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Kelly Divine Ass Parade


Kelly Divine Ass Parade

I am not even going to spend the time and figure out how many times that Kelly Divine has been on Ass Parade it’s too many and it would take too long to find out! What you guys do need to know is that Kelly and that big bubble butt of hers is still around. I mean if that’s not a bubble butt I don’t know what is. I would call bullshit on this picture being real if I didn’t personally photoshop the raw, that right there is a real butt. Kelly is always fun to watch whether she is just having regular sex like this video or she is having anal sex Kelly is always a crowd pleaser. I am surprised though that Bang Bros didn’t make another video of her from PAWG I mean it seems really like the best site for Kelly. I guess Ass Parade has such a big following that they’re always going to keep updating it. If you guys didn’t know Bang Bros makes all these smaller sites that you get access to when you’re a member of their site. Sometimes when the members don’t really dig them they shut them down and then other times they just update them every single week, Ass Parade is of the every single week variety. If you want to see the schedule they have you could probably google around, I tried but couldn’t really find anything. Before I go here I should probably just give you guys another Kelly Divine video that came out. It’s from Naughty America and it’s from their “mini” site called My First Sex Teacher, hope you like this little bonus.

Chanel Preston Returns


Mr anal chanel preston is back

Early on when the site Mr Anal was just starting out they had Chanel Preston come by because they knew if anyone could get the ball rolling it was this chick. She’s got a fantastic ass and knows how to work it, and she’s not afraid of getting a huge thick cock buried in her backside so she seemed like just a natural choice. Well my friends she’s back for another go-round of hot anal hardcore, sliding off those little neon thong panties and taking this lucky guy’s meat mace deep into her asshole. She loves a good hard fuck, riding this dick for all it’s worth before dropping to her knees and being rewarded with a big creamy facial for her hard work and diligence!

Kiara Mia’s Big Ass


Kiara Mia Fat Ass

Kiara Mia and that big fat ass of hers is getting a nice good fucking in this new Ass Parade scene from Bang Bros. Usually you only see Kiara Mia on MILF sites but Bang Bros just couldn’t not put her on their ass fetish site. She keeps on her heels during the whole sex session and she likes her booty and pussy all oiled up you can just tell. The sex might not even be the best part for all you booty lovers because in the very beginning though show that puppy off. Kiara is very exotic looking and when she is showing off the butt to the camera while you can see her rubbing her pussy in the mirror, well guys that right there is pretty hot. I think Kiara really has it all but some of you might think she is a little too big, and I get that she has a couple extra LBS but that’s more cushion for the pushin right!

Sierra Santos


Big Plump Tits and Pussy

Nice big natural tits and a plump tight pussy as well on Sierra Santos here. She just got a new scene released on Bang Bros for their big tits, Round Asses site. I love this girls boobies they’re just amazing are they not! Black girls have that nice smooth skin (well some of them) and it just makes their pussies and tits look so good. This is like the 2nd time she has been on Bang Bros and actually she was on this site once before to be honest! They just couldn’t put her in any other category I mean those are some big tits and she has quite the round ass LOL! At least she is getting some new dick in this episode I think he did fuck that pussy a little better then the last guy, but no where near as good as I would have pounded that thing! Hope you like this black chick and if you do then make sure to head over to Bang Bros they have a ton of black chicks!

Karmen Karma


Karmen karma on pawg

It’s like Christmas comes early whenever PAWG unleashes a new girl upon the world…Karmen Karma is gorgeous, has some tattoos and piercings to keep the street cred, and a butt like you would not believe! Big and round and juicy and firm and bouncy, dat ass is top shelf from any angle and believe me, in this hardcore update you’ll get to sample all the angles. Christmas might not have come early but you just might when you watch this chick strip down and shake that booty, sliding a few big toys inside before going for the real thing and getting fucked hard and deep by this guy’s huge hard dick! The Bang Bros network of sites has quite a bit of variety but I think they really hit a home run with this site featuring the hottest Phat Ass White Girls the adult industry has to offer.

Riley Reid Big Mouthfuls


Riley Reid Big Mouthfuls

Riley Reid has a brand new hardcore video out from Bang Bros today from their Big Mouthfuls site. In this scene you’re going to see a super cute pornstar swallowing a load of cum. Bang Bros sites are all pretty much based on something and Big Mouthfuls is of course each girl getting a big mouthful of cum and swallowing it. Riley seems to be growing out that bush bigger and bigger wonder if she is going to ever trip that puppy down I mean DAMN! She actually has a really tight pussy as you can see here but in this picture it looks like it’s a little meaty and the only reason for that is there is a huge dick inside of her, I just couldn’t fit it into the picture dimensions that I have here. She is really enjoying the fucking and I wanted to get that super cute smile of hers in it so I just took out the dick. The video is really well done and the great thing about joining Bang Bros is that you will get a lot of scenes of Riley there along with 1000’s of other pornstars, plus it’s CHEAP.

Zoey is Back


Zoey monroe mr anal

Sexy pornstar Zoey Monroe loves getting fucked in that sweet round ass of hers so much that she decided to head to the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal to see how the big boys do it! She starts out fingering her tight pucker before using a toy or two but what she really wants is that big meaty dick to pound her hole and that’s just what she gets. It’s a hot anal fuck scene with a smokin hot and horny blonde pornstar, what else could I possibly say that tells the story more than that? She does take a big facial, getting frosted with a creamy load of jizz but that’s basically a given for this girl. Now, if she would only get rid of that stupid hat…she’s already been on Mr Anal once before, so maybe she’ll be back soon for round 3!

Lily Ocean


Lily ocean for bang bus

Let me paint you a picture of the mind, if I may…say you’re walking along the sidewalk and a minivan pulls up, the door slides open and when you peek inside you see a gorgeous amateur asian like Lily Ocean sitting there swinging her panties on her finger! Do you A. Jump your ass inside and fuck her brains out, or B. trick question, there is no other option than A. This is the Bang Bus and she’s on the roll to see what lucky dudes she can get to fuck her! With her pretty face, sexy titties and that big juicy round ass it’s not like she has a hard time finding willing hard cocks to fill that sweet pussy.

Alina Li


Bang bros 18 alina li

In this update from Bang Bros 18 we’ve got our favorite tight little Asian hottie Alina Li getting ready for a hot night out in front of a big mirror, putting on makeup and making sure her perky boobies look just right…soon her guy pal shows up and when he gets a look at her he just can’t help but grab her and slide his dick down her throat! Alina is more than happy to take some time out for a good hard fuck, getting her tight pussy pounded right there in the dressing room. When she’s up next to her reflection it’s like she has an identical twin sister getting fucked right next to her but man that would just be an overload of sexy, I don’t think the human brain could handle two Alina Li’s getting pussy-pounded at once!

Emma Heart


Bang bros mr anal emma heart

It seems like when certain girls start taking it up the ass that’s all they can think about from then on! For instance take this hot scene because Emma is addicted to anal! This is the latest update from the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal and lets Emma Heart explore all her back door fantasies, stretching her ass with a few toys to warm up for the main event…no toy can compare to getting a big hard dick in the ass apparently, at least from the expression on Emma’s face! She spreads her leg and gets her ass mortar and pestled by that big hard crank, letting her big tits bounce with the rhythm as she gets drilled in her back door and making that asshole gape.

Liza’s Perfect Ass


Liza Del Sierra Bang Bros Ass Parade

Liza Del Sierra has one giant fat ass and Bang Bros agrees with me! They have her in a brand new scene for Ass Parade where she is just killing it. She dresses up super sexy in a outfit that really highlights that booty of hers. The guy fucking her basically spends the ole time fucking her trying not to cum. He is able to get her to orgasm though while she is riding his dick. So if you have a membership make sure to check that out. Once she cums she can’t get fuck any longer because it’s too sensitive so she lays back spreads her legs and tells him to eat her out. Liza doesn’t speak much english but what she has mastered is telling guys what she wants. She is pretty much just teaching this guy how to fuck her. She puts his hand around her throat and keeps telling him to fuck her harder and harder. I think he is about to break her at one part during the video because he is pounding that pussy so hard!

Amy Brooke Returns


Mr anal with amy brooke

Next up, Amy Brooke…she’s been on the Bang Bros site Mr Anal before and I think it’s pretty safe at this point to say that Amy loves it in the ass! She’s basically the anal equivalent of a Pokemon master…watch this horny blonde take everything the Mr Anal guys throw at her (well, throw at her butt) with a smile and beg for more! She takes some truly enormous toys in her back door without breaking a sweat and when the dino-dicked guy shoves his huge meat-bat into her ass and fucks her she asks him if it’s in yet. Amy has truly ascended to the next plane of buttsex…it’s a point few pornstars can aspire to and even fewer can ever reach.

Aimee Black


Pawg aimee black

This little tattooed slice of sexiness is Aimee Black and she’s showing what she’s packing in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG! She’s just a little thing, clocking in at 5’2”, but with that big juicy booty and her huge personality she seems larger than life. This phat ass white girl will knock your socks off and get your hand in your pants before you know what’s going as she peels out of her bikini and jiggles that firm round butt of hers with a grin and a wink! I guess her costar couldn’t stand it for long either because soon he had his huge cock in her mouth and then fucked her pussy and her ass in quick succession! If you’re in the mood for a hot girl who loves anal sex, loves to show off her big butt and loves having a good time well then you lucky son of a gun this update is for you.

Dana DeArmond


Dana dearmond for bang bros mr anal

Say hi to horny sexpot Dana DeArmond…she’s a veteran of the jizz biz and knows just what to do to get a dick hard and keep it hard, especially when she’s down to take a huge cock deep in the ass for the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! When you look at this chick you might not believe she’s able to accomodate a huge dick in that back door but man she’s full of surprises. Watch her spread those cheeks and get stretched by a toy or two before the main event, sucking this well-equipped guy until he’s rock hard and then taking every inch of that meatbat in her butt, bending over to get fucked and then straddling him to go for a nice deep ride before he shot his big load all over that pretty face of hers! She’s one of the best in the business and it’s updates like this that will explain why, take a peek.

Summer Rae


Summer rae on pawg

Summer might be over and done with but Summer Rae, now that’s a different story! She’s the featured model in this update from the Bang Bros network site PAWG and when you see this Phat Ass White Girl you’ll see why instantly. Summer has an incredible ass, nice and round and fuckable and what’s more, she loves to show it off! Starting out in a string bikini, she hangs out poolside on a deck chair blowing the minds of any guys that might be watching with her bodacious butt before this guy from the site comes by and basically dives facefirst into her crack! He licks and tongues that fine ass and pussy before sliding his big cock into Summer’s mouth and pussy in quick succession, fucking her hard and deep from behind while grabbing and spanking that incredible ass as he thrusts. No mortal man can withstand the hotness of that body for long, so pretty soon he’s ready to shoot his load and Summer is ready to take it! She gets a nice facial cumshot and gives a happy grin, cum dripping from her chin.

Sensual’s Backyard Bang


Sensual Jane Backyard Bang

It has to be pretty easy to guess what site this was shot for. It’s Big Tits, Round Asses a Bang Bros site a girl like this will almost always be on their site! Her name is Sensual Jane I have posted her plenty of times before, I don’t know if she has ever looked this good. I saw this video and knew that it was a winner. I don’t even know how the scene is setup and what not but if you want to see that you can check out the trailer. I think she doesn’t speak English but I won’t even guess what she is… I do know one thing though and that is she is smoking fucking hot. Big natural tits like this should not be wasted so I suggest you guys put the name Sensual Jane in the spank bang and remember her when you’re out looking for some kind of porn… Of course look here first but if you don’t find anything… I understand.

Savannah Fox


Mr anal savannah fox

With a butt like that one can only hope that Savannah Fox is a fan of anal sex…well as it turns out you can put your worries aside because this hot and slutty pornstar absolutely loves getting fucked in that juicy ass! She’s showing off her plump peaches for Mr Anal and starts things off by stretching out a bit using a toy or two…but no toy in the world can compare to the real thing so soon she’s got her costar there and is sucking his cock nice and hard before taking it in her pussy and deep in her tight asshole in short succession! He pounds that butt nice and hard and deep just how Savannah likes it before she goes ATM and receives a nice big creamy load on her chin with a big grin that says it all. She makes for a hot update on this site from the Bang Bros network, hopefully she cums back again for round 2 in short order!

Nikki’s 5th Time on Ass Parade


Nikki Delano Ass Parade

This right here is one super round ass! So much so that I had to do a little investigating it seems ass implants are becoming more and more popular so I thought that maybe Nikki Delano had one done because this thing is just crazy! Sure enough she did… Check out the before and the after tell me that she didn’t get a implant! Or maybe she just started eating a special diet that only went to her ass! In all honesty though who really cares, I just didn’t want to think that I spent all that time trying to figure it out for nothing. This is the 5th time that Nikki has been on Ass Parade if you just check out her section you will find the rest of those if you wanted to see them as well as all the video and pictures she has done for other sites. Nikki not only has a great ass but you see that pussy poking through that right there is a grade a top notch pussy that I give my perfect pussy stamp of approval on.

Serena Swallows


Serena Torres Big Mouthfuls

Would you by chance want to see this girl sucking on a dick, fucking it and then swallowing a mouthful of cum. Well you’re in luck because that’s what you’re about to watch thanks to Big Mouthfuls and Bang Bros! She is brand new to the porn industry and judging from this site it’s only the 4th scene she has ever done! She has the most beautiful face and just a sexy little petite body, I am not sure what more you could ask for. What I could ask for is that she stays around and doesn’t just do these four scenes and then call it quits. The pictures on this one are good just because she is so damn good looking and then the video starts off right with her sucking some mean dick, then going for a ride on it and she is quite good at that I might add. You get no cumshot here but just knowing that it’s for big mouthfuls you know she is swallowing.

Lily on the Bus


Bang bus with lily love

Man, the Bang Bus is like a lottery jackpot on wheels for this update, these lucky dudes picked the right fucking day to get into a van with strangers! Lily Love stars as the cock-hungry backseat passenger as they pick up a few random guys off the street and let her at them…she’s already got her clothes off and is playing with her absolutely perfect tits so the guys have no qualms about letting her rip their pants off and dive face-first onto their dicks before fucking that gorgeous pornstar! She gets three or four guys on the bus and then gets them off in more ways than one, mounting up and going for a ride as the bus drives around the city past a ton of unsuspecting rubes on the street! Her favorite seems to be straddling the guys and riding them cowgirl style so those big boobs of hers are bouncing up and down right in their face…I don’t know how these guys could even handle that much hotness without busting a nut in like 2 seconds. Lily loves getting a creamy load on her face and tits and she gets a few great facials in this hot update!

Gabriella Paltrova


Gabriella Paltrova Bang Bros

Good fucking lord look at the size of that big black dick! You know that saying “once you go black you’ll never go back”? Well Gabriella Paltrova’s motto after she finished up this hardcore shoot at the Bang Bros network site Monsters of Cock was “Once you go huge, you’ll be walking funny for a fucking week”. It doesn’t quite rhyme as well but the feeling comes across…this chick gets absolutely impaled by that huge chocolate thunderstick. The thing is, she looks like she’s having the time of her life…I feel sorry for pretty much any guy that fucks her from now on, they’ll pretty much fall into that stretched-out pussy!

Alina Li Halloween


Alina Li Bang Bros Halloween

The bigger sites that shoot a ton of new content every week are going to have a lot of Halloween stuff. I don’t think there is going to be a scene that beats this Alina Li video! She has such a nice pussy and look at that small little round ass. She is dressed up in a sexy little nurse outfit and looking just hot as hell. Thank Zeus that we actaully get to her getting laid! She has been on quite a few Bang Bros scenes now and this is actually her second time being on Big Mouthfuls. Big Mouthfuls is Bang Bros’ mini site that has girls swallow cum. They pretty much have every kind of ending you want in porn from swallowing to creampies, if you want quality porn these are the guys to go to… They have a lot I mean a lot of porn too.

Mischa Brooks Anal


Mischa Brooks Anal Sex

I have quite a few scene with Mischa Brooks but this is the very first anal sex scene I have of her! I am not shocked that Bang Bros was the one to get it because well as you guys probably know they’re probably the biggest porn site in the world. They shot it for their PAWG site which fits this round ass pornstar just perfectly I think. At first the just have her shaking that thang and then they oil her up. They use so much oil on Mischa I bet it was the best anal she has ever had. That dick is sliding in and out of her butt so fast and she is just loving it. I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you do you can pay me back by coming back and viewing our site every single day, that woudl be awesome.

AJ Applegate is Back!


AJ Applegate Pawg 2nd Time

I really don’t know how I missed the 1st time AJ Applegate was on PAWG but there is no denying it because I did a search for it on the site and couldn’t find it. It’s okay though because I found you guys a fan site for this chick and you can check it out there. So this is actually the second time and I picked this one because they have more pictures on it and the video is just as long. This girl is like the definition of PAWG! She has cute small little titties a nice waist and then just one huge ass! She loves being fucked and the best thing about her anal is never off limits. She seems to always be asking the guy that is fucking her to give her a little anal action. You probably have to get used to liking anal when you have as perfect a ass as AJ here. Ever since she started fucking guys have probably being trying to talk her into anal sex, they don’t have to talk her into it anymore because she loves it, you will see proof of that in this video!

Selena Stars Tits.


Selena Star Big Tits, Round Asses

Well I was visiting my favorite porn site of all time Bang Bros and saw that they had a new video of Selena Star on Big Tits, Round Asses. I knew just the place to find it… it’s a fan site of her and they have it all including this brand new video. I found out while I was there that this is the 9th time she has been on that site, can you believe that? I mean she fits the bill perfectly big tits and a round ass that’s what she has. She is from Panama, she kind of looks like a black girl but in reality I guess she is more Latina. The video is pretty damn hot because anytime you get to see some huge natural tits like this it’s hot. Especially a hardcore scene because then they become deadly weapons and it provides that element of danger that us and males always want to have. I hope you like the scene and just explore that site if you want to see more of this gorgeous Panamanian porn star.

Zoey Monroe


Mr anal zoey monroe

With her bright green panties, neon orange shirt and long blonde hair, Zoey Monroe might look just like any random babe you might run into at a shopping mall or something but this girl has a little something special…she loves getting fucked in that sweet ass of hers! So, she headed to the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal for a good hard fuck and man, did she get what she wanted. Check out this hot hardcore update as she warmed up taking a nice big toy in her butt to relax and stretch out a little before her guy pal whipped his crank out and had her suck it, then slid it into her holes! He fucked that tight pussy to get her nice and turned on before turning her over and sliding into her ass while she gasped and moaned…I don’t know if she’s ever had a big dick in the ass before, maybe she started out with small cocks but I don’t think she’ll ever want to go back to that now that she’s sampled the Mr Anal style!

Missy Rubbed Down


Bang bros porn star spa missy martinez

Thick horny Latina babe Missy Martinez wanted a little rest and relaxation from the pressures of hardcore porn so she headed to the best retreat for busty sexpots around…the Porn Star Spa! She got those big bouncy titties out and jumped up onto the massage table nude, already grinning as she anticipated getting her body oiled down and rubbed by some handsome masseuse. When he started squeezing her thighs and running his hands over those huge breasts she couldn’t take any more and just had to have his cock in her mouth! He was just fine with that idea, fucking her face before moving down to give her shaved wet hole a good hard pounding just in case she had any sore muscles down there. She rode his cock and sucked out a nice big load, getting a big creamy load shot all over those awesome boobs of hers!

Alby Rydes


Mr anal with alby rydes

Most of the girls who show up at the Mr Anal house have been doing anal sex for awhile and know they love it and want to stretch their limits (and their asses) for us, but this update is something special! It features Alby Rydes, who has apparently only done anal once in her life before this so she might not have been fully aware of what she was getting into…although from the way she was moaning and riding that big fat cock in her butt maybe she did! This update from the Bang Bros network is seriously hot business with a beautiful girl working that sexy butt while her huge tits bounced! I guess this chick knew right off the bat that she loved getting her ass fucked…I’m not sure the tattooed shaved head is working out all that great for her though, it looks like she spent too much time in the tanning booth to pull off the alt punk chick look to me.

Kimber Day


Pawg kimber day

It’s always a treat to see which phat ass white girl will be featured in the newest PAWG update…this week it’s sexy Kimber Day taking the center spotlight with that tiny waist and big round juicy booty bouncing all over the damn place! Man…some asses are big and sloppy but this butt is amazing, you want it to just touch down right on your face, can you imagine how hot that would be? I guess the guy in this gallery doesn’t need to imagine it, Kimber sits on his face and goes for a little mustache ride before bending over to get her sweet pussy filled up with rock hard dick! I guess it’s hard to resist fucking the pussy that’s next to a beautiful round peach like Kimber’s caboose…that’s why she’s such a hit on the Bang Bros network. The fact that she’s cute as hell and has nice perky boobies doesn’t hurt either, nor does her seemingly limitless libido!

Danielle Delaunay


Danielle delaunay on mr anal

When you’ve got a hankering for some hot backdoor butt sex action, there’s only one game in town…well actually there are a whole bunch of games in town but Mr Anal basically takes the cake. In this update they’ve got stacked blonde Danielle Delaunay showing off those big titties before turning around and spreading those round plump ass cheeks to give us a peek at the asshole that’s about to get ravaged! She loves anal pleasure though so she takes a huge toy with no problem, then took Xander’s huge thick dino-dick to the hilt until he pulled out and came all over her face. That wasn’t the end of this scene though, she kept riding that cock with cream dripping off her pretty face until he busted his nuts again! She loves riding cock and getting her ass fucked and really went the distance for this hot update.

Noelle Easton


Copy machine tits

I’m sure most of you guys and myself included have at one time or other sat on a photocopy machine and made copies of your ass to leave around an office or school or whatever…well Noelle Easton is taking it a step further in this Bang Bros scene as she photocopies her huge round titties! Don’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same if you had magnificent enormous boobs like those…Noelle could make a fortune just signing and selling those photocopies for like a buck a pop! It’s a fun scene that gets away from any cliches or boring predictable porn scenes…sometimes it’s nice to have something funny and unexpected like this.

Lilith Lust


Lilith lust on big tit cream pie

It’s always a pleasure watching a big-tittied redhead honey get naked, show off her breasts and get fucked! Lilith Lust fills that role and gets her own role…er, hole, filled in this hardcore update from the Bang Bros network site Big Tit Cream Pie! The name of the site says it all…this chick has huge boobs and gets a big creamy load shot into her wet pussy in this update! She’s shaved her pussy but from a distance you can’t really tell, she’s got a pube triangle tattooed above her twat for some reason. Seems sort of counterproductive to me, you can only really see the tattoo if her pussy is shaved but if her pussy is shaved her tattoo makes it look like it’s not shaved. Anyway, this busty hottie gets her twat absolutely hammered after sucking cock and getting tittyfucked in this update, and she works a big creamy load of jizz out of this guy’s big dick deep inside her hole to finish things off!

Syren loves Anal


Syren on pawg

The sexiest redheaded MILF in town, Syren de Mer, apparently loves anal more than any other kind of sex and since she’s got a hell of a nice big round juicy booty she was a natural for the Bang Bros network site PAWG! According to this horny ginger, the best fuck she ever had was a guy with a foot-long monster cock who fucked her up the ass good and hard…this chick is no joke! So many girls are squeamish or nervous about anal but girls like Syren will take it up the keister and ask for more…this phat ass white girl shows off her huge round tits and warms up a little with some toys, sliding them one after the other in her back door until she’s ready for this guy’s big thick dick. He fucks her sweet tight asshole good and hard until finally pulling out and unleashing a big creamy load all over her face and huge breasts!

Valentina Nappi


Valentina nappi for mr anal

It’s rare to find a beautiful girl who loves getting fucked in the ass but the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal seems to have it on lockdown! Valentina Nappi is the guest of honor in this latest update and she is a huge fan of getting her backdoor plundered. She starts things off by stretching her pucker out with a big black toy, taking that buttplug slowly into her ass to get good and ready for the deep dicking that is in the works. When her guy friend shows up she’s so horny she can barely wait for him to get his pants undone before she’s got his huge cock in her mouth, sucking and licking him good and hard before oiling up and bending over to get to the main event! She spreads her legs and takes him deeper and deeper into her ass, smiling the whole time and looking like she’d be into having a cock in the mouth at the same time! This cock-hungry slut can’t get enough dick in her ass but this guy is more than willing to test that out with his big thick slab of meat. Looks like Mr Anal has picked out a winner once again!

Jodi goes anal


Jodi taylor on bang bros pawg

She’s gorgeous, has great tits and a sexy pussy but what really gets the motor running for PAWG is that big round perfect ass of hers! Beautiful redhead Jodi Taylor is the Phat Ass White Girl guest of honor as she shakes her booty in a sort of spiderweb stocking thing that she spreads apart to give us a nice look at her balloon knot before oiling up and getting ready for her co-star to show up. He is immediately blown away by that sexy round pair of peaches as she sucks his cock until it’s huge and hard as a rock and ready to fuck. It’s not enough to pound her wet pussy though, he’s gotta go for that butt and ends up sliding his dino-dick into her back entrance for the sexiest anal hardcore scene I’ve seen in awhile! The Bang Bros network is high fiving themselves after this update I bet…and I’m sure Jodi has gathered more than a few new fans to her corner. What an ass! And I mean that in the best possible way.

Jayden back for more


Jayden lee for mr anal

Some girls hate anal, some will reluctantly try it, some enjoy it, but it’s a special kind of girl who is invited onto the set of the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal! Jayden Lee made the cut on account of she’s hot as hell and has an ass that just begs to be fucked, stretched and pounded all day long. Take one look at that balloon knot and you can tell she loves taking it up the keister, and sure enough as soon as the cameras start clicking she’s off to the races with whatever toys she can find lying around! She slides some truly huge dildos up that back door before the resident dino-dick shows up and gives her pussy a good pounding. She’s not here for a normal fuck though so she takes it out of her twat and slides that big meat into her ass for some hot anal action! She loves it so much she squirts while he fucks her…there’s just something about butt sex for Jayden that gets her motor roaring, you could tell in her previous Mr Anal scene and you can definitely tell here!

Marry Fucks Huge Cock


Marry Lynn on Monsters Of COck

I can’t lie that Marry Lynn doesn’t look as hot as she did in her Amateur Allure video but I am going to continue to post her stuff just because of that scene. In this new one she did for Bang Bros she fucks a dick so big it looks like the guys before her were a bunch of pencil dicks. It doesn’t look that enjoyable for Marry here because this black guy just keeps trying to stuff his huge horse cock in her tight little pussy and I mean it’s just not possible that pussy is too damn tight and that dick is too damn big. There was so straight up shit that went down on this porn set though because Marry was outside of this house legs spread as far as they can and this guy is dicking her down when some cops came in the back. Apparently you can’t scream like crazy while your being fucked with a huge cock in L.A because neighbors are going to call the five O on your ass!

Milk and Chocolate


Pawg anikka albrite milk chocolate

We all know the hot horny blonde known as Anikka Albrite but have we ever paid close attention to that juicy round ass of hers? Well PAWG does, because this is one Phat Ass White Girl and she is loving the spotlight! This site is part of the Bang Bros network so you know there will be plenty of hot closeups and even hotter hardcore action, and that’s just what’s coming down the street in this update. If you’re a fan of food play this gallery might just make your pants explode, just a bit of warning for you…Anikka starts out pouring milk over her gorgeous nude body, and when her costar shows up the dude pours chocolate syrup all over that round pair of peaches and licks it up before cramming her wet pussy full of cock. He’s got a huge dick and Anikka is a bit of a size-queen so it works out pretty well as she gets that sexy slit pounded to submission here! I’d like to call this update Milk Chocolate, not only because of the stuff that gets dumped onto her butt but also because that ass looks sweet enough to eat. This is Anikka’s fourth time on PAWG and she just seems to keep getting hotter and hornier each time she’s on…take a look if you’d like to see, here’s her 1st scene, 2nd scene and 3rd scene. You’ll see what I mean.

Jessica Roberts


Big tits round asses jessica roberts

Jessica Roberts is one of those girls that looks like she was just destined for porn…she has fantasic huge soft bouncy titties, a beautiful face, and a libido that is second to none! In this hardcore scene from Big Tits Round Asses she’s riding some lucky guy’s cock with those huge melons bouncing up and down like, well, I was trying to come up with something to compare them to but man they are just great breasts is all. I got totally distracted by the bouncing and couldn’t come up with a good metaphor…it happens. This site is part of the Bang Bros network so you know you’re in for a treat!

Mischa rubdown sex


Porn star spa mischa brooks

Sexy pornstar Mischa Brooks was feeling a little sore, a little run down, a little in need of something she likes to call the full-body special! She headed to the Porn Star Spa for a little relaxation in her blue bikini, getting her long limbs stretched out and loose before heading in for her nude rubdown. Once she got that warm oil rubbed into her skin and felt the masseuse’s strong hands kneading her nice natural tits and smooth legs she started getting more and more turned on, and when his hands moved to her pussy she about came then and there! Watch this hottie suck cock and get that wet hole pounded in a hot scene from the Bang Bros network, leaving her spent and all shagged out, so to speak. From the looks of things she’ll need a massage to recover from this massage!

Jessica Is Back!


Jessica Robbin back on Big Tits Round Asses

That looks like quite a nice little comfortable spot for a dick. Inbetween those massive 32DDD tits that Jessica Robbin has. She is back on Big Tits, Round Asses if you missed the first time you can see that here as well. The video that is on this gallery isn’t like super long but it’s the important part I think of Jessica giving James Deen a awesome titty fuck. She is a straight up pro at it I imagine that is because she has done it a lot. In all the videos she has done and you know in her personal life she lets her man fuck those big tits that is the benefit of dating a big titty girl.

Simone and Valentina


Simone Sonay and Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi is getting a little lesson from Simone Sonay in this gallery from Bang Bros MILF Soup site. She is actually teaching this hot foreign exchange student that she has how to enjoy some anal. As you guys probably remember from her last Pure Mature scene she loves it up the butt! I am not sure if Valentina Nappi has done anal before this scene but I am going to guess she has because she took it really good. As I mentioned earlier it’s pretty much like MILF Soup is becoming Bang Bros Moms Bang Teens which is good because I love theses scenes where hot MILFs teach up and coming pornstars a thing or two.

Dani Back Again


Dani daniels on pawg bang bros

If you’ve been around on this site awhile you know how we feel about Dani Daniels…she is absolutely gorgeous and is always sexy as hell, so it’s great to see her spreading out (no pun intended) and doing work on some different sites! This time she’s rocking the house over at the Bang Bros network for their site PAWG, and she is truly a phat ass white girl…I know you guys have drooled over that sexy round booty of hers before and now it’s time to see it put to work as she bends over and gets her pussy eaten out from behind, then takes this guy’s huge cock in some of her favorite positions! More cushion for the pushin, so they say, and Dani Daniels makes guys want to do a whole lot of pushin with that sweet horny pussy of hers. I believe this is Dani’s third time in the drivers seat over at PAWG, and the previous two updates were just as hot as this one so be sure to check those out too!

Ariana Big Mouthfuls


Ariana Marie Big Mouthfuls

It’s kind of funny how Bang Bros Big Mouthfuls site kind of ripped off Amateur Allure. They have the flat screen tv in the back and everything. I don’t really care and actually like it because that is one of my favorite sites. In this gallery you get to see Ariana enjoying a big mouthful of cum. The video in this gallery is really just focused on her giving head as that’s what this mini site of Bang Bros is kind of about. It also has some fucking so don’t worry about that. If anyone was wondering about that 15 on her shoulder I figured out that the 15 is her lucky number. She won the lottery with it (only $1000) so once that happened she figured she might want to carry that number with her the rest of her life. I would say we are the real lucky ones getting to see her suck and fuck but that’s just my opinion.

Danielle Delaunay


Bb pawg with danielle delaunay

Welcome Danielle Delaunay (better known as Danielle FTV if you ask me) to PAWG, where she should feel right at home with that big round juicy ass of hers! She shakes her huge titties and gets naked to let us know what she’s working with before meeting up with her costar, some jackass with a big dick and a stupid grill who proceeds to lick that slit of hers until she’s good and wet, before impaling her pussy on his meatbat! She gets that round ass all oiled up so it shines like a beacon as she gets fucked doggystyle in this hot update from the Bang Bros network, taking his cock to the hilt and looking like she’d be down for one in the mouth at the same time. Speaking of taking one in the mouth, Danielle ends up getting a nice wet facial with her mouth open and tongue out, but I think almost as much got on those huge breasts as on her face…this guy needs to work on his aim a little. Although, with boobs like that I can sympathize; they’d draw my attention too in that situation.

Tasha Reign


Bang bus tasha reign

Blonde sexpot Tasha Reign was super excited to be a part of this reverse Bang Bus scene…usually the guys pick up a chick and fuck her brains out in the van but the reverse style is when they have a female pornstar in the bus and they pick up some amateur dudes who try their luck at fucking her! More often than not it’s a disappointment as the guys get nervous being on camera and fail to, you know, perform to their full extent so to speak. That happens with one or two of the guys in this update but much to Tasha’s surprise, the guy who looks like he’d be a droopy dan ends up being a raunchy randy as he fucks the hell out of her in the back seat! The Bang Bus is of course part of the Bang Bros network by the way but you probably already guessed that just from the name. Watch Tasha get those big titties out and bounce her big juicy booty up and down on some amateur cock while they drive around in public, mere feet away from the unsuspecting populace going about their business! The next time you see a van rocking a little as it drives by you should take a closer look; it might just be a horny pornstar getting her pussy ravaged.

Asian goes Anal


Mr anal with london keyes

We’ve got a treat for you butt lovers today…the Bang Bros network site Mr Anal gave us this update featuring London Keyes, a gorgeous Asian pornstar with a nice big juicy booty and nice big titties as well! It could be just my imagination but it doesn’t seem like we see a whole lot of Asian hardcore anal porn…maybe it’s a cultural thing or something but hey this is 2013, let’s bring the world together with the power of butt sex! London warms up by using a few toys on her ass, getting ready for the big cock to come. Soon enough that dick is there but she’s gotta prep it (there’s a lot of prepwork involved in an anal fuck session!) by sucking and licking it until that dick is big and hard as a rock…so much so that she can barely fit it into her mouth! How in the world will she fit that meatbat into her tight little puckerhole? Well I don’t know how she did it but man she took that dick like a pro, which I guess she is, getting fucked from behind with an easy smile before he shot his load all over her cute face and big tits.

Twerk and Fuck


Austin taylor on pawg

Skinny chicks with flat or concave asses need not apply…PAWG wants those Phat Ass White Girls with the big juicy booties and blonde pornstar Austin Taylor definitely fits the bill! She’s packing a nice round caboose that looks like a hell of a cushion for slamming into as you rock her pussy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Austin starts out getting a little sun on the patio in her jean shorts and a blue top, but once she heads inside her big titties come out and that round bouncy ass is unleashed on the world! Her lucky costar gets to lick her twat through a hole in her crotchless fishnets before sliding into her wet hole from behind, using that plump round pair of peaches as a landing pad while he fucks her. Nobody can withstand sensations like that for long though and this guy is only human, so eventually he just has to bust nuts and does so in style…he gives Austin a nice facial to remember him by and the overspray drips all over those big round breasts as well!

Karla Kush


Karla kush bang bus

Sometimes the women the Bang Bus guys pick up are, well, the kind of women you’d expect to see getting into a stranger’s bus to get naked and fuck. This episode though features a seriously hot girl, by the name of Karla Kush! She’s got that hair that’s sort of in the middle between being redhead and brunette and blonde, a cute smile, pretty eyes and a smokin hot body that she shows off for the camera after only a little time of hesitation and reluctance! Either the guy in the drivers seat was really persuasive or Karla was just plain horny as hell…I suspect the latter. Anyway Karla starts off a little slow with some flashing of her big titties and taking her pants off to rub her pussy through her panties, but once her confidence is up she’s getting naked and masturbating before taking Brick’s hard cock in her mouth and giving him a nice mobile blowjob! Soon she’s on her hands and knees getting fucked in that wet pussy as they drive around the neighborhood with unsuspecting people only a few feet away as she gets pounded and takes a facial, trying to stay sort of quiet. It’s pretty hot to think that the Bang Bus crew from the Bang Bros network might be driving around anywhere…makes you want to take a look around during your next commute huh?

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