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Bella Bellz Thieving Ass


Bella Bellz Thieving Ass

I usually make my own Bella Bellz videos but this site really just has a bigger video that I will not be able to compete with. This scene is from Brazzers and I thought it would be like the first scene I have seen with Bella where she isn’t being fucked in that giant ass of hers. Well at first I was right but then Bella demanded to get it in her butt. She definitely has a nice thick body I could do without the whole alternative look, I mean the tattoo’s are fine but man that hair style just needs to go doesn’t it? The name of this scene is “Her Thick, Thieving Ass” and its because Keiran Lee catches her stealing his phone. Instead of calling the cops on her she offers up her gorgeous booty and Keiran Lee just can’t turn that down. He fucks her really good and then nuts on that slender face of hers.

Dollie Darko


Dollie Darko Anal on Brazzers

I thought I might be able to tempt you guys with a new MILF pornstar named Dollie Darko. This is the first scene I have seen of her and it was done for Brazzers of course. These guys are the biggest porn site in the world I imagine so they always get the hottest pornstars first. Dollie here has a bunch of tatto’s but I think she has an awesome body. She has big fake titties and then just a perfect big ass that you guys see in this image. She also loves having anal sex so that makes that big ass of hers even better doesn’t it! The scene last a super long time and it’s all anal all the time and Danny here pounds that ass really hard. When she finally makes him cum he dumps it all over her face and she licks it up and swallows it like the nasty slut she is.

Keisha Brazzers Anal


Keisha Grey Anal on Brazzers

The beautiful Keisha Grey looks pretty hot in this new anal sex scene she did for Brazzers. By my count it’s only the second time she has done anal the other time was for Hard-X. This one though it looks like she is fucking a guy with a dick like 2x as big. He makes sure to use this huge butt plug toy on her before he fucks her and it seems to work because he is able to pound that round ass once he spends some time getting her used to this black toy in there. The scene is all anal the whole time and I think we are getting close to the point where Keisha Grey is going to be doing a ton of anal. It seems when a girl first takeing it in the ass she doesn’t do it much but as she gets used to it she does it more and more. I mean Jynx Maze used to no do anal that much now it seems every scene she is taking it up the butt LOL. Keisha Grey has been around soem time now and I still think she is just cute as fuck and I love her nice thick body. I am definitely not the only one either!

AJ Applegate Bunny Tail


AJ Applegate Bunny Tail

I know that I am a little late getting you guys out to this but if you read this guys blog you will see that it was him who was late! Anyways you guys are not going to care because you get to see AJ Applegate having anal sex, what more is there to want really? I think the best / funniest part of this video is when AJ brings out a butt plug that she personally has, she brought it to this shoot! For some reason in her personal life there is a need for a bunny tail butt plug. This is the kind of girl I want to hang out with! She puts it in and gets fucked with it in for a while but then they take it out and she is ready to go for some anal. AJ is one of those girls that takes a hard anal pounding and just loves it. It’s good for her career too because with a perfect round ass like she has that’s all us guys want to see from her some hardcore anal!

Ariella Gives Up The Ass


Ariella Ferrera Gives Up The Ass

Ariella Ferrera is in a little bit of trouble in this video you see. She was caught having sex with her boyfriends grown up son. She just needed dick so bad because she wasn’t getting any. It’s not because this guy didn’t want to fuck his girlfriend but Ariella was telling him she wanted to wait till marriage. She was probably hoping to get him to rush into it but well she couldn’t resist when she fucked his son. However she didn’t plan it very good because she was caught with cum on her face as her boyfriend came home. She followed him back to the room and begged him to forgive her. She had no success that is until she offered him something she has never given to any other man. She offered him her ass. He couldn’t believe that audacity of Ariella for even suggesting such a thing. That is until he got to thinking about fucking that big round ass of hers. He ends up convincing himself he could forgive her if she let him anally fuck her and that is what he did. He didn’t go easy on Ariella no he did not. He put her in the pile driver positions and really just pounded that tight butthole of hers but it seemed like she liked it more then it was a punishment.

Nikki Nine


Nikki Nine Gets Her Man Back

I do believe this beautiful MILF is new to the porn industry. Her name is Nikki Nine and when I google her there is a whole other person that shows up. I mean it could be she just changed a whole bunch but I just am not buying that. This Nikki girl has an amazing body I especially like her ass. It nice and round and big, what more can you ask for really. Her tits are nice too but those are fake and you know I love some fake titties but anyone can get those. I guess you can get fake asses nowadays but most girls don’t do that. Only porn chick I can think of is Lela Star. Anyways this scene is from Brazzers and she is showing up at an engagement party. Her ex boyfriend is getting married and it somehow has made her want to get him back so she goes there with that intent. The guy freaks out when he see’s her and brings her inside. She tells him that she wants him back and that he is making a big mistake. He isn’t buying what she is saying so she goes with her trump card. She lifts up her skirt and shows that perfect bald pussy that she knows he is missing, turns around and shows her perfect ass and then flashes her titties. This guy is in love once again and his lust takes over and he fucks her in the room he was suppose to share with his soon to be wife.

Ava Addams Fan Submit


Ava Addams Dirty Talking on Brazzers

I never know what to believe from porn companies because well they can really just say whatever the fuck they want. Brazzers though is so big I don’t even think they need to lie so I will say this new update that they just put up on their site with Ava Addams was actually a fan request. It’s a piss poor fan request if I must say. It could have been great because they picked one of the best MILFs in porn Ava Addams to show up and get fucked but the “theme” they though of was just kind of wack. I guess the fan likes it when girls talk dirty so that’s what they wanted but Ava didn’t even go above and beyond what she normally does. Alright now that I have got that off my chest I just want you guys to enjoy this beautiful big titty MILF getting straight up pounded. She gets fucked in a lot of positions and this guy that is banging her isn’t going easy on her. I am pretty sure it’s a guy that has fucked Ava a lot because he seems to know just what she likes.

Losing Her Ass


Jada Stevens Ass Lost In A Bet

In this episode from Brazzers Jada Stevens here was dressed up as a sexy cocktail waitress showing off her perfect round butt while her husband and his buddies played poker. Keiran here did his best to keep his eyes of his buddies wife and tired to just win at poker and in fact he did a pretty good job. So good of a job in fact when Jada’s husband needed more money to cover the pot he offered up his wife as the extra money. Jada looked over at him to make sure he had it to win and he gave her the nod. Well it turns out Kerian had the better hand and won Jada for the night. The husband stormed off but Jada stayed behind to pay her debt. She was lucky because this guy was a butt freak and started by licking her asshole. Anytime Jada gets her butt licked she just starts feeling like anal so she decides to not let this ranom guy fuck her pussy instead he can only have that bubble butt. Good thing though because all he wanted was that ass so he fucked her really good in the ass and then came on her face.

Bella Bellz


Bella bellz anal on brazzers

I know you guys have been missing that fat round ass of hers but rejoice because Bella Bellz is back on Brazzers, and what’s more she’s back doing anal again! She started out in a sexy little black outfit that looks like a supervillain’s costume in a movie or something, then she gets that huge juicy ass oiled up and glistening…Bella knows that fat ass of hers is pretty much her biggest asset, so to speak, and isn’t exactly shy about showing it off in this Brazzers scene! If you’ve got a thing for big fat butts, for edgy girls with mohawks and huge tattoos or just plain love seeing chicks take it in the ass this one’s for you my friend! Bella has the kind of butt you could just dive in and curl up with a good book in for a few weeks and gets her tight balloon knot eased up a bit with a buttplug before taking on this big hard dick. Bella keeps those sexy kinky boots on as she gets pounded, riding this guy and then lifting up her legs and hooking her arms around them to get that ass penetrated as deep as the guy could manage!

Keisha Grey Stretched


Keisha Grey Brazzers Stretched Out

Keisha Grey is a really hot item right now isn’t she? She is going to be even bigger once she starts to enjoy anal sex, if you remember she JUST started doing anal. This one isn’t anal so sorry to get your hopes up I just wanted to mention that she is big now but just wait in a couple of months she is going to be huge. That way when it happens I can say I told you so. Anyways this is from Brazzers and it’s just kind of a standard sex scene. Keisha Grey just sometimes looks way better on some sites that she does for others and I think Brazzers is one of those sites that she looks stellar in. The video is very erotic you can tell that Danny is really trying to please Keisha and she is taking his passion to please her and usuing it to her advantage. She has him eat her hairy pussy until she cums and then she lets that big dick pound her pussy anyway he wants. Great video from a great site and a great pornstar not much else to say guys just watch the video LOL.

Bella Danger


Bella danger up the ass

It wasn’t too long ago that horny sexy Bella Danger had her first anal scene on Brazzers and I guess she loved taking it in the keister because she’s back for round two with this hot update! Bella looks sexy as hell in her stretchy gray yoga pants but it’s when she starts pulling them off that this scene kicks into high gear…that ass of hers is a fucking masterpiece and thank heavens she discovered the wonders of anal because an ass that perfect just needs to get fucked! Bella shows off her flexibility a little before bringing her man into the room, sucking his cock and then getting her knees to her ears so he could pound that big thick dick into her backdoor nice and deep! Bella gets fucked like crazy here and then moves from her ass to her pussy, getting each hole rammed before taking a big cream facial to finish things off. Brazzers struck a goldmine with this chick, she’s a horny hottie with an ass that won’t quit and she obviously loves to get fucked! Look at those nipples while she gets drilled from behind, they’re so erect you could carve your name in granite with them.

Aidra Fox


Aidra Fox

Sexy seductive vixen Aidra Fox (that’s pretty appropriate just so you guys know, the word vixen actually means a female fox so it’s perfect for Aidra) is showing off that sexy booty of hers in this Brazzers shoot called Always Ready, and man she’s making that title come true for sure. SHe’s always ready for a nice hard fuck and when she peeks in a window to see her friend jerking off she heads right in and hops on his cock with those sweet bouncy titties jiggling around! He’s more than happy to give her pussy a nice hard pounding in the kitchen, of all places, but I guess it’s pretty roomy and she gets bent over the countertop she she has something to hold on to, so I guess it works out. Aidra is fucking gorgeous and really you guys need to check her out right about now, especially if you’ve never watched her getting pounded before! Sexy as hell with a great body and a beautiful face, killer combination if you ask me.

Kissa Sins


Kissa Sins Brazzers

I thought I should post this gallery just because it’s something you guys might want to keep an eye on. It’s a new 4 part series from Brazzers with a brand new model who has never done porn before and man is she hot. She has just hte perfect ass as you can see here and some nice tiny little titties. She is teamed up with Johnny Sins a guy who has been in porn for a very long time. It just looks like the two of them hang out for a couple of days and you get to see them having sex in like these very “homemade” type of videos. It’s pretty cool, if you want a better taste of what I am talking about then just watch the video. It’s not really long but it will definitely show you what happens in the full video. It’s not just them fucking but you get to see her out and about, shaking that beautiful booty and then for the sex Johnny fucks her and then gives her a creampie.

Oily Anal Britney Amber


Oily Anal With Britney Amber

This is a nice anal sex scene for you guys from Britney Amber. I am not just posting this because well it’s rare that you see that big ass of Britney’s getting fucked I am more posting it to help you guys out. Brazzers is running a special discount right now where you can join for 50% off. If you guys don’t know this Brazzers is the biggest porn site in the world. So as you can imagine they produce the hottest porn there is on the Internet. They’re constantly having pornstars do things they usually don’t do like Britney’s anal scene here. There are other pornstars that they have got to do their first hardcore scenes and stuff along those lines. They also do like full production porn videos too, no other site does this. You know those porn videos that actually have a plot. I am not into it but I could see how some of you might be. The best thing about Brazzers is they know what is hot and so you never get a scene that you’re like yuck that girl isn’t hot. It just doesn’t happen because they know what the Internet likes and they give it to them.

Bella Danger


Bella danger first anal on brazzers

Man, every time we see beautiful Bella Danger get into a hot hardcore fuck scene it’s like ‘cmon just look at that big round perfect ass, do some anal already’! Well my friends I am here to say the wait is over, we finally get to see Bella taking a big hard dick in that pucker from behind in her first anal scene here on Brazzers! Bella starts things off in her sexy thong bikini, showing off that beautiful curvy body as she poses by the swimming pool before getting oiled up and naked, taking her man’s cock in her mouth for a nice blowjob to get him rock hard before slipping that dong into her backdoor! Turns out Bella loves getting fucked in the ass and she gets that bouncy badonkadonk slammed in this hot Brazzers scene, bending over with her peaches in the air and moaning as she gets drilled by this lucky hung fella. Looks like a nice beautiful sunny day but this guy just has eyes for her moon if you know what I mean!

Eva Notty Blows It Up


Eva Notty Makes It Happen One Way Or Another

I wouldn’t want this woman to be my mom but I would want her to be my girlfriends! So Eva Notty comes home and she see’s that her daughter is moving out. She grabs her boyfriends home and says what the fuck is going and and learns that she is leaving. Well Eva Notty isn’t really going to let that fly so she tells her daughter that she better get her ass home or she is going to fuck her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is standing right there when she says that and sure enough her daughter calls her bluff. Well you don’t want to call this MILFs bluff because she is too hot and has all the right curves. No man, I mean no man can deny this thick MILF a fuck when she wants one. So this guy tries to resist her but merely pulling out her big puffy titties got this guy to cheat on his girlfriend and he is no longer going to be living with her. Eva always gets her way, that right there is a fact I bet. This scene is brought to you by Brazzers so if you like it make sure to check that out.

Cassidy Banks


Cassidy Banks

Stunning babe Cassidy Banks stars in this Brazzers shoot showing off those big perfect tits of hers in her burgundy bra…her sister in law was having a fight with her husband and Cassidy didn’t help matters any by coming out of the shower with a towel around her waist flashing those titties at him! Soon Cassidy had the guy’s cock in her mouth while her sister took a nap, and sucked him off before going for a ride on that big hard dick…this girl looks incredible in clothes and even better naked and even better than THAT naked with a dick buried in her sweet wet pussy or between her big full breasts!

Missy Martinez Anal


Missy Martinez Anal

You got yourself a high quality anal scene right here from Brazzers for you guys and it stars an amazing round ass pornstar named Missy Martinez. I don’t know what it is with girls who like anal and they almost always have great pussies. Another girl that comes to mind is Jynx Maze same thing, great pussy but always does anal. In fact she has done a anal creampie scene today that you guys should check out. Alright back to this scene guys so Missy isn’t just doing anal for like the last part of the video it literally starts out how you see in this image. Missy gets her ass all oiled up and then she sits on his lap so you can get an idea of just how deep that dick of his is going. Then she slips it in her ass and starts giving him a ride. They go in a bunch of different position and then he is always in that ass. He doesn’t cum inside of her though instead he pulls out and nuts on her face and it’s a huge facial too.

Lisa Ann Steals Cock


Lisa Ann Steals Cock

Lisa Ann walks into the bathroom and see’s a girl in her heels on her knees blowing a guy she just met at the club. This girl is quite excited because she has found a random guy and he is hung like a horse! She is on her knees blowing him and she can’t get hard fast enough because she is going to be riding that dick. Lisa Ann hears that this guys is big and she wants it for herself and this MILF isn’t scared to get what she wants. She she opens up the door and tells the girl to get the fuck out. The girl is pissed of course but she can see the cougar in Lisa and she scrams. Lisa then starts off where the other girl left off but she gets him hard right away and then as you can see from this image here gets to riding him. She looks really good on top of his dick riding him but Lisa always does, it’s my favorite part of the video but to each their own I suppose.

Isabella De Santos Anal


Isabella De Santos All Anal

I am really crushing it today with all the porn I am posting but here is the little cherry on top for you guys. It’s a beautiful Latina girl named Isabella De Santos and she is one of those girls that you just can’t believe is doing porn yet alone doing an all anal sex scene like you see here. The video is literally called “all anal” and well it’s exactly that. He oils up Isabella and then sticks his dick in that perfect ass and just pounds away. The girl is so petite but she loves it in that butt I don’t know how you find these girls but damn can you imagine bringing her home and she says naw just fuck me in the butt. The shock on my face wouldn’t be able to be wiped off for some time LOL. Since I found this girl I figured I would go out and find a couple more scenes for you guys so check her out in this Naughty America scene and then this one from Digital Playground to get in you in the Christmas spirit.

Kiara Mia Gett Big Anal


Kiara Mia Getting Some Good Anal

You guys are in good shape with this gallery because Kiara Mia is looking hot as hell. She is looking really good because of the outfit she is in. A black all net outfit that lets you see through to that big ass and of course those big tits. She is one of my favorite MILF pornstars and I love the fact that she is a MILF as well. Kiara Mia has done a lot of anal scenes but this one right here might be the best. The amount of oil they use in it really makes the scene to me. The video starts off with no sex so you’re going to have to be patient but seeing this thick MILFs body really does it for me and I think there will be a lot of you that think like me. The guy is oiling her down and spinning her around on the chair it’s pretty funny, it’s like she is a car on that spinning pedestal. Then at about the 2 minute mark you get to see Kiara buried in this guys balls sucking on him and then sucking his dick so it’s hard enough to get in her big fat ass.

Jayden Gets Her


Jayden Gets Hers

I don’t really know what’s happening this Brazzers scene but the video starts off great! You get to see Jayden pulling out panties from her pussy! What the fuck she is just walking around work with panties inside of her pussy this MILF be crazy. The guy she is about to fuck is her employee she is tired of him fucking everything up so she is going to have him fuck something else up. She was very surprised when she saw how big his dick was and loves it every more when its inside of her. That pussy is wrapped around that dick nice and tight and Jayden is in pure ecstasy in this video being banged on her employees desk. In the end her nice full titties get covered in cum and Jayden goes back to work with a smile in her face.




Check out gorgeous Darling Danika fucking with her boss in this hot Brazzers hardcore shoot! She was looking sexy as hell in her thigh highs with her big bouncy titties popping right out of her top as she headed into his office to talk about some of the financials for the year…he put her right on his desk and jammed his big hard cock down her throat, fucking her face and then turning her around to pound that sweet pink pussy of hers! Danika took a nice hard pounding with her long fishnet clad legs in the air, taking eveyr inch of that big hard dick of his…maybe she has a hidden camera going so she can blackmail the dude later on, or maybe she just loves getting fucked and getting those huge tits bounced around!

Britney Amber Gives Anal


Britney Amber Gives Anal For His Birthday

I am not sure if Britney Amber here is playing a girlfriend or a stripper but whatever she is playing she is giving this guy anal sex for his birthday. I do believe that is the best present a guy could possible get on his birthday. Britney Amber here starts off with a very long lap dance, too long I might say because I want to see the anal not her dancing. You can tell that Britney Has done this a couple of times before. Then at the 1:40 mark the sex starts with Britney letting him throat fuck her. That also is a great birthday present in itself! This guy doesn’t even fuck that pussy he just has Britney put her legs behind her head almost and then he slips his dick in that big ass that Britney has and he pounds it like it’s a pussy and Britney takes it like a champ. She even gets on top and rides his dick with it in her ass. She is a girl who has been in the game a long time and definitely knows how to have anal sex!

Jada Best Ass In The Biz


Jada Stevens Best Ass In The Biz

Jada Stevens is looking oh so good in this new Brazzers scene that as you can see here is doing anal. Brazzers has declared her ass the best ass in the business and I am having a hard time debating that. She definitely has a great one, it’s big, it’s round and she is so petite next to that nice big ass. The video starts with like the typical video ho intro with Jada shaking her ass in the pool, and then getting out and getting it all oiled up. Anytime Jada is on Brazzers it’s almost a guarantee that they are having her do anal. I just think it’s because Brazzers has those big pockets so they’re always willing to pay to see that big ass swallow a dick. The video ends with a facial of course but not after you see her doing anal in a bunch of different positions. The site I am sending you to is a whole site that is dedicated to Jada, so if you want to see a bunch of her scenes then just search around that site.

Eva Warms Up Janice


Eva Notty Warms Up Eva Notty

Eva Notty walks in on her step daughter Janice Griffith who has been sucking her boyfriends cock. The two of them are really close so Eva isn’t even mad she just sends the guy out of the room and asks her what is going on. Janice is worried that having sex with him is going to hurt becuase his dick is so big. Eva tells her not to worry she knows just the trick. Janice needs to get warmed up first so Eva decides to go ahead and warm her up for her boyfriend. she takes off Janice’s panties and starts to lick her pussy doggystyle. She gets Janice really horny and then brings in her boyfriend to slide his dick into that tight pussy that her step daughter has. Eva isn’t going to just stand by and watch this big dick fuck her step daughter she wants some of it as well. So she convinces them to let her in on the action. The guy of course is so down to fuck this hot MILF, Janice takes some convincing though. After everyone is okay with it Eva shows them the time of their lives having a awesome threesome and in the end she gives this guy a orgasm he won’t ever forget. She gives him a blowjob while Janice sucks on his balls and right as he cums Eva takes it all in her mouth and swaps it with Janice.

Getting The Job Done


Krissy Lynn Getting The Job Done

I would like to talk to these Brazzers employee’s who think of the different stories in their films. I mean they’re all crazy but this one might take the cake. It’s about Krissy Lynn here in a job interview with the busty MILF the owner. She has one of her other employee’s Johnny sitting under the desk waiting for Krissy and she is a little freaked out by this. The girl tells her it’s to test her concentration but Johnny here isn’t just going to sit under the desk, nope. He pulls aside her pussy and starts to eat her out during the interview really testing Krissy here. As you can see from the image it doesn’t stop there… Krissy gets on top of the desk and rides this guys dick probably better then he has had it in a long time. Johnny Sins here has fucked a lot of professional pornstars so I am sure he has probably had better. Anyways, Krissy looks like she is just having the best sex of her life but if you watch any of her other videos that she has done you can just tell that she really likes to be fucked. The name of this Brazzers scene is “Testing Her Concentration” just in case you were wondering.

Jewels Jade Anal


Jewels Jade Anal on Brazzers

Let’s be honest here this isn’t the first time that Jewels Jade has had anal sex. I have seen videos of it and plus you can just tell from how much she loves being fucked in the ass that this isn’t her first rodeo. The scene is all about that big round ass of Jewels there is some really great video in this Brazzers scene so much so that they even gave themselves a pat on the back. The name of this episode is “jaw dropping anal” and it’s just that. Jewels must like live at the gym because she has some muscles on her like no other MILF I have ever seen. She works out and keeps her body right which make seeing her naked all the more pleasurable. She also sports some awesome big titties that are pierced. The video might also be consider CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) just for the fact that the guy never actually takes off her pants instead he just rips a whole for his dick. Rather big hole I might add but he needed to get at her meaty pussy and of course that tight butthole.

Doubling Timing Part 2


Ava Addams Double Timing Part 2

Looks like Ava Addams is up to her old tricks with this new scene called Doubling Timing Wife Part 2. In Part 1 you got to see Ava fucking her lover and then going downstairs and fucking her husband. In this scene it shows she doesn’t just have one paramour she has multiple. When she gets home from a fun day with her husband that involved giving him road head and jerking him off she finds him waiting for her. She remembers that she told him to come over because she though her husband would be gone. She hurries up and puts him upstairs and takes her husband downstairs and fucks the shit out of him on the couch. She knows her husband as soon as he cums he just wants to curl up and go to sleep. She once she had his cum on her chest she knew it was just a matter of time before she could sneak off upstairs and fucker her other lover. When she got up there she knew that he had been watching them fuck but it just made the sex better because he wanted to prove he was better and fucking that tight pussy that she has. In the end Ava lets her lover fuck those big puffy titties of hers and cum directly on her beautiful face.

Kelsi Loves Anal


Kelsi Monroe Juicy Anal Sex

That big butt that Kelsi Monroe has is finally getting a work out. Brazzers has 2 anal sex scene with her now this new one and then this older one. I think that is two more then anyone else. The guys who run Brazzers probably had to pay her quite a bit of money to see this ass fucked but it was worth every penny. As you guys should know Kelsi is quite a flexible girl so seeing someone like this having anal is really fun. She can spread those legs far apart, put them behind her head all sorts of stuff all while being fucked in her butt. She is one of those girls who likes to play with her pussy while her ass is being plunged. There are a ton of hot pictures in this gallery, part of the reason there are so many pictures on this gallery I suspect. There are a lot of her just nude showing off her perfect ass and then of course there are some anal ones. The video is going to be long enough for you guys but the real reason I am sending you to this site is it’s a whole website dedicated to this pornstar. So if you like her you’re going to find a lot more porn here then on my site, it saddens me to say that FYI.

Mia Malkova & Rebecca Moore


Mia Malkova and Rebecca Moore

That is my favorite ass in porn guys, it belongs to Mia Malkova. If you want to see that ass fucked then just click on that link. Just so you know you’re joining the right site if you join Brazzers you get that anal scene and this one from Moms In Control. Moms In Control is a brand new site from Brazzers and it’s along the same lines as Moms Bang Teens it looks like. So for example there is always a MILF in each update and in this update it’s Rebecca Moore. She isn’t pictured here but she is teaching Mia Malkova how to fuck because she is really nervous about it. The guy that Mia is fucking just so happens to be Rebecca’s step son so things get a little weird but it seems to be the new “taboo” thing people like in porn right now. Mia has flown over from America to Europe to meet up with this guy and she is so nervous about impressing him during their first sexual experience she invites in his step mom to help make sure it’s a memorable experience.

Kayla Kayden


Handling Lesson

Kayla Kayden sure shows up on a lot of MILF sites doesn’t she? Well at least MILF free sites I usually just see her scenes on Brazzers. I did think she was exclusive to them but as you will see above this post she came out with a POVD scene, so I don’t know what to think now! I tell you one thing I think though I don’t think she is a MILF. In this episode she sure isn’t playing one I don’t know who hires someone to do private lacrosse lessons but Kayla here did. Porn is just so fake sometimes isn’t it! Anyways she bounces around ont his guys cock and of course gets banged in all the usually positions. There isn’t anything super awesome about this scene beside how hot Kayla here is. If you guys didn’t know she used to be only a Playboy model doing nudes. She decided to go full hardcore as you can see and I think she is probably going to be the new miss thing.

Sophia Fiore


Sophia Fiore

I can imagine that as a masseuse it’s gotta be pretty hard to stay professional sometimes, especially when a woman as gorgeous as Sophia Fiore shows up and strips down to get a nice oily rubdown! The guy drenches her in oil and starts massaging those big breasts of hers, squeezing and cupping them and rubbing the oil into her skin all over her body, watching her reactions to see how she’s enjoying things! Apparently Sophia is loving the attention because soon she takes his cock in her mouth, sucking him off and then inviting him up on the massage table to give her pussy the same attention her tits had been getting! He licked that sweet cunt of hers before sliding his rock-hard cock inside, giving her every inch of his meat and making her moan in this hot Naughty America hardcore scene. Watch that perfect ass of hers bounce up and down on his dick, it’s amazing!

Isabella De Santos


Isabella De Santos

Gorgeous Isabella De Santos loves cars and loves seeing what’s under the hood…and guys love to see what’s under her hood and what gets her motor revving, if you catch my drift! If you’re a little slow on the uptake, what I’m saying there is that guys love to fuck her brains out and when you see this Latina hottie get those perky titties out and shake that big round perfect ass before impaling her pussy on some big hard cock you’ll understand why. This girl is magnificent whether she’s wearing tiny little daisy dukes or a bikini or nothing at all as she gets her pussy drilled whiule bent over the hood of a car in this Brazzers hardcore scene!

Esperanza Is Back!


Esperanza Gomez Is Back

I am not sure if Esperanza Gomez is back or if Brazzers just sat on this film for a very long time and is just now releasing it. I remember when Esperanza first came out into porn she was everywhere but I haven’t seen a new video of her in some time now. This one is brand spanking new it just came out today and I hope that it means that she is back. This video is like a full fledge porn. It has a story line and everything. It reminds me of Desperado, with Esperanza being Antonio Banderas. This bar owner has heard stories going around this little Argentina town about a woman with a guitar case walking into bars and killing people. So when he see’s this sexy vixen walk in he immediatly pulls his gun on her. She isn’t there to kill anyone though so she disarms him first by rubbing on his dick. She likes what she is feeling so Esperanza stays a while and fucks this big dick. I love this Latina MILF she is just one of the best and I hope you guys notice that heart shaped hair above that puffy pussy of hers. Can you imagine undressing a woman and seeing that, you know you’re going to be in for a good time.

Samia Duarte Doing Anal


Samia Duarte Doing Anal

I am not really sure why this Samia Duarte chick is on a MILF site but I’m just going to go with it because the video is dope. As you can see from this picture Samia is doing an anal sex scene for Brazzers. The video starts off with some nice rave music and then Samia giving the camera a nice ass show. Rubbing it down with soapy water and then she gets out the oil and really get it. I mean she wanted to get the oil everywhere because she knew she was doing anal so she bangs her ass and all that. Then the video cuts to her sitting down on this guys big dick and giving it an anal ride you just have to see. She is really good at anal in fact I think ever scene I have seen with her has her getting fucked in the butt. Maybe that’s why she has such a perfect little pussy because she never lets anyone fuck it. I mean she can let that ass take a pounding I mean it’s just crazy. I for one though would skip that round booty and fuck that pussy I mean it just looks juicy!

Elicia Solis Loves Money


Elicia Solis Loves MOney

This is a new gallery and also a new girl for us her name is Elicia Solis. She is British of some kind and well so is Danny D so he probably found her. She has a great looking pussy that is peaking out in this image doesn’t she guys? Not to mention her heart shaped ass she is fucking smoking hot. She is a MILF and she loves getting dickd own by Danny’s fat cock. In this episode called All or Nothing from Brazzers she quits her day job as a cop and breaks out a criminal who is of course played by Danny here. She holds him at gun point until he produces the money he promised for breaking him out. Once she gets that she is so turned on she decides to give him a little parting gift. She gets down on her knees to give him a blowjob and when he whips out his cock she decides to stay a little longer. She was just going to suck him off but a dick this big she just has to have it in her tight little shaven pussy.

Janet Mason Gets Black Dick


Janet Mason Gets Black Dick

Janet Mason is getting a big dick to pleasure her pussy in this new Brazzers scene entitled “Stepmom Loves Morning Wood”. Janet is making breakfast for her husband and stepson and she tells him to put away his phone. In true stepson fashion he of course doesn’t listen to her because well he just came into his life like 2 months ago who the fuck does she think she is right? So when she comes over and grabs his phone and see’s he is looking at some naked pictures she just can’t believe it. She is sick and tired of him not listening to her so she tries a reward system for him. She grabs on his big black cock and tells him if he is good and listens to her there is going to be something in it for him. So he starts to listen and Janet gets down on her knees and starts to blow him all while her husband is sitting there reading the paper. When he leaves to go to work she throws everything off the kitchen table and lets that huge black dick that her stepson has bang the shit out of her hairy pussy.

Sample For Sample


Kayla Gives Sample for Sample

Check out Kayla Kayden giving a sample of her pussy for a sample of this guys cum. They have come to him because he is suppose to find them a sperm donor but this couple decided that he was the perfect donor. The doctor is like no fucking way is he going to be a donor that is until he found out that he would get to fuck this guys wife in order to get that cum out. She didn’t just jerk him off she let him have his way with her fucking her big fake titties and fucking that amazing pussy of hers. As you guys know, Kayla here is a exclusive girl to the Brazzers brand in fact she is a former Playboy model. However they loaned her out to a good friend of their Digital Playground and she did a scene called Peeking Out The Window. That’s a little bonus for those of you who read my blog. Those who don’t are still getting a awesome scene in this Brazzers episode but what is better then one Kayla Kayden gallery? Two of course!

Karlie Montana


Karlie Montana

At first glance in this Brazzers scene it seems like Karlie Montana is living the dream life…she’s married to the mayor and is pretty much set up for the rest of her life, but once he heads to work her secret side comes out! Karlie heads to the bad part of town and finds some random chumps living in squalor and just fucks their brains out…she likes the excitement and danger and thrill of fucking a stranger like this and wiht that round perfect ass and her beautiful face she doesn’t exactly have much trouble finding a willing dude to slide his big dick into her wet horny pussy! She even lets the guy shoot his load into her hole for the ultimate thrill, a creampie from some random dude!

Georgie and Jasmine


Georgie Lyall and Jasmine Webb

Not going to lie I think the real win in this galleries isn’t this black MILF Jasmine Webb but it’s Georgie Lyall. She has a fucking banging body! Her tits are so perfect I can’t believe I haven’t posted all of her galleries. Plus she has the sexiest British accent on her you ever did hear. This story is about Georgie here meeting her boyfriends family for the first time. His dad is remarried and he has married a black woman who is much younger then him. She is still a MILF don’t get me wrong but everyone knows that she is just fucking this older guy for the money. So when Georgie is getting a late night snack and this black MILF comes onto her she is actually rather excited. So forgets she has a boyfriend and just goes right for getting her pussy eaten by this experienced woman. Then the worst possible thing happened her boyfriend walked in. Leave it to Jasmine Webb though to take care of it. She tells Danny D here not to get mad but instead join in on a threesome with them. Danny doesn’t like the idea of fucking his stepmom but this is the only chance he is going to get to have a threesome and fuck a older woman. On top of all that he is finally going to get balls deep into some black pussy something he never thought he would get the chance to do!

Lela Star Needs Release


Lela Star Needs Release

Lela Star is playing a high powered business woman and like probably all business woman she needs some release. So she sits down at her computer and starts to rub one out when her computer suddenly dies. This gets her into one of her moods and she is yelling for her IT guy to come fix this shit. She gives him until after she gets back to lunch to fix it. When she walks into her office she doesn’t see him anywhere so she just picks up where she left off, after all she had already taken off her panties so she sits in her chair comes to her favorite site and starts to rub on her clit. The thing is the IT worker was under her desk and so he is watching as she is fingering her beautiful looking pussy. He bumps his head on the desk and Lela finds him under there she is super pissed. She tells him to get the fuck out and that he is fired. Right before he is leaving though Lela has a great idea. She is super horny and could use some cock so she tells this guy to get naked. Trying to save his job he does and she pushes him against the desk as you see in this picture and starts to fuck him. This guy can’t even believe he is fucking this gorgeous MILF and grabs on to that fat ass of hers and starts to pound away. Lela goes all out fucking her employee even letting him cum inside of her pussy and in the end this shrewd business woman still fires his ass even after the great fuck he gave her.

Ariella Ferrera


Ariella Ferrera

In this Brazzers update Karmen Karma is going from office to office selling the Sybian and giving a hands-on demonstration, so to speak! She’s in Ariella Ferrera’s office in this episode giving the famous toy a ride and moaning her head off while Ariella rubbed her own pussy through her panties…soon Karmen is tongue-deep in Ariella’s pussy, licking her away and then getting her own clit rubbed by Ariella’s big nipples for this hot lesbian scene! The two both love eating pussy and they get plenty of opportunity in this scene…I’d have to guess that Karmen makes a hell of a good commission each month if this is her sales tactic for the Sybian company!

Ava Closed For Repairs


Closed For Repairs Ava Addams

Ava Addams came out with a video a while ago but I never actually got to post it until today I was browsing a new site and remembered it. Instead of making my own I of course am just going to throw you guys over there to take a look at it. This scene is from Brazzers and I do believe it’s called “Closed For Repairs”. The whole story is that Ava is like a pool designer at a hotel and it’s all shutdown when she goes to talk to the construction guy about the plans. The two of them kind of hit it off and they fucked by the closed down pool. Ava has one of the most amazing bodies for a MILF ever and I can’t rave enough about her boob job. I mean the doctor who did those has to just be impressed with himself because they’re amazing. She is wearing a bikini at first and then she just gets completely naked. There isn’t a ton of pictures on this gallery but they’re still worth checking out.

Ava DP’d


Ava Addams Double Penetrated

I love this big tits that Ava Addams is showing us here. It’s not just a nude gallery either you’re going to get to see Ava getting double penetrated. I just thought that this is the best picture to really show off her beauty but I guess by now you guys know how hot this MILF is. The video is nice and long and it has some stuff in the beginning you shouldn’t fast forward. She is shaking her big tits and while she is in the pool, and she shows off that nice thick ass of hers too. It’s not everyday that you get to see a big time pornstar like Ava taking it up the ass and in the pussy so take this chance to see it. The pictures are also really really good in this update so check those out first before you move on to the video. Right now it looks like the site I am sending to you has a special that you should take advantage of for Brazzers too.

Codi Bryant Pleases Her Boss


Codi Bryant Gets Her Boss In Trouble

Codi Bryant got her boss in some big trouble with his wife because she was rubbing his cock because well she spelt coffee on his lap. His wife to say the least is pissed that this busty black woman is rubbing on his cock and when he tries to explain she tells him that it is over. Codi can see that he is quite upset so she goes in there to make him feel better. While he is bitching to her about everything that is wrong she is tearing off her top to show those busty tits of hers. Once he gets his head out of his hands he see’s his secretary half naked. He thinks to himself that his wife already thinks he is cheating so why not just make it true. He says fuck it and goes face deep on those big black titties motor boading her and the as you can see from this picture picking this thick black MILF up in that air and drilling her that way. This is a really hot sex scene that you do not want to miss! The video is long so sit back and enjoy watching Codi getting facialed in this Brazzers scene.

Bella Bellz Brazzers Anal


Bella Bellz Brazzers Anal

I told you guys when I posted that Lex The Impaler 8 video that Bella Bellz here has only done anal sex in all the videos I have seen of her and I wasn’t lying. This Brazzers scene just came out today and it’s the only other video I have seen of her. I am going to get done posting this and then try to find some more for you guys the next couple of days. This scene was shot for Big Wet Butts a mini site from the Brazzers network. I think you’re really going to like it because they have some great shots of her riding dick with it in her butt. I mean there is this GIF you just have to see and tell me that isn’t the hottest thing you have ever seen. I don’t know if Bella here is new or not but I have a feeling she is because all the big sites should have her if she wasn’t new. She really has it all and after all Christy Mack was huge and she had the same “alternative” look that Bella here has. I hope you like this video and if you do you should just download the whole thing. It will only cost you $1 dollar to join Brazzers for 1 day so that’s all you need to get this full vid.

Dakota Anal


Dakota Skye Anal

Dakota Skye here is fucking her best friends brother because she just can’t get his big dick out of her mind. So when she hears the shower running she tells her friend she needs to go potty and she says just go upstairs and use it there. Well Dakota skips the bathroom and surprises her best friend brother with a dick sucking. He doesn’t think twice about it and gets to fucking her tight pussy. For some reason though this petite girl doesn’t want it in her pussy she wants in in her ass and so she asks for it. He plugs her ass from behind like you can see here all while she rubs are her clit, it’s very hot. The video features a lot of just straight up sex and then towards the end is where you get the anal. The best part is either the image you see here or when she is riding him on top with his dick in her pussy. She probably had to switch to her ass after that ride because she was really getting after it.

Kendra Lust Has Game


Kendra Lust Has Game

Kendra Lust has game guys, I mean she could stop me for scoring if she ran around with her tits out like she did with this guy. She fucked up though. She should have never mentioned he would get a blowjob from her if he was able to score because I would beastmode this shit as well if that was the case. Once he scores this horny MILF of course pays up blowing on that big dick but she doesn’t just ant to sit there and get her neck sore so she doesn’t ask and just gets on top and starts riding him. Once a Kendra Lust is on your dick riding I don’t think you’re ever going to want her to get off she is just too good at it. Plus that ass of hers is something to look at as it goes up and down. This video is pretty awesome because in the beginning you get to see her running around with her tits out and her perfect ass is just jiggling everywhere I mean it’s hot. I won’t lie though whenever you see Kendra fucking that’s when things are really hot, she knows she is good at that. I will say though she isn’t bad at basketball either she probably played back in the day or something.

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