that dick for her hot session with this lucky client, then climbs up to get on the table with him and go for a nice long ride! She loves being on top so she mounts up and sits on his dick, bouncing that beautiful butt up and down before laying back and spreading her legs to get plowed deep and slow, just how she likes it. This teen sexpot looks great and fucks great, sounds like a pretty good masseuse if you ask me!



Anjelica on massage girls 18

Anjelica is a hot teen massage therapist who showed up for a free rubdown at the Massage Girls 18 studio, but from the way she stripped right down nude and got her sexy firm ass in the air right off the bat it looks like she has something else in mind all along! She offered to do a massage trade which was a little weird because the one she was getting was already free, but it makes more sense when she skips the massage entirely and just goes for the good hard fuck. With those long athletic legs and beautiful perky tits, not to mention a pretty face, she has a body anyone would love to get their hands on. A totally hot teen with a great ass and a horny wet pussy just begging to get pounded…sounds like a pretty decent update to me! Can’t wait to see Anjelica’s ‘trade’ work that she offered for this fuckfest. At the beginning she says she saw his ad for a free massage and showed up, but the one time I tried doing something like that on Craigslist the lady that showed up to redeem my little coupon looked like she had been rolling around in garbage and acid for awhile. Not exactly on the same level as this sexy teen vixen.



Massage girls 18 with alison

Teen hottie Alison says she likes to please the boys, and in this update from Massage Girls 18 we get to see just how she means! She’s got a sexy tight little petite body and a cute face that actually reminds me of the singer Jewel back in the day, and she is ready to give her version of a massage. She doesn’t beat around the bush, so to speak, and goes right for the guy’s cock through the sheet, rubbing and squeezing him and pulling off her top to show her perky little boobies to get him good and hard! She might be a teenager but she knows how this massage game works as she bobs her head up and down on that hard shaft. I think you can tell that she maybe doesn’t have a whole lot of experience yet with guys, but she’s eager to learn and to try new things so I think she’s only going to get better in this industry. Not the massage industry mind you, her rubdowns suck, but she does look like a good time in the sack!



Fucked hard 18 kimber

I never understand why girls try to push their tits together for a little extra cleavage…for example see Kimber in this Massage Girls 18 update. She’s cute as hell with wavy hair, a great butt and a sexy pussy and her tits are perfect as they are, so why bother trying to make them look bigger or closer together? Anyways, in this update Kimber shows her massage skills as she gives this guy a rubdown with her hands, lips and of course that tight fuckhole! It’s the full service and she looks more than happy to provide it as she climbs up on the massage table and fucks this guy’s brains out. The ol’ blue room has seen a lot of girls get naked and fuck but Kimber brings her own special blend of magic and orgasms as she rides that cock and fucks until the guy has to pull out and shoot his big load right into her mouth. She’s a smokin hot teen with a wet horny pussy and incredible tits who gives a good rubdown and an even better fuck, so give Kimber a try for your own happy ending!

Adriana rubs it


Massage girls 18 adriana lynn

Some girls show up at the Massage Girls 18 studio ready to prove themselves to be master masseuses but Adriana Lynn knows the deal here…she knows that for them to love her ‘treatment’ there she has to be proficient in much more than just working knots out of a muscle! She immediately starts stripping down nude and rubbing her pussy, knowing that she’ll soon be presented with a nice big fat dick to work and she just can’t wait. What I wouldn’t give to be her first lucky customer…check out the action in these photos and video clip as Adriana gives that cock a nice concentrated rubdown with her hands and tongue, giving the guy a nice blowjob as he records the whole thing on film for us! After slurping down that big cock she hops up on the table and shows why she’s the best around, sliding her wet pink pussy down onto his meat and fucking him there on the table in reverse cowgirl so he can watch that beautiful ass of hers while she mortar and pestles him! She’s one of those girls that’s just as hot from the back as from the front so any position she gets into with this guy looks sexy as hell…but why bother reading all this when you can just watch the hardcore fuck session for yourself?

Cadence massages


Massage girls 18 cadence

I’m not sure about her massage skills but hey I get the feeling that that isn’t the main focus on Massage Girls 18, and Cadence has some very redeeming qualities about her! Most particularly is that incredible ass of hers…we’ll get to that in a minute though. She starts off giving this guy a rubdown wearing just a pair of see-through white tights, letting those perky boobies bounce as she caresses the guy’s body. I don’t see a whole lot of skillful muscle work apart from the guy’s love muscle, which she gives special attention to with her lips and tongue and hand before climbing up on the massage table to join the guy and get a better feel for what kind of treatment he might require! Now we get a good look at that beautiful round ass of hers…firm, not too big, not too small, just right for spanking and of course slapping balls against as she gets that teen pussy fucked by this guy. She wraps her long legs around the client as he slides into her hole balls deep, fucking her harder and harder before finally shooting his load all over her tits and face for what might just be the happiest ending he’s ever had.

Kennedy Leigh


Kennedy leigh massage girls 18

If you walked into a massage parlor known for the masseuses having a tendency to fuck the clients and you saw your massage therapist was Kennedy Leigh tell me you wouldn’t just cream your jeans right then and there. Well that’s the scene for this Massage Girls 18 update as gorgeous Kennedy and that incredible smile of hers shows her skills in the rubdown arena, lifting her skirt to show her lack of panties before the guy even lays down! He of course lets his hands wander over her big tits and that round fuckable ass of hers as she went through the motions of giving a massage. It was the happy ending the guy was after though so soon his cock was poking out from the towel covering him and Kennedy couldn’t help but suck that big dick! She whipped the towel off and mounted up, riding that lucky fuck forwards and backwards before laying back and spreading her long legs to get penetrated to the hilt.

Adriana Massages


Adriana massage girls 18

Adriana has a sweet touch and some good skills up her sleeves when it comes to giving a nice rubdown, but on a site like Massage Girls 18 the massage skills are secondary to the girl being hot and horny and having some skills in the sack. Adriana fits the bill to a t, with her tight teen body and that sexy wet pussy she’s ready to show what she’s got in this debut photo and video shoot! She wore her best ‘interview outfit’, a sort of leotard with a see-through panel all the way down her front to give a little peek at the goods. If that wasn’t enough she also happens to be super pretty and loves showing off her shaved cunt! After a little teasing in this update she gets down to business, using her tongue and lips to rub the guy’s cock before mounting him and fucking that dick until he cums all over her face and tits.

Chloe B rubdown


Chloe b for massage girls 18

With a cute little butt like that, blonde teen Chloe B already had a leg up (or an ass up) on the competition at her job as a massage therapist. It’s really too bad she doesn’t know a damn thing about massage but what she lacks in experience and knowledge she more than makes up for in hotness and horniness! This sexy petite teen spends about five seconds rubbing her client’s body before taking his cock in her mouth, stripping nude while giving him a blowjob in this update from Massage Girls 18. Soon she was mounting up and riding that dick like a bat out of hell, working that tight wet pussy on his shaft and moaning with pleasure and I can guarantee that guy came out of the massage parlor swearing he just had the best rubdown of his entire life.

Teen Abbey Massage


Massage girls 18 abbey

When the folks at Massage Girls 18 hired Abbey to be their new massage therapist I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of her strong hands or extensive experience as a masseuse…it was more likely because this skinny blonde teen is adorable as hell with a great body! See, usually when you think of an erotic massage it’s a normal rubdown with a happy ending tugjob at the end, right? Well not here my friend…here the girl strips down nude ahead of time and gives a bare minimum of a rubdown before the client has his hands all over her and her lips wrap around his cock! I think the massage part of things is just to give the guy a boner, but with a body as smokin as the one Abbey has I don’t know if it’s even needed! She’s got the body of a cheerleader and the libido to match as she mounts up and rides this lucky dude, sliding her tight bald pussy up and down on his cock before getting a load shot all over her perky little boobies.

Blonde Rachel


Rachel massage girls 18

Ever see Stormshadow, the ninja all dressed in white from GI Joe? Well that’s kinda what Rachel here looks like when she’s all dressed up in her white getup on Massage Girls 18 but luckily the clothes don’t stick around too long…soon she’s peeling out of them as well as her lacy black panties and bra, getting those perky titties out to help with her unorthodox massage technique. Instead of just using her hands she likes to use her mouth and pussy as well, giving the guy the full service rubdown and earning a hell of a tip I’m sure! She’s got a great ass and must have been a fun time on that massage bed because the guy busts nut all over her cute chest to finish this hardcore fuck scene off!



Cassidy Massage Girls 18

I would want to pitch that little round ass too! Here is a scene from Massage Girls 18 with a model named Cassidy. I couldn’t find the last name for her but trust me I tried! You know who she reminds me of? Take a look at the first picture and tell me if you think she looks like a whiter version of Farrah Abraham… Cassidy here is trying out to be part of a happy ending massage studio and the guy who runs that studio always takes his new hires for a test ride. In this video you get to see Cassidy on top in control for a little bit while her “John” just lays down and enjoys her ride, then you have the guy on top pounding that sweet little pussy of hers until he cums.

Veronica Radke


Veronica Radke Massage Girls 18

The picture I have here is a little deceiving because the guy actually doesn’t do a lot of work during this sex scene. Instead Veronica Radke is just there to please him after all she is the masseuse. The video has a lot of Veronica riding in different positions from cowgirl to reverse but it does end like you see here. As hard as she rode him he just wouldn’t pop so she got on the bottom and let him bed ride her to a orgasm that ended up all on that pretty face. Veronica swallowed as much cum and she could but this guy was no sniper if you know what I am saying, no accuracy at all! The members probably know this but many of you don’t but Massage Girls 18 has a little BTS type of video with every girl where they are in the shower showing up getting the cum out of their pussy / hair / teeth LOL! There is some pretty good stuff in there because it’s suppose to be “off” camera so you get the girls real personality. Veronica here has one of the better BTS shower videos, check it out when you’re a member!

Lacy Channing Massages


Lacy Channing Massage Girls 18

Lacy Channing brought her sexy little panties to her Massage Girls 18 interview and I think it helped her get the job. She is such a hot little thing and you are going to see that during this massage she gives. One of the best parts of the video is when she is completely naked and getting ready to ride his cock. She stands on the massage table and bends down to suck his cock. She gets it nice and wet before she puts it inside of her and gives it a hell of a ride. Lacy has that petite gorgeous body with just some amazing small perky tits. She likes it slow but the guy can only take so much of her taking it slow so he takes over and tights to pound that pussy how he likes. He ends the video with him on top giving it to her doggystyle. Lacy has her legs spread out as far as she can so he can get the best penetration. She cums while he is on top and then as soon as she is done cumming he takes his turn… Pretty good timing I must say.

Megan Massages


Mg18 megan

Massage Girls 18 isn’t the kind of site where you get surprised by a curveball, you pretty much know what you’re going to get every time they update…a hot girl getting naked and massaging some guy before getting fucked! Not that I’m complaining…it’s a formula that works and it’s hot so when they get a nice cute model it’s a win all around. This update features Megan, a blonde with cute titties and an incredible round ass that looks great all oiled up as she rides that cock, spreading her long smooth legs and getting her pussy slammed by this lucky dude.

Presley Massages


Presley Dawson Massage Girls 18

I have another Presley Dawson scene for you guys! You remember her Casting Couch X scene I told you that you would be seeing a lot more of her I TOLD YOU! This girl is definitely a winner and I hope he continues to get her jobs like this. She is such a skinny girl with small everything, I mean that ass could fit in the palm of my hand! Massage Girls 18 whole thing is that girls are “trying out” to be in this guys massage studio. Before he gives them a job he has to see how good they are. He checks out all their body parts and then of course gets a massage and happy ending from the girls. Presley Dawson knows that she isn’t here to see how well she can rub a guys shoulders, so she doesn’t even mess around with a good massage. She decides that starting out with a good dick suck is a better plan of action and I would have to agree! She gets him nice and hard and then puts his dick in her perfect tight pussy and rides him really good. When the guy is ready to cum he wants to be on top so she lays down on the massage table and he pounds away.

Zoey Massages


Zoey Paige Massage Girls 18

I knew once I saw Zoey Paige on Fucked Hard 18 that she would soon be making her appearance on Massage Girls 18 and here we finally are. That big ass that Zoey Paige has is looking great in that little black thong she is wearing underneath her dress. Her ass just swallows it, it looks like she is wearing just backless panties or something. She doesn’t have very big tits but I kind of like this type of girl, small tits and a big ass they even each other out! She starts off by giving this guy a nice massage and then she takes off her panties and pulls down her top and gives this guy a dick ride he will always remember!

Cali Hayes


Cali Hayes Massage Girls 18

I got a new Massage Girls 18 video for you guys and it stars the one and only Cali Hayes. I actually think this is the first video I have watched with her in it. She is trying out to be a massage girl and I think after this performance she is up to the task! She gives a handjob like a pro but where she is a real professional is when she is on top taking this guy for a ride. The video ends with her stomach and cute little tits covered in cum, enjoy!

Casana Lei


Casana Lei Massage Girls 18

I don’t know if I have ever seen Casana Lei look hotter then she does in this scene for Massage Girls 18. This color looks great on her, I love the little g-string white panties she is wearing how fucking perfect do her tits look? I mean there isn’t a thing I don’t like about this girl I even like that stupid Marilyn Monroe piercing! The guy who runs Massage Girls 18 knew he had something special too because he didn’t give her a facial like he does all the other girls instead he inseminated her. This girl is a amateur for sure when this was shot but look how good she is at fucking! I mean riding this guys cock she is getting so much motion up and down, a nice grind she has it going on for sure! Then when he wants her to reverse cowgirl ride him she doesn’t even get off his dick instead she just spins. She looks like a spinner and she is in fact one, loving seeing that in action.

Lola Foxx Massages


Lola Foxx Massage Girls 18

Here is another massage video with Lola Foxx this time she is the one giving the massage as you guys know that’s what goes down on Massage Girls 18! You might remember her FuckedHard18 scene where she got to just sit back and get pleasured in every way imaginable. In this video she is the one who is “interviewing” for a job at a massage studio. If I was the guy hire her I would see her in this little red lingerie get up and hire her right then and there! I mean she looks fucking hot and that ass of her couldn’t look any better in these sexy panties. The guy played it pretty smart though because if you’re hire a girl to be a your happy ending massage studio you have to give her a test run. Lola shows him what she is all about riding his cock reverse cowgirl, cowgirl pretty much all the female dominate positions. To get his rocks off he puts her on her back and just slams that pussy nice and hard until he is about to cum and then he pops up and pops on this pretty Latin girls face. I almost forgot to mention that in this video you can see her having a real orgasm while she is riding his cock. She is riding him and rubbing her clit at the same time and that almost guarantees a orgasm for most girls and sure enough Lola has one.

Macy Cartel


Macy Cartel Massage Girls 18

I have to admit I actually watched a full length 1 hour film and that was this one from Massage Girls 18. I wouldn’t have normally done it but I am a big fan of this Macy Cartel girl. She has this par of tits that looks so different, just because how puffy and perky they are. They’re all natural 100% but you just never see these odd looking titties on other girls so I think it makes her really unique. The other reason I sat down and wasted some time watching this porn was becaus I have never watched a Massage Girls 18 video begginning to end. I usually just fast forward to a position I like and then to the end to see if the guy does a facial, or a creampie. In this video he does a facial just so you know. I did learn a couple things though the plot or the reason he is interviewing these girls is to be part of his “massage” studio. I never actually knew the reason for the site until now. I mean odds are it’s fake but what if you went into this massage studio and saw all the past models that showed up on Massage Girls 18? I mean it would be like heaven on earth I think.

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