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FTV Girls Bethany

This is the exact picture I saw when I first laid eyes on Bethany from FTV Girls. I thought she has a nice rack but it was fake and that is not the case. This skinny redhead has a nice big set of natural tits that you’re just going to love. There is a lot about this girl you will actually like from her perfect body to her cool personality she is definitely a girl I would like. Girls like this is why I am a member of FTV Girls because they just find some really really hot amateurs that nobody else gets. Bethany here is actually able to have squirting orgasms and I have hooked you guys up with a video of one of the squirting orgasms she has while using the “VibraKing”. FTV has her using all kinds of toys besides the vibrators including one rather large vibrator. The first part of the video is kind of a trailer and gives you an idea of what goes on through all the video she did for FTV. If you even care I took the time to see how many she actually did and she did 12 videos in total!

Shae Snow


Shae Snow FTV Girls

Usually when it comes FTV Girls the girl I am posting is a total first timer. I would think that with Shae Snow here if I hadn’t seen her in a episode from Passion HD! This will be the second scene I have a feeling this one was filmed first but FTV Girls takes a while to release all their porn. This update form FTV Girls is actually a little short, I didn’t take note of why there is so little of Shae here but so little for FTV is a lot of any other site. They still have her in a bunch of masturbation scenes as well and jogging naked in public. The best part of the video is when Kenndy Leigh walks in and gives her the largest FTV Girls toy there is. They did it just to see if it reminded Shae of a ex-boyfriend she has that she claims had the biggest dick ever. Sure enough she saw it and started missing this guy she broke up with, I bet he got away with murder when he was dating Shae just cause she was addicted to that dick.

Lacy Channing FTV


Lacy Channing FTV Girls

How can you not click on this to see what in the hell is going on! This fat pussy belongs to a super petite girl that you guys all know and love her name is Lacy Channing. The whole pussy incident happened while she was filming for FTV Girls and they didn’t stop once this medical mystery happened instead they just kept on filming! The reason it happened according to Lacy is that she is allergic to a certain kind of soap, and well she used that to clean that nice little pussy of hers and this is what happened. Not all the videos and pictures have this in it so if it freaks you out I understand and you won’t have to look at it don’t worry. FTV Girls has her doing a lot of masturbation scene and other stuff before the whole soap incident happened.

Natalie FTV Girls


FTV Girls Natalie

Here is the new FTV Girls model her name is Natalie. She has some awesome big natural tits, I mean they’re not huge but they’re definitely big for her body. She is kind of a freak though because this girl just loves herself some anal! I mean she uses a double sided dildo with one end in her ass the other in her pussy, she does anal beads so if you like a girl that likes that Natalie is your chick. Then there is of course just the amazing masturbation videos that FTV has. FTV is unique in the way they film their masturbation scenes because the scene will go for as long as it takes but the girl just has to have a real orgasm. No faking here. Natalie has a couple of really hot orgasms probably the best one is when she has one from the vibraking, something only members will know about as it’s a custom toy just for FTV Girls.

Jasmine Rain


Ftv girls jasmine rain

Jasmine Rain looks even hotter than usual in this latest update from FTV Girls, where she goes by the name of Jazmine. Not a very good disguise if you ask me but I guess with a face and body like that it’s not like she can hide anyway…she shows off in a variety of settings in this update, from hanging out on the stairs in a skirt with her perky round titties showing to shimmying out of her jeans and giving us a glimpse or two of her spectacular ass, to just hanging out in a towel and relaxing on the bed. Besides her body which is already plenty hot enough she also has long beautiful dark hair that cascades over her shoulders and spills onto a pillow like some kind of dream…she’s just amazing.

Delilah FTV Girls


Delilah FTV Girls

Alright so FTV Girls had a little mess up with their members area and a girl that was suppose to be updated about 2 days from now is already live on the site! It’s great timing because i have been putting of updating our site with the newest girl because well she just isn’t that awesome. This Delilah chick though I have some stuff to say about her! First we all notice those crazy eyes she has, They are almost to unique to be real I would say but if they’re real she gets a +1 to the beautiful grade that’s for sure. The video I have starts off with just a quick tease of all the different videos that she did on FTV Girls and then it goes to one of my favorites. The one I chose is of her using this huge double sided dildo on herself. You might then she wouldn’t beable to take it that deep but Delilah has a couple of surprises for you throughout this update, you are just going to have to join up and watch them to find out for yourself. I am not spoiling it for those who are members.

Faye and Alice


Faye Reagan and Alice FTV Girls

FTV Girls setup a damn hot lesbian sex session with two really hot girls. One is a complete amateur named Alice, you might remember seeing her before because she has been on FTV Girls once before. Then there is Faye Reagan and I am almost positive that all of you should know who that is! Faye is kind of in charge in this video just telling Alice what to do and kind of taking charge. She doesn’t take charge like you think by having Alice eat her out or sit on her face or something she just kind of bosses Alice around. Faye does all the pleasuring licking Alice’s pussy as well as using a toy on her. She is able to make her cum of course, I mean she is a professional after all. The gallery is just a video but I have to tell you if you can find some picture from this update you might want to because Alice is just looking hotter then ever I think!

Megan Salinas on FTV


Megan Salinas FTV Girls

This picture doesn’t even do Megan Salinas justice. I mean she looks super hot don’t get me wrong but you don’t get to see her best assist here and that’s her all natural tits. These just are your average natural tits she is a d-cup and they’re like perfect! Super perky, hang on her body just right you’re going to love them. They so nice you will almost think they’re fake but I assure you they’re not. This gallery is from FTV Girls so it’s probably the best place to find porn of Megan here because FTV is the best simple as that. They have her doing a bunch of things in her update from masturbating, to panty stuff I mean she literally does everything. I think the guy who runs FTV knew he had something special in Megan here. The best video of all the videos that she did (and she did a lot) is when she takes on some of the bigger FTV toys. The big pink toy and like the 12 inch dildo. Her pussy isn’t that deep but she tries. Then she takes the smaller pink dildo and rides it like a cock. You will get a little taste of what I am talking about if you watch the video I have in this gallery. It starts off with a trailer of what happens in all the videos but then goes to the one I talked about, my favorite if you will.



FTV Girls Serena

Serena is a cute girl that FTV Girls just added to their site. I love seeing cute girls have real orgasms and that’s why I am a member of this site. They have so many first timers I can’t even count that high. This girl is 19 years old and she definitely has that teen look I think. She is a bad girl for sure because she is outside flashing her tits and ass and just not giving a fuck. The best part of her updates though are her masturbation scenes because you can just tell that she doesn’t have these kind of toys at home. She is so attached to one she says she is going to steal it, it’s the pink one you see at the 1:20 mark of the video. She loves the vibrator on that meaty pussy of hers and you can see it just by the way her pussy gets dripping wet from using it.

Chloe Foster


Chloe Foster FTV Girls

Chloe Foster is on FTV Girls! It’s all thanks to the one and only Kennedy Leigh who herself has been on FTV once before. These two friends pick up right where they left off and what good friends they are! Kennedy licks Chloe’s little pussy in one of the videos and in a lot of the other ones she gives her a helping hand. Actually in this double penetration masturbation scene that you see pictured Kennedy grabs the toy in her pussy while Chloe takes the one in her ass during the video. The ass toy was pretty big so big in fact that it started to hurt Chloe a little bit but she gets pleasure out of pain when it comes to anal. She doesn’t do anal very much but when she does she throughly enjoys it. You really need to check out FTV Girls because if you’re not a member you wouldn’t know but they have redone the whole members area! You can now stream all the videos and it’s just a lot nicer. Everything works on your phone and tablet now too. So if you were a past member and thought it was wack well give it another go because it’s really just awesome now.

Stacey FTV Girls


Stacey FTV Girls

I have for you the new model from FTV Girls her name is Stacey. This is her first time on FTV Girls and her first time in general doing any of this stuff. She has of coursed masturbated before any girl that says she hasn’t is one big fat liar. She tries some new toys of FTV and I think they could start a second business just selling these toys to the girls after they are doing shooting their update for the site. Stacey fell in love with a couple of vibrators the way they were able to make her cum so fast. She is a Latin girl it looks like with a nice thick body and a set of beautiful natural teen tits is what I will call them. She isn’t that shy of a girl even though she kind of looks like it. Any girl that is willing to flash her tits and pussy in public is definitely not shy!

Alexis Returns!


Alexis Returns To FTV Girls

I am ashamed that I didn’t make a gallery of Alexis when she first came on FTV Girls but I am making up for it now! She is just amazing I mean look at how amazing that tight pussy is! She not only has a perfect pussy but you have to check out these tits. She has this awesome full perky tits that look more fake then real but I swear she is all natural. In this update you get to see her fucking herself with a lot of different toys and food, yea food it’s a FTV Girls thing I think. The video I have in this gallery first shows you all the different things she did in this update and then there is a extended video of her using this long pink dildo that she just loves fucking herself with. She does it in a couple of different positions and then she gives it a little ride.

Madison Is Back!


Madison Chandler Is Back

FTV Girls is into some weird shit! I don’t know if it’s the guy that shoots this site or if it’s the actual members who just love to see girls fucking a corn cobb. They do it all the time so it’s kind of like there style and definitely not a fluke. Here is Madison Chandler back for a second visit to FTV Girls. When Madison was first on FTV Girls she was only known as Madison to me but now that it’s been a year or two she is a full fledge pornstar and she has a last name. It’s funny when you see so much porn you can always tell if a girl is a real amateur or it’s a porn chick just by whether the girl has a last name or not.

Sara Luvv FTV Girls


Sara Luvv FTV Girls

You guys have seen this girl before and now she is on my favorite site FTV Girls! They have her doing some pretty risky public nudity she gets caught a bunch of times but she doesn’t even give a shit. Sara Luvv is able to ahve some super hot real orgasm and she takes on some pretty huge dildos. She tries anal beads but not in her ass just in her pussy but she likes to! They bring out one of those super scary toys it almost looks like a spike and she rides that thing to orgasm which I will have to say is definitely a first time for me! The video I have for you is a little trailer of all the different scenes that Sara did for FTV as well as a extended version of her using this super strong vibrator. It’s one of the many toys that FTV has that I have never not scene a girl orgasm to, Sara is no different.

Randi FTV Girls


Randi FTV Girls

Totally girl nex door for you guys her name is Randi and FTV Girls has her doing the typical FTV stuff. Public masturbation which is was able to have a orgasm when she did it out in public. She is one of those total health nuts or something because you don’t get a body like this by not being one. The video I have for you guys shows everything that goes on in her video at the beginning and then a extended video of her masturbating with a large ribbed vibrating dildo, you have to check it out!

Kennedy FTV


Kennedy Leigh FTV Girls

That is one fine looking lady right there isn’t it? I love how she is all dressed up for business but has her nice full tits hanging out… Her name is Kennedy Leigh and the video I have for you is from FTV Girls. These guys are really good at masturbating videos and just erotic nude photos. The pictures are some of the best on the entire Internet but the video is really where it’s at. I mean lets be honest here how many of us will join a site because of the pictures? Like 2 people I thin, no I checked 2 people for sure. I am a big fan of girls with glasses on and Kennedy Leigh is very easy on the eyes when she has 4 eyes, yep I just did that.



Lyanna FTV Girls

I wanted to just show you guys how cute this chick is before you get locked on her tits and can’t see anything else… She is all natural and on top of that she pierced her nipples so it’s pretty distracting I must say. FTV Girls gets you away from looking at Lyanna breasts a couple of times and that’s when she is fucking her pussy with a dildo or using a vibrator to give herself a real orgasm. This girl is like a classy alternative girl if you know what I am saying. She can cover up all those tattoo’s and look like the innocent girl next door. Or she can show them off and you can be like that’s one badass chick.



Hannah FTV Girls

Hannah here is quite easy on the eyes I must say! She has a great ass with that bikini bottom tan line that I always find hot. The scene is from FTV Girls and you know how they select their babe it’s only the cream of the crop with them. Hannah is quite the athletic girl and they really show that off in the videos and pictures that they did with her. Like all FTV Girls Hannah was able to find the right toy, the right place and have a orgasm while masturbating. She says it’s usually really hard for her but she doesn’t quite have the same arsenal that FTV Girls does when it comes to toys LOL!

FTV Girls Romi tits


Romi for FTV Girls

Gorgeous raven-haired Romi has amazing tits, and she doesn’t mind sharing them with all of us! She’s got a loose halter top on that barely holds those big boobs in check in this FTV Girls update, but it doesn’t stay on for long…soon enough she’s got her titties out to play with a grin, and is wearing just her striped socks as she rolls around on the couch and grabs a nearby vibrating toy to masturbate with!

FTV Mia Malkova


Mia Malkova FTV Girls

This is Mia Malkova guys but FTV Girls calls her Jessica. She was on FTV Girls once before but I didn’t know her real stage name back then. This is kind of like a mini update that FTV did with her as they went to some exotic car show. Mia Malkova stole the show when she was there wearing this little red dress that really showed off those amazing curves that she has. When they were back at the hotel room the FTV Girls shooter got tons of masturbation video of her as well as some super sexy nude pictures of her. I hope you like what you see and if you do make sure to take the FTV Girls tour to see if it’s something you might like to join.



Lola FTV Girls

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this girl is Spanish of some kind but I can’t be sure. She definitely weighs less then 100lbs though I mean just look at that small body of hers! She is shooting with FTV Girls but some of you might remember Lola from her hardcore scene with Casting Couch X. This gallery she looks a lot hotter then she does in that one, but I mean don’t all the girls that go on FTV just look little bit better? They have her do the typical FTV things like fuck herself with her high heel and riding the big ten toy. What is that you ask? Well it’s a toy that is literally 10” big! Lola can take it and then some so if your a small guy, I am sorry you’re not going to please this girl!

Eva Lovia


Eva Lovia FTV Girls

I don’t even know if this is the hottest picture from this FTV Girls update I just couldn’t decide so I just picked one. The girls name is Eva Lovia and she has her own personal site but it’s nothing compared to this update. You get to see her masturbating by riding this big dildo that is stuck to the table. Then you get to see her doing a little anal play in another one! There is so much masturbation video of Eva I don’t even know where to begin with this update. FTV Girls really just is the shit if you like hot girls and real orgasms! When I was first going through this update to pick pictures to share with you guys I literally selected 67 pictures that I thought were good, that’s just crazy. It is just becase Eva is so hot and she really doesn’t look bad from any angle. Eva has a perfect round ass, awesome perky tits and that pussy she just as amazing. Enjoy all these nude pictures, some in public some not but all very very good.

FTV Girls Laurie


Ftv Girls Laurie

This girl is like the poster girl for perky breasts! They are just so damn cute you’re going to love them. She has a special little helper in her FTV Girls update and that is the gorgeous Alice! Remember her she was the one with big natural tits and a pretty body. Well she is back and helping Laurie to masturbate or sometimes just getting naked with her and posing for the camera. I thought it was a pretty awesome bonus because Laurie by herself is a win in my opinion. FTV Girls is by far my most favorite site when it comes to just gorgeous woman having real orgasms, nobody does it better.

FTV Girls Hawaii


Lena and Melody FTV Girls

Here is more from the Hawaii set that FTV Girls did with Lena and Melody Jordan. The girls are just beautiful together with Melody big perky tits, and Lena’s cute small tits and perfect round ass. The girls don’t just get naked next to each other no, they eat each other out and actually in this video you get to see Melody licking Lena’s ass. Lena admitted that that is one of her guilty pleasures to have her guys do. Lick her pussy and move down a little further and lick her ass. Good thing for her Melody is a straight up freak and is willing to do any of that! Melody Jordan brought her favorite toy on vacation with her a hitachi wand which she uses out on her hotel balcony and has a amazing orgasm.

Lena & Melody


Lena Nicole and Melody Jordan

I think at the end of every year or maybe a couple times throughout the owner of FTV Girls takes two or sometimes just one of the members favorite models to Hawaii.  This year he took Lena Nicole and Melody Jordan with him and both of this girls have amazing asses!  I mean they are pretty much perfect or the members wouldn’t have voted them to go.  I think Lena kind of gave up masturbating on sites and doing anything kind of hardcore, but for FTV Girls she is willing to do this kind of stuff.  If you think that they just get naked next to each other or something not hardcore you totally wrong there is full on lesbian sex in these videos and it’s fucking hot!  One of the better parts might actually be when Lena is fucking Melody ass with a huge cucumber and Melody is just loving it, true story watch the video!

Jodi Taylor


Jodi Taylor FTV Girls

Is it just me or is it that every time FTV Girls has on a kind of well known porn girl she looks better then ever? I am not going to say Jodi Taylor wasn’t hot in any of the other scenes that she was in but this FTV Girls one is amazing. I have never seen Jodi have a real orgasm until I watch some of the videos that are in this update. FTV Girls is one of the few sites that I still look at the pictures because the photography is simply amazing. Jodi is known for that innocent very pretty face of hers and her perfect bubble butt that is captured perfectly in some many pictures I can’t even count.

FTV Abigail


Ftv girls abigail

This is Abigail, a hot 23 year old brunette from FTV Girls who loves staying fit…this was her first foray into the world of softcore adult entertainment and to make her comfortable, FTV asked her to do some things she loved doing in her day to day life so she chose exercise! In this gallery we get to see her in her tight and stretchy spandex workout outfit, doing squats and leg lifts and generally staying good and toned to keep that hot body of hers in top shape. There’s more to her than just working out though, and after she’s done working up a sweat she pulls off her little shorts and plays with her tight pussy in a hot masturbation scene!

Embry on FTV Girls


Ftv girls blonde embry

Embry is a super fit blonde hottie with pierced nipples who is making her first voyage into the world of adult entertainment with this hot update from FTV Girls! She is going out for a jog and takes off her top to let those big breasts bounce before stripping down nude and streaking for a bit, letting the sun shine on her awesome ass and that lovely pussy of hers.

Zoey FTV Girls


FTV Girls Zoey

There is quite a lot of debate around the office if this girl from FTV Girls is hot or not so I am going to leave it in your guys hands. I mean she has amazing big natural tits and that pussy couldn’t be any better. If you think that is all she has just take a look at her ass! I mean the only thing she has wrong is that hair and her face in my opinion. The face is actually cute at times but the Ronald McDonald hair just isn’t doing it for me. You get to see Zoey here fucking some of the largest dildo’s I have ever seen in my life. That pussy of hers isn’t so tight after she does that pussy pounding masturbation but that’s okay I find it pretty fucking hot.

FTV Alice


Alice FTV Girls

How cute is Alice here? She is all red in the face blushing so damn cute! She has nothing to be ashamed of though I mean those tits of hers are just amazing. They are seriously HUGE but somehow they’re not as droopy as you think they would be. This girl walks into a room and pretty much makes every other girl look flat chested I bet chicks hate her. In this gallery from FTV Girls you get to see her flashing her tits in public but my favorite part is when she goes running with those huge tits out and they are just bouncing around every which way I am surprised she didn’t get a black eye from them! I also liked seeing her orgasm but a babe like this who wouldn’t!

Jayde Is Back


Jayde FTV Girls

I have for you a drop dead gorgeous teen model and you guys might be thinking to yourself “I have seen this girl before”. Well you are probably right because she has been on FTV Girls once before and she was so popular that they had her back for a second visit! This time you get to Jayde her doing a little anal play and of course tons of masturbation videos. If you guys are not a fan of solo masturbation scenes or lesbian sex you should just move on. If however you like seeing beautiful girls orgasm then please check out FTV Girls they’re simply amazing!

Jayde’s First Time on FTV Girls



Kelsey FTV Girls

This new FTV Girls model Kelsey is quite the stunner if you ask me. She has these full natural breasts and then you go down and see her perfectly shaven pussy that is also perfect in every other aspect. In this gallery you get to see Kelsey masturbating to orgasm as well as using a tiny little toy to experiment if she likes anal or not. I will not ruin the surprise but I have to say if you are a member of FTV Girls make sure to watch all of the videos! One last thing I would like to note about Kelsey is just how fearless she was about flashing her goods in public I haven’t seen this much public nudity in a long time.



FTV Girls Romi

I think FTV Girls has absolutely knocked it out of the park with this new model Romi! She has gorgeous big natural tits and just a gorgeous thick body. She kind of has a exotic look to her I would say she is Spanish or something like that. In this gallery you get to see her riding dildo using super strong vibrators, even fisting herself! So things get pretty hot and heavy as you can guess. The video isn’t very long but that’s because I want to make sure that you guys take a look at the tour and don’t just stay on our site. I hope that Romi because a members favorite because that will mean that they will have her back for more episode and I could definitely go for that!

More Romi Pictures from FTV Girls

Chloe & Cassie


FTV Girls Chloe and Cassie

We got a lesbian update from FTV Girls this week! It stars Chloe and Cassie both of whom had updates by themselves. If you missed Casse’s or Chloe’s just check on this links to check it out. I have a feeling though that you guys just want to see these girls eating each others pussies. In that case click on that image and you are moments awesome from enjoying those sensual moments that they shared for the first time to FTV Girls.



FTV Girls Leann

Leann was probably one of those girls who knew she has the perfect body if she just had some big tits it would be flawless. She got some installed and I am not going to lie they look pretty good but girls you don’t need big boobs there is tons of guys who like small perky ones. Leann here is on FTV Girls where you are going to see her masturbating as well as amazing pictures of that flawless body of hers. I want you guys to notice her perfect little pussy too because I know how much you guys love these innie pussies.

FTV Girls Lara


FTV Girls Lara

Look at these nice full tits on Lara here from FTV Girls. She must have been pregnant some time ago because her tits lactate with milk when she squeezes them. FTV Girls has a fetish for that or something because the guy filming was having her squeeze those boobies none stop. If I was him though I would have been the one doing some squeezing. Lara shows off her amazing natural orgasms she is able to have as well as sharing with the camera her favorite way to masturbate and that’s by fisting her pussy.



FTV Girls Laleh

I would like to introduce you guys to Laleh from FTV Girls. I am going to say that she is a sweet girl I mean just from looking at her I get that feeling. I mean it doesn’t make her a bad person just flicking that bean or using a toy to have a orgasm. She does it even when the cameras are not rolling so at least this one she is getting paid! FTV Girls does a really good job of find hot amateur girls like Laleh here and if it’s been a while since your last visit to their site I suggest you check it out again I think you will like what you see.

Lucie Returns


Lucie Returns To FTV Girls

FTV Girls got back one of their favorite redheads of all time a girl by the name of Lucie! If you missed her first visit to FTV Girls you can click on that link to check it out. In this new update you get to see more of the same really and the same is pretty awesome I must say! Luci does a lot of spreading showing that nice meaty pussy of hers as well as stuffing it full of vegetables at one point. Lucy is just that girl next door that we all love and the fact that she is a natural redhead just makes her that much hotter in my opinion.

Jessica FTV


Jessica FTV Girls

This ass almost looks like it’s fake doesn’t it? Well, it’s not it’s a model from FTV Girls named Jessica. Jessica is also really flexible and FTV uses that talent to show you what a gymnast would look like naked doing her routines. Of course they have her masturbate in really flexible positions as well. Some of these you just have to think she actually does during sex because man you can get it deep with she can spread her legs like this!

Mali FTV Girls


Mali FTV Girls

Mali here had my head spinning because I knew I had scene her before somewhere but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. At first I thought she was Haileys Hideaway, and then I remembered! It was her hardcore scene on FuckedHard18 that was in my head! This girl has done only two scenes I have seen so far and in this FTV Girls one you get to see her masturbating to orgasm, as well as using anal beads which you see in this picture here. Mali has some a wonderful body just seeing her nude is a win for me, but for those of you who need video check it out and I think you will be happy too.

Sabrina Taylor


Sabrina Taylor FTV Girls

I could have swore that I posted this girl earlier in the week but I am just flat wrong because I didn’t! So this is a little late but it was worth the wait. The girl you see pictured here is Sabrina Taylor and she is on FTV Girls! You get to see her fisting that beautiful pussy and masturbating with different toys that FTV Girls has. The one you see kind of pictured here is what FTV calls the big ten. The big ten is a 10 inch dildo that is just huge, but Sabrina has no problem riding that big cock she even likes it.

FTV Maya


Maya FTV Girls

I really want to take a guess at what race Maya here is but I just think I will probably be wrong and I hate being wrong so I will just not say. She is with us today because of FTV Girls so make sure to thank those swell guys. She likes to do anal play as you can see from the dildo up her butt in this pictures. Maya is pretty much down for whatever, masturbating in public as well as just walking around. There are a lot of pictures because I kind of skimped on the video but I usually do with FTV Girls because it’s one of the sites I highly recommend you become a member of.

FTV Brina


FTV Girls Brina

I wasn’t going to post anything today but then I saw this super cute girl named Brina from FTV Girls. You like that super pink pussy peaking out in this picture? I thought it was pretty hot. Brina has one of those sexy meaty pussies with her labia that just kind of hands out. She keeps it nice and shaved, and watching her using a vibrator is super hot because she is able to cum very easy and they look to be pretty intense.

FTV Girls Melody


Melody FTV Girls

I think this picture is Melody just looking at this huge dildo and being like “how am I going to fit this in my pussy”. Well I am happy to report that she was able to do it and not only just do it but she enjoyed riding that thick dildo. The scene is brought to us today by none other then FTV Girls of course. The name of that toy is the big 10 and known by that name because of FTV, a little fun fact for the day.

FTV Madison


Madison FTV Girls

That is one beautiful ass gentlemen! Her name is Madison and she is with us today because of FTV Girls. I look at her face and she looks really familiar to me but I just can’t put my finger on her pornstar name or where I have seen her before. I guess it really doesn’t matter except for those of us who want to find more porn of Madison. I guess we will have to make do with this update and this update only from FTV. It’s a really good one so I don’t see the problem with that, you get to see her showing off that perfect booty and fucking some of FTV Girls biggest toys!



Harper FTV Girls

Harper here from FTV Girls is going to make a fine addition to our perfect pussies category wouldn’t you say? This is the brand new update from FTV as of yesterday and it’s a really good one! Harper here is best friends with Teal and decided to do a shoot with FTV after she saw how much fun her friend had. Harper is a complete amateur and she is drop dead gorgeous but I might be a little bias because I do like a small little pussy.

Presley Hart


Presley Hart FTV Girls

Well if you like Presley Hart I have one of the best solo galleries she has ever done. The scene comes from FTV Girls where you will enjoy seeing her doing some public flashing and of course some masturbation scenes as well. If you guys don’t know FTV Girls you will be very impressed on the quality of their work and just how much hotter girls like Presley look then they’re on their site.

FTV Girls Teal


FTV Girls Teal

This is just such a great picture of Teal from FTV Girls I really wanted her to be my number one gallery today but you guys seem to like hardcore stuff more then masturbation. For those of us who do like to see a girl giving themselves a orgasm check out this new update from FTV with a perky tit college girl everyone will love. Teal has a awesome firm body and I just can’t get over how perfect her tits are I thought they might be fake but after seeing her run topless I think they’re real!

FTV Girls Jayde


FTV Girls Jayde

This is a super cute little package for you guys from FTV Girls her name is Jayde. I love this picture so much but I had such a hard time picking it because there are so many other good ones. Jayde is a true amateur this is the first time she has ever done anything like this but she was able to pull it off like a seasoned pro. She did say that she does masturbate a lot so that probably makes up for the never being filmed before nerves.

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