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Anya The Beach Babe


Anya Ivy Beach Babe

I was sitting here watching this video of the sexy Anya Ivy thinking to myself that is one amazing bikini. The top just fits perfectly on her plump big breasts. It wasn’t till later I realized they’re just painted on. She is at a beach with her tits hanging out basically. That’s what is up with all the guys hanging around trying to chat with her. She is spoken for fella’s she is going home with the camera guy. He has a pretty nice place I mean it over looks the water and everything. Not a bad place to fuck and they once again do it in public. Well I don’t know how public it is but they’re outside of a apartment building on the balcony fucking. So I mean if someone happens to be looking up or a neighbor goes out on to their porch they’re going to see this. I don’t know how you could be mad seeing a exotic black girl like this riding a dick with those big titties bouncing all around. She is just stunning isn’t she? I want Bang Bros to keep this girl coming they’ve released quite a few scenes with her now.

Laura Lee


Laura Lee

Gorgeous Laura Lee is ready for some hot wet summer fun apparently in this photoshoot, splashing around in the pool on an inflatable raft and grabbing those huge full breasts of hers! She’s a huge fan of big tits and hers are right there for her to play with so she just can’t seem to keep her hands off of ’em…can’t say I blame her either! Laura started off in a skimpy little neon green bikini but soon she just couldn’t handle that much clothing so she got completely nude for a fun afternoon in the pool. From the looks on her face she’s got something else in mind too, can’t wait to see what happens when she heads back indoors to the bedroom!

Amy Childs


Amy Childs

If you don’t live in England and/or aren’t a huge fan of reality TV you might not know who this is, but I’m here to help you out…her name is Amy Childs and she was a participant on some UK reality TV show called The Only Way Is Essex. Long story short she’s got about five seconds left in her fifteen minutes of fame but she does have some very nice big boobs and is gorgeous, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more of her as she gets desperate for the spotlight and has some ‘accidental’ nipple slips or maybe even a sex tape! For now we’ll just have to be satisfied with big tits and a nice ass in a bikini as she hangs out and has some drinks with her beautiful MILF of a friend.

Tommie Jo


Tommie Jo

When most people think about pool time in the summer they imagine diving into the water, splashing around, maybe floating on a raft in the sun or something. For Tommie Jo though, it means getting her sexiest bikini and a mesh top on and hanging out by the poolside, showing off those huge beautiful tits of hers and looking sexy as hell! I guess if the sun gets too hot she might deign to dip a toe in the water but you won’t see her diving in anytime soon, it might mess up those long luxurious dark locks of hers and get her bikini wet which is obviously unthinkable. Nice ass on this girl too, she’s just plain hot as hell from head to toe!




Summer is hands-down the best time of the year, there’s no doubt about it. If you have any dispute, I present to you the winning piece of evidence which is this photoshoot featuring lovely Talia hanging out by an emerald lake in her tiny bikini! She looks incredible but just wait til she strips down naked, splashing around in the water and showing off those perky little boobies and her sexy tight butt! This girl is absolutely fucking gorgeous, she’s got incredible eyes and sweet little tits and that little diamond of space between her thighs just below her pussy, she’s like some kind of a dream come true! Imagine spending the day at the lake with this hottie as she pops off her bikini to get some sun in the nude…man oh man.

Caeri and Jayde


Caeri and Jayde

Caeri and Jayde were enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach in their bikinis in this photoshoot from the site u got it, flaunt it! That’s a life motto for both of these busty babes, they’ve got incredible big tits and nice round butts not to mention their sweet pretty faces, and they love to share all of the above so getting their sexy bikinis on and showing off in public is right up their alley! I always forget how hot summer is, in pretty much every sense of the word…chicks everywhere are getting their bathing suits on and letting their titties hang on out, time to hit the beach!

Lola Foxx


Lola Foxx in the pool

Summer is in full swing and Lola Foxx is taking a dip in the pool wearing something that looks more like lingerie than a bikini or swimsuit, but she doesn’t seem to mind so neither do we I guess! Lola always looks fucking stunning with her perky little boobies and that nice tight ass as she splashes around, eventually losing her bikini bottoms and pulling up her top…the top by the way is mesh so it’s not like you couldn’t already see her nipples but it is definitely nice to get a look at that butt and sweet tight pussy!

Alyssa Arce


Alyssa Arce

When I first saw these photos I was like hooooly shit who is this celebrity and what show is she on so I can watch it all damn day! I thought she was like one of those UK TV personalities that we see paparazzi photos of all the time but who I never recognize…well this is Alyssa Arce and she’s a Playboy playmate and has been in FHM and lots of other men’s magazines, which really is no surprise because man oh man just look at those tits of hers! Her nipples are poking through her bikini top as she walks around on the beach, probably blowing up heads left right and center as she walks past guys (and I’m sure ladies too) looking absolutely novahot. She looks like she’s a little snobby maybe though, it could just be her expression when she saw paparazzi guys taking her picture, I can understand that.

Topless Chicks


Topless Beach Babes

Summer has officially begun and you know what that means…titties are out at the beaches! If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere like France that has an open-minded view of topless women don’t even fret, we’ve got your ass covered even if some of these girls don’t have THEIR asses covered! I mean I don’t live in France either but every summer it makes me wonder if I should start studying cheese and film school because the women on their nude (or nude-friendly) beaches all seem to be fucking stunning! This little video clip gives you a cornucopia of titties…big boobs, little boobs, floppy breasts, perky pokies, pretty much anything you’ve got a hankering for tit-wise is on the menu so slop on some sunscreen, unbuckle your shorts and head on in!

Fucking W/ Her Suit On


Fucking With Her Suit On

It’s been a while since we got some black pussy on this site so head over to my favorite ebony site and enjoy this video. It’s a nice dark girl with of course a perfect ass, something that comes standard on black girls I guess. She keeps her bathing suit doing this entire interracial sex scene from Bang Bros. They just recently brought back their Brown Bunnies site I guess the members have been wanting some more black chicks as well. The video is really long so if you want to kind of cut out the obligatory ass shaking and titty shaking in the beginning of the video I wouldn’t blame you. Just go in to like the 4 minute mark to start to get some action.

Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne

Remember having a crush on Avril Lavigne? Don’t be ashamed, I’m sure just about every guy in the country did at one point or other. I don’t get how she still looks exactly the same as she did in the mid-90’s or whenever she made her debut, but she’s still hot as hell and has taken good care of that body of hers…check out these paparazzi photos of Avril walking around on the beach in her bikini and splashing around in the water with her ass almost hanging out! Either the water is a little chilly or there’s a bit of a breeze going on because Avril’s nipples are definitely making their presence known!

Bikini Heat


Bikini Heat

Man this chick is just plain going for it…on a hot golden late spring day she’s walking around in public wearing what can loosely be described as a bikini, only it’s missing the bits that cover the nipples and the bottoms are tugged over so her pussy is peeking right out! And speaking of pussies, big labia lovers rejoice because this girl is sporting a massive snatch that blooms like a flower when she spreads her lips! I didn’t know girls could have this much of an ‘outie’ so to speak, but hey it’s all good. This hottie doesn’t seem too self-conscious about it either as she spreads her legs wide open in public in this Bikini Heat photoshoot!

Hairy Busty Jessica


Hairy Jessica

I hope you don’t mind a little pubic hair because this girl Jessica is utterly fucking gorgeous with huge perfect tits and a sweet girl-next-door type of face as she hangs out on the rooftop for this Cosmid shoot, pulling off her bikini and hanging out completely naked! She’s got a sizeable bush going on down south, is why I made that hairy remark a little bit ago…if you don’t mind picking some stray pubes out of your teeth this girl is an absolute dream come true! Without her tits she’d probably rate a 7 or so but man, with those beauties on her chest she shoots up to a 10 for sure. Cosmid always seems to track down these hot busty honeys, I don’t know how they do it but they definitely seem to have a knack for it!

Melena Tara


W4B Melena Tara

Russian hottie Melena Tara (or is her name Maria? It’s a little hard to tell) is hanging out at the harbor in her tiny little bikini in this photoshoot from W4B, can you even imagine all the hooting and whistling that would happen if a bunch of sailors (Russian or otherwise) saw her scampering around on the docks wearing a bikini like that with her ass hanging out and those sweet titties peeking from behind the fabric of her top? This girl isn’t afraid to get hands-on as she hops up onto a fishing boat, rolling around on the nets and pulling her bikini bottoms aside to show off that ass and sweet tight pussy! Hopefully things aren’t too fishy around there but if so I’m pretty sure it’s the boat and nets and not, you know, the girl.

Kate Upton


Kate Upton

You haven’t forgotten about Kate Upton, have you? That incredibly gorgeous blonde from the SI Swimsuit Issue and whatnot? Well she’s still looking fucking incredible as these paparazzi photos show, relaxing in the surf in her red bikini with her nipples poking into the fabric…can you imagine standing there and trying not to stare at her tits with those pokies going on? Impossible. It looks like Kate’s been hitting the cheeseburger stand a little lately, it could be my imagination but her hips look a bit bigger than before…not that that’s a bad thing, she looks absolutely stunning, just making an observation! Also, it looks like she’s sipping from a cup with dirty dishwater in it but that’s neither here nor there.

Jessi June


Jessi June bikini

The weather has definitely turned to the warm in most of the country and that means the bikinis are getting dusted off! Jessi June here is wearing her sexy green bikini as she spends the day in the woods but I guess it’s too hot out even for that, because soon she starts peeling it off to show those nice big boobs and her sexy round ass! This naughty vixen goes from a relaxing day in the park to an intense masturbation session in two shakes of a lamb’s tail…and speaking of tail, man does this girl have a great ass or what! Check it out as she gets on her knees on the chair (which is a feat in itself) and fingers her hole while she sticks that butt in the air just begging for a big hard cock to take it!

Summer Never Ends


Wow girls summer never ends

The always stunning Jackie O stars in this Wow Girls update called Summer Never Ends…I know it’s a little ironic to post this before summer even starts (Spring is just now getting into its rhythm) but hell, I saw a beautiful girl in a skimpy string bikini and who doesn’t love seeing that at any time of the year! Summer never ends and neither does Jackie’s sensual allure as she slowly strips down poolside, showing off those nice big breasts and then spinning around to give us a look at her perfect ass before she slips into the water to cool off some of that hotness. The next few months are going to be a doozy if this is the kind of thing we get to look forward to once the sun and warm weather come out in full force! It doesn’t look like Jackie has any tan lines going on yet but I’m pretty certain those will be showing up pretty damn soon; it’s bikini weather already!

Shay Laren


Shay Laren poolside

This looks more like a lake or pond than a swimming pool but Shay Laren is looking incredible in her string bikini…those huge tits of hers just can’t be contained by that skimpy swimsuit though so soon she’s topless, showing off those incredible breasts! And I mean c’mon, if you’re topless you might as well be bottomless too am I right? I guess Shay agreed with me because she takes her bikini bottoms off to complete the recipe for absolute sexiness…this girl is a total stunner and that’s not just the big tits talking, she’s just plain beautiful and from what I understand she’s a lot of fun to hang out with too.

Megan Salinas


Megan salinas in the crack

If this isn’t a harbinger of summer coming up soon I don’t know what is…say hi to gorgeous Latina babe Megan Salinas for this In The Crack update as she relaxes poolside in her bikini, enjoying the sun on her skin as she pulls off her top to let those big perfect breasts out to play! I guess she was getting too hot and, well, didn’t think of hopping into the pool to cool off, she preferred to grab a can of cold water and pour it all over herself! So she’s not exactly the brightest bulb ever but man this girl is incredibly hot. In The Crack loves bringing you right up close and personal to the action so get ready for some nice looks at those perfect tits and that even more perfect ass and pussy of hers! I’ve been a fan of Megan Salinas since she first started, and she’s done a nice variety of scenes since then…if this is your first introduction to this stunner, you might want to set a little time aside and peruse the archives so to speak, just head here and all the ones I’ve put on here will magically be collected for your enjoyment!

Charlotte Springer


Charlotte Springer

I like how Charlotte Springer goes through a little range of emotions in this photoshoot from her own website…she’s stripping out of her frilly bikini by the river and when she gets those big tits out finally looks up and notices we’re watching! She gets surprised, then realizes she loves the attention and gets that sexy seductive look in her eyes, grabbing her huge boobs and giving us that supermodel pose she does so well. This girl is an absolute stunner with perfect boobs and a great bouncy juicy booty too, and looks just as good in a bikini as she does out of it!



Yari av

Some of these pictures of Yari from Alluring Vixens were cracking me up…I mean she’s hot and all and has a smokin hot little body but when she holds up the strings of her bikini with an expression like ‘so what the hell do I do with these’ it gave me a giggle. I guess I just need to concentrate more on those perky round boobies than what vacant expression she has on her face, huh? Can’t deny the sexiness of those hips though with those skimpy little bikini bottoms underneath!

Jayden Taylors


Jayden taylor for zishy

It’s still pretty much winter all over the USA but to get us all warmed up and ready for the sunny spring and summer weather let’s check out this Zishy photoshoot featuring Jayden Taylors in a sexy pink bikini! It looks like a pretty blustery day on the beach but Jayden is having a ball hanging out in the sand and flashing that perfect ass all around in public, giving passersby a show they’ll never forget. Jayden teases us with just a little view of those perky boobies and her nice tight pussy but she knows just when to stop pulling those bikini bottoms aside for maximum drive-you-nuts effectiveness. If you’re a fan of the ass though this is gallery for you that’s for damn sure!



Tiffani Alluring Vixens

The thing about Alluring Vixens is that they never go full-bore and show you the girls entirely nude and revealing everything, but I guess that’s where the alluring part comes in…they make you hungry for more and make you use your imagination with these fine-ass females like blonde stunner Tiffani here in her pink leopard-print bikini! Those big tits of hers look like they’re fucking magnificent but it’s impossible to truly say because she covers them up wtih her hands after she takes off the bikini top. She is absolutely smokin hot in this very revealing swimsuit so I think it’s safe to say her naked body is gorgeous too, I guess we’ll all just have to dream about her to find out!

Emma Watson Bikini


Emma watson in a bikini

Now, I’ve never been much of a Harry Potter fan but I know there’s a whole thing about people falling in love with Hermione, aka Emma Watson…sounds a little weird to me because wasn’t she super young at first? Well now she’s all grown up and legal so it’s ok to drool over these photos of her in a bikini scampering around on the beach with her fella. Speaking of which, I like how he keeps sucking in his gut when the camera is on him…we don’t give a rat’s ass about your abs buddy, just get out of the way so we can take a good long hard look at Emma’s juicy booty! Well juicy in relation to the rest of her body, that is. She’s pretty thin.

Olga Kent


Olga kent bikini

I guess Olga Kent is a supermodel of some kind but cmon you can pretty much just tell that from looking at her amazing body as she walks around in the water in her skimpy red string bikini! Her hips and those perky titties are amazing, not to mention a traffic-stoppingly gorgeous face…I know there’s no real nudity here but watching a smokin hot girl dripping wet in a bikini with her nipples poking the fabric never seems to get old. I don’t know where these photos were taken or where, I guess with a supermodel it could be anywhere in the world…wherever it is, I want to be there right fucking now whether she’s there or not (but especially if she is!) because it’s freezing ass cold here.

Cara Delevingne


Cara delevigne wakeboard

Now Cara Delevingne might not be the hottest supermodel in the world if you ask me (plus her name is a royal pain in the ass to type) but she’s super popular right now so you might be interested in this paparazzi shoot of her on vacation in Barbados. She’s doing a little wakeboarding in her bikini so you get some shots of those long skinny legs and her lack of an ass but what really cracks me up is that she keeps faceplanting into the water which is always hilarious. If you ever want to feel superior to a supermodel who probably makes more in a week than you or I will in ten years, watch her eat shit on a wakeboard for some giggles!

Rebeca Linares


Rebeca Linares Bikini Riot

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone spell Rebeca that way before but hey, she’s got huge tits and is stripping out of her skimpy bikini so who’s to say she’s wrong? Meet Rebeca Linares as she splashes around in a grotto in her string bikini, but apparently it was too constricting so off it comes and she’s soon standing there nude as a jaybird for Bikini Riot. Rebeca has an incredible body with those big boobs and nice round juicy booty and she certainly knows how to show it off so give her a peek, she loves it!

Arianny Celeste


Arianny Celeste

Word on the street is that Arianny Celeste looks great in a bikini…well no shit Sherlock, she’s a UFC ring girl so you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s got a fucking fantastic body and that it would naturally look incredible in a skimpy little bikini! I don’t know if these were paparazzi photos or if she had a friend nearby with a nice camera but either way they’re pretty hot and are guaranteed gonna make you miss summertime.

Hayden Panettiere


Hayden Panettiere

I guess this is Hayden Panettiere but since her face isn’t showing at all it’s kind of hard to be sure…she does have that big juicy booty though so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt! She’s relaxing on the beach in Cancun or something in these paparazzi shots and was stretching out, the guy happened to be snapping photos from just the right angle to get a few good shots of her big round ass with a cameltoe from her swimsuit! If you’ve lusted after Hayden from when she was the cheerleader in Heroes these photos are for you.

Kate Upton


Kate upton

Oh Kate Upton…just ridiculously hot from head to toe, even when she’s just goofing around on the beach and kicking her legs around. Luckily for us there was a horny paparazzi snapping shots so we get to see some nice peeks at her panties or bikini bottoms or whatever you want to call them as she lifts her legs…tell me you wouldn’t drink her bathwater if she asked you to. In a world full of stunning blondes Kate is one of the stunningest of them all, and she’s nice enough to give us these sexy sneak peeks once in awhile!

Magdalena Frackowiak


Bikini gorgeous girl

So I saw this chick’s name was Magdalena Frackowiak and was like ‘that sounds like bullshit and would take too long to type if I write about her’ but holy shit once I took a look at her photos and saw her face and that incredible body I just couldn’t say no. She’s apparently a Victorias Secret model so of course she has perfect legs and perfect tits and a perfect ass but man, that face of hers would stop you in your tracks if you saw her out in public…enjoy these shots of her doing a bikini shoot and taking selfies with her phone in between shoots…OK so she’s a little self-absorbed but hey wouldn’t you be if you were her?

Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba

She might not be riding the spotlight quite as hard as she was a few years ago but Jessica Alba is still gorgeous as hell, as you can see from these paparazzi photos of her in a bikini. She’s got a little bit of a cameltoe and there must be a cool breeze going on because her nipples are poking…those eraserheads must be able to cut through bank vaults when she gets chilly or horny! This makes me want to go back and watch Fantastic Four or something, or at least it would if the movie wasn’t so awful.

Chainmail Bikini


Leanne Crow shiny bikini

When you’ve got breasts as fucking gigantic as the pair of melons Leanne Crow is packing, an ordinary swimsuit just won’t cut the mustard…those tits will just laugh at a bikini top and come spilling out all over the damn place. So, Leanne picked up a chain-mail bikini in hopes that it would keep those huge breasts contained…she looks a little nervous about it at the beginning of this shoot on her own website but I’m happy to report that the chainmail bikini top held up admirably! Well, kind of happy to report…I gotta admit it’s nice to see those tits come piling out in full view. Maybe next time.

Rihanna Erotica


Rihanna erotica

I’ve never been a huge fan of her music but there’s just something incredibly sexy about Rihanna if you ask me. I like that she’s immensely rich (well relative to me at least) and is making these photos and releasing them without needing them to supplement her income or anything…she’s not attention-whoring, she just loves making sexy photos and loves sharing them and what’s not to like about an attitude like that? For a second I thought I’d give her music another try but I gave it about five seconds and turned that shit off, I’d rather just look at her cute butt and that pretty face.

Kelly Brook


Kelly brook ass

Her days as a model and sex symbol might be moving towards the rear view mirror but hey, speaking of rear views, she’s got a hell of an ass going on! She got her friend to take a few photos of that juicy round booty on the beach and put em on Instagram or some other site like that as kind of an attention whore, but hey she’s got a lot to pay attention to! She’s still got great looks going into her mid-30’s and obviously has been taking care of her body, she looks fantastic in a bikini and that ass has truly got to be seen to be believed. You know what, attention whore or not, I think Kelly is alright…she’s obviously having fun with life, she’s not all up in everybody’s business 24–7 and pretty much any guy on Earth would love to sink his cock into that pussy and feel her round ass cushioning the pushining. Good on ya, Kelly B.

Sexy Jana


Mofos public pickups jana

Man, the Public Pickups guy really scored (no pun intended) with this hot amateur chick Jana…she was relaxing in her bikini and she is truly hot as hell, the kind of girl most guys would just stare at and wonder what she looks like nude. Not this guy from the Mofos network though, he straight up offered her a fistful of cash and took her into the woods to suck his cock and get fucked good and hard! She has perfect perky titties and a perfect pussy, not to mention a great ass that looks even better out of the bikini than it did in it. The guy bends her over and pounds her doggystyle for awhile, then she goes for a ride on his big fat cock…he told her that her boyfriend would never know and I guess that should work out, unless he surfs the internet for porn! In that case I hope she’s happy with the cash she got because she’ll probably be down by one boyfriend. With a body and stunning face like that though I doubt she’d stay single for long!

Lauren Pope


Lauren Pope bikini

I had no idea who Lauren Pope was so I looked her up, apparently she’s a famous DJ in the UK and was voted by some magazine as ‘sexiest DJ alive’ or something like that. It’s a little hard to tell just from these paparazzi type photos of her in a bikini but hey I’ll buy it, she’s at least got fantastic tits and nice legs so she’s already got a thumbs up in my book. I’m sure she’s just getting up and adjusting her bikini bottoms but at a glance it looks like she’s ready to drop them and sit on that guy’s head behind her, I really hope that’s what she did. Anyone know if she’s actually any kind of a good DJ or does she just have a pretty face and nice big boobs? Let me know.

Satin Bikini Dare


Satin Bloom on Bikini Dare

Summer is over and the winds are starting to blow in the chilly Autumn air but a photoshoot like this one from Bikini Dare featuring Satin Bloom will bring you right back to the heart of the heat! She’s relaxing on a bright-ass green towel or something in her thong bikini, looking amazing…just check out those big round titties, I don’t know if she’s had work done on them or not but they seem a little TOO perfect to be natural if you ask me. Either way, she’s running her hands all over her body as if she’s super turned on, maybe it’s the fact that her thong bikini bottoms are riding up into that tight shaved pussy of hers. Just a guess.

Ashley Greene


Ashley Greene cameltoe bikini

I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never seen any of the Twilight movies but from what I understand they were kinda popular for awhile. Ashley Greene here played the character Alice in the Twilight movies, which I’m sure was her big break but also maybe her big career-stopper as everyone will only ever think of her as that character, if at all. Anyways she’s hot as hell and some quick-fingered paparazzi snapped a shot of her on the beach in a wet top and wet bikini bottoms that are slightly pulled up inside her pussy for a cameltoe. Pretty sexy no matter who she is or what shitty movies she’s been in, if you ask me! Those bikini bottoms look like they’re ready to have a hand slipped right down the front of them, and I’m gonna go ahead and call dibs.

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda seyfried

I’m not exactly a huge fan of celebrities, like fawning after any starlet just because she’s been on the big screen…she’s like any woman, she has to be hot to be hot if that makes sense. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that Amanda Seyfried is fucking hot and she’s wearing some bikini bottoms in these paparazzi type photos, on set for some movie she’s shooting I guess. She’s been in some pretty good stuff and she always looks stunning…I think it’s something with her eyes, or else those amazing titties and ass she’s packing. Hard to say.

Karina White


Karina White for Bikini Riot

Summer might be over but Karina White is still keeping things scorching hot as she shows off her, I guess it can only be described as a swimsuit, in this photoshoot from Bikini Riot! It’s basically a normal bikini but you feel like you’ve got x-ray vision as there is no fabric covering her perfect titties or that sexy shaved pussy. It’s like what you dreamt would happen when you bought your first pair of x-ray spex, but without the disappointment! Karina looks amazing as she basks in the warm sun, getting a little last bit of color to her skin before autumn and winter roll up in full force. Summer never ends for Bikini Riot though, not when they have hot babes like this!

Candice wet


Candice swaepol in swimsuits

OK, so Candice Swanepoel might be gorgeous, she might have millions of dollars, she might have a perfect body, she might have a sexy accent and be exotic and interesting, but…uh…ok I’ll be honest I kind of forgot what my point was there. She’s just incredible doing whatever, and in this photoshoot she’s showing off some company’s swimwear while kicking up a little spray of water. I don’t know if they’ll invite her back for another shoot though because they probably lost money on the deal, I’m guessing they went through at least 10 cameras melting from her hotness, not to mention all the heart attacks she gave the photographers and set directors. Enjoy these photos of Candice in her skimpy bikini but just remember, I call dibs.

Tiny Hearts Bikini


Sexy pattycake pool bikini

Summer might be getting a little long in the tooth with the clouds rolling in, the temperatures dropping off a bit and the days getting a little shorter but as long as you can watch girls like Sexy Pattycake here in her bikini with tiny hearts all over it, summer will never end! Patty is swimming around in the pool with her underwater camera, showing off those big boobs and one of the nicest asses on the net in my opinion. She’s part mermaid or something so really she just wants to strip down and swim around nude, and who in the world is going to stop her? She peels her bikini off underwater and swims around, the tan lines on her round smooth ass twinkling in the diffused light as she kicks. Pattycake is always beautiful, always happy and always sexy, so it’s just a joy to watch her get naked and play.

Claudia Sampedro Back!


Claudia Sampedro Is Back

I really wish I could have included Claudia Sampedro face in this sample thumb because she really is the complete package. She has a perfect body with just amazing tits I think they’re natural but I am not going to lie they seem to perfect for that. She is wearing a skimpy little bikini in this gallery while posing for Mixed Magazine. She doesn’t just do pictures though as you will see in this gallery there is also a video of her from a different shoot. She has been on Mixed Magazine one other time and that was also really good you can see that gallery here. This is a site really just for babe lovers so if you like to see beautiful woman then you will really enjoy mixed magazine, if you want harder stuff I would suggest looking else where. That being said though I am a member of Mixed Magazine and absolutely love it!



Justine for alluring vixens

I’m not sure what nationality Justene here from Alluring Vixens is…Thai maybe? What I do know is that she’s gorgeous and has huge full soft titties that are being barely covered by a pink bikini that doesn’t even look legal. She’s basically baring every inch of skin that she can without giving away the goods, stretching her arms up and showing off that smooth mocha skin and her beautiful face. I bet she has a fantastic ass too but there’s only one shot of it in this photoshoot…what you can see though is top notch. This is a girl who would interrupt conversations on the beach just by walking past them with those huge boobs jiggling as she stepped and smiled. Man I love summer.



Justene Alluring Vixens

I think you guys should already know what site I am sending you to if it’s a Alluring Vixen gallery. Justene here has such a nice rack and the site I am sending you to is of course Gorilla Mask. These guys have a thing for Alluring Vixens and I don’t blame them because damn they find some hot ass girls. Justene here is wearing a super skimpy little hot pink bikini that doesn’t cover nearly enough of her tits (that’s a good thing) and it barely covers her kitty as well. Check out the gallery and then browse the site to see what is going on on the Internet today!

Kate Upton


Kate Upton 360 bodypainting

I don’t know if this was for a test shoot for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition or what but here we have a collection of photos of sexy blonde Kate Upton wearing a bodypainted bikini, turned into an animated gif. It’s pretty mesmerizing seeing this gorgeous woman spinning around, kicking that ass from side to side and brushing her hair back to make her huge full breasts bounce. She might be a little lacking in the hip department but I’d say those big boobs and cute butt more than make up for it! I’ve got to say, I like the trend of hot women getting a thin layer of paint put on their nude bodies instead of actually wearing swimsuits. Pretty damn hot.

Spa Sex


Karlie montana spa sex fantasy hd

We all have daydreams about waking up in a luxury resort with perfect weather, perfect water and the perfect someone to spend the day with. It’s a mental image that makes a dull workday go by a little faster, and now thanks to Fantasy HD and Karlie Montana we can actually see it with our eyes instead of just imagining it! This sexy stunner wakes up to the sound of the winds gently blowing and the birds chirping and gets ready for her busy day of relaxing at the pool by slipping on her skimpy bikini. Heading down to one of the outdoor rock tubs she meets up with her guy and they kiss passionately, letting their hands slip down underwater with hers grabbing his huge hard cock and tickling her soft nicely-trimmed pussy! Soon they’re done with the teasing, and Karlie mounts on top of him to ride that dick while the water splashes around them and the sun shines on their skin. It’s a hot outdoor session of spa sex that ends with the redhead leaning back to get her face splashed with a big facial cumshot! This isn’t the first time Kylie has heated up the camera…did you guys happen to see her hot Twister Sex threesome with Dani Jensen?

Alessandra Ambrosio


Alessandra Ambrosio

What is it about Brazilian women? It just seems like almost every single damn one of them is gorgeous as hell and it’s not like they start out hot as 18 year olds and balloon up once they hit 30, they just seem to stay beautiful. Case in point, Alessandra Ambrosio here…she’s a Brazilian model who you’ve probably seen in Victorias Secret catalogs a million times but she’s 32 now and still looks absolutely incredible in (and presumably out of) a bikini. Check out these shots from her recent trip to Greece as she hangs out with her beautiful sexy friends on the beach…they all look just incredible, it’s not even fair. And look at that water, is that even real? It looks like an outtake from Avatar but with actual people instead of stupid blue aliens.

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