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Amateur Ass


Amateur Ass

If you’re not an ass fan you might want to give this one a miss, because that’s about all you get to see in these pictures! If you are a fan of the booty though come on in, this one’s for you…this sexy amateur has a great ass and decided to share it with the world, sliding her wet panties down as either her own camera took a picture on a timer or her lucky lover snapped some shots…either way that’s a hell of an ass, I wish we could see the rest of her body but hey if you’re gonna put pictures of one part of yourself on the internet I’d have to say the butt is one of the finest ones to choose! Easily in the top 5, that’s for sure.

Nicolette Shea


Nicolette Shea

This sexy buxom blonde is named Nicolette Shea and she’s looking gorgeous in her Playboy photoshoot, doing a bit of a boudoir picture set as she shows off her sexy white lingerie, then strips down to reveal her nice round ass and of course those sexy big breasts of hers! She’s been spending some time in her bikini lately apparently, judging from the difference in tan on her tits as opposed to the rest of her…interestingly she doesn’t seem to have much of a tanline around her pussy, maybe she hangs out on the beach bottomless or something! One can only hope. Watch Nicolette playing with those big tits, she seems to love exploring her own body! Can’t say I blame her.

Lesbian Couple


Lesbian Couple Pawn Their Pussy

There is a lot of WTF moments in this new XXX Pawn update the first one being that these two girls are trying to sell a Moose head I shit you not. I guess from the sound of the guy who runs this pawn shop they’re from the south somewhere so okay they love their hunting and guns down there. The other thing that had me all confused is that these two are a couple! The girl on the right there not riding the dick is a full on lesbian who has never ever been with a man before. When he tells the girls that he isn’t going to be paying the $1500 they need for the moose head but he would if the two of them wanted to get with him. He has never been with a lesbian couple before and wants to have a first. The girl on the right though had the bigger first because she hasn’t been fucked before, sucked a dick or anything. She has been munching on pussy since the beginning. She tries to keep it that way but when the guy from XXX Pawn tells her she has to suck on his dick and fuck too or there is no money she goes with it. She does a pretty good job at blowing a guy for never doing it before and if you are a member of XXX Pawn you can watch the full video and see her being fucked. The girl might do this more often because she did like that dick inside of her. These two probably aren’t going to last because the blonde here riding was really enjoying it. She was like into it tell him to fuck her harder and what not. Then when she gets on top and rides him she actually has a orgasm! I bet her parter was so jealous LOL!

Amateur Fuck


Amateur Fuck

It’s always a shame when you see a collection of photos like this of some amateur chick with a smokin hot body getting her pussy pounded but you can’t see her face, but hey I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles here. At least we get to check out that sweet ass of hers as she pulls her blue starry night panties aside before taking her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth and getting fucked! This chick has a nice pussy, a fantastic ass, and a pair of nice big tits, I just hope she has a pretty face to go along with it but I guess we’ll never know.

Geri Burgess Returns


Geri burgess docks zishy

We’ve seen this hottie Geri Burgess on Zishy before and it’s always a treat to have her back…this time she’s looking sexy at the harbor, flashing that perfect butt as she walks down to the waterfront and hops up on some rocks to let the cool bayside breeze ruffle her long hair…this looks like an early morning shoot or something, the fog and clouds are rolling over and there doesn’t look like a lot of foot traffic yet. Geri’s got her tight striped stretch pants on and looks like a million bucks as she lounges on a rock like a siren ready to lure some sailors to their doom as they crash their ships trying to reach her! Geri loves to flash those sweet perky tits of hers, we don’t get much of a look at them naked in this photoshoot but she does have a very tight white top on that shows those nipples poking against the fabric! This is what, her 5th time on the site? Something like that…if you’d like to check out her previous appearances you can get to em right here: scene1 scene2 scene3 and scene4!

Adolisca Cooley


Adolisca cooley zishy

I seriously am not sure if Zishy has ever had a girl on the site who was this pretty…her name is Adolisca Cooley and the name of this photoshoot is Home Magnet, I guess because when Adolisca is at your house it’s pretty much like a magnet pulling you back home from work or whatever else! She’s showing off her nice sexy red dress and cute glasses before stripping down and getting up on the countertops in the kitchen with that sexy round ass in the air with her white thong panties creeping up between her soft pussy lips! Big perfect breasts, nice spankable ass and a supermodel of a face, this girl Adolisca is seriously a dream come true and I think pretty much any guy would be more or less helpless to her personal magnetism! Hopefully this girl comes back for more updates on Zishy and maybe other sites as well, we’ll just have to see.

Pool Party


Pool party on crazy college gfs

Now this is what a hot summer pool party should be! Crazy College GFs presents this submission from a dude named Zach who went to this pool party and met a hot college girl named Zoey Cortez …they hit it off and made plans to meet up later that night but soon they were making out by the poolside and when a wet tshirt party started in the water everyone was looking the other way so they took advantage, with Zoey getting down and giving him a blowjob right out in the open! I don’t know if anyone was the wiser but they might have gotten caught or something because the footage cuts to the hotel room later on, where Zoey continued sucking him off until he busted nut all over her face. We get some great footage of the wet tshirt contest too as these hot horny honeys stripped down and showed off their perky titties and sweet round asses while the music bumped!

Anika Shay


Anika Shay Playboy

I mean guys come on this girl is a total babe you have to see her naked! The pictures are of her completely naked of course but it’s playboy so you don’t really get any up close shots. Her name is Anika Shay and she is fucking amazing. You can tell she has a perfect tight pussy and look at those perky little tits of hers. They might be real or fake I just can’t really tell. This Playboy gallery isn’t just pictures though the guy who made this went above and beyond because he has video on it! She has done a bunch of updates for the Playboy site so if you like what you see join their site and take a look around. I mean there isn’t a more trusted name in porn then Playboy. On top of you getting to see more Anika you will also see girls that are actually hotter then her. I can’t believe I am saying that but it’s a fact I mean just check out Lindsey Pelas here and tell me she isn’t also fucking amazing.



Exploited college girls sunny

Beautiful blonde Sunny here is a curvy gorgeous amateur who has a lot of assets, it’s hard to say what her sexiest feature is…oh hell no it’s not, her sexiest feature is that huge pair of natural tits she’s packing! She’s got a great personality too and just seems like a lot of fun, not to mention that plump booty and wet pink shaved pussy, but it’s those titties that really steal the show and I’m sure she knows it. She’s had plenty of sexual experience with both boys and girls and she brings her A-game in this Exploited College Girls update, giving my main man Jay an incredible blowjob before hopping up onto the bed to get that tight bald pussy pounded…she seems to love being pushed facefirst into the bed, getting pinned and having her pussy drilled from above, and I guess Jay likes it too because after he gives Sunny a hard pounding like that he can’t take anymore and unleashes a massive cumshot that gets all over her face and of course all over those big breasts of hers! You don’t think ECG would have a girl with tits like this and not end up shooting cum onto them, do you? This isn’t exactly their first rodeo, if you follow me.

Kennedy Summers


Kennedy Summers

I don’t know if this blonde chick Kennedy Summers is a celebrity or a model or what but I do know she’s looking fine as hell in this photo collection from Playboy! She’s got huge tits, a pretty face, a nice ass and most importantly she’s got tons of personality and is just chock full of sexy energy as she puts on all kinds of different outfits here. From being completely nude to wearing just a man’s suit jacket to hanging out in a panties and lingerie, Kenndy looks incredible from head to toe the whole time! I was trying to think of someone from popular culture that she reminds me of but you know what, I think Kennedy stands on her own…she reminds me of herself and that’s the best way to be if you ask me.

Bounce And Lick


Crazy college gfs bounce and lick

Have you ever driven past a kid’s birthday party and seen a huge bouncy castle and been like ‘damn I wish I could play in a bouncy castle, especially with some naked lesbian hotties’? Well your day has come, because Miali and her friends Dakota, Ashlynn, Mia and Abby got into a bouncycastle sometime and started bouncing around in their panties, but as soon as one girl started taking her top off the nudity began and the party kicked up about ten notches! As these naked nubile hotties bounced around they got all sweaty and worked up and soon they were eating each other out and licking each other up and down…hopefully their neighborhood isn’t too quiet because a gaggle of hot moaning lesbian beauties would wake up the neighbors for sure! Not that I think they’d mind seeing these girls nose-deep in each others’ coochies…I know if I was one of the neighbors I wouldn’t shut the party down, I’d be more likely to grab a bag of popcorn and a lawnchair and go check out the fun! I don’t know if the boyfriend of one of these chicks cheated on her or got mad that she was licking twat or something but apparently the footage of this bounce and lick party got sent in to Crazy College GFs, at least now we can enjoy it too!

Shake That Ass


Blackgfs shake that ass

If there’s one thing Cherise knows how to do it’s get naked and shake that ass to drive her lucky boyfriend crazy! After getting home from her workout at the gym she grabbed her guy’s videocamera and headed to the bedroom to give it a whirl, setting things up and doing a little striptease for the video before her man was allowed into the bedroom (she wanted a sextape they could watch together later so she made that part as an extra treat). She’s got nice black titties and an incredible round juicy booty that she loves to twerk and bounce, grinning over her shoulder as she bootyclapped! Soon her guy couldn’t resist whipping his cock out and fucking that ebony pussy from behind, fucking her meaty hole until he came all over her big full titties. I’m just glad they decided to send the hot hardcore footage in to BlackGFs so we can watch it all go down!

Dripping Barbie


Gf revenge dripping barbie

Jordie and her friend Barbie were getting ready to head out on the town and were both in the bathroom showering when Jordie’s boyfriend came in with his video camera rolling, catching both of them naked! They were a little upset at first but then they decided to give him a little show and started making out, then sucking each others nipples and eating each others pussy out like lesbians! He got a boner obviously from all that hot action and they took turns sucking him and then fucking him until he shot his load all over his girlfriend’s friend’s ass! I guess after some afterthought Jordie didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend fucking her bestie doggystyle and cumming on her sweet round ass so she broke up with him and in response he sent the footage in to GF Revenge so we could all enjoy the hot threeway action! Pretty nice of him, eh?

Summer Carter


Summer carter zishy

So normally when someone is playing basketball and says ‘and one’ it means they just made a shot and also got fouled at the same time so not only do they get the points for the bucket, they get a free-throw as well…since Summer Carter here is playing by herself I’m not sure how that could happen but hey, if she wants to name this Zishy photoshoot ‘And One’ she can go right ahead, as long as she shows off those perfect breasts and that nice round ass of hers like she’s doing! Summer is pretty cute but not like supermodel-hot if you follow me, but man those tits of hers more than make up for that, they are seriously fantastic as you can see in the thumbnail up above as she gets changed to play some b-ball! After shooting some hoops for awhile the sun starts to set and soon Summer was on the ground showing off that ass and teasing us with her sweet tight athletic body!

Dillion Harper


Dillion harper zishy all wet

I guess this is like the 4th time lovely Dillion Harper has been on Zishy but I think this is the only one I’ve done so far…those guys update really often so it’s not like I can get all the updates! I do what I can though, so I hope you enjoy this hotness as Dillion shows off in a bikini for this photoshoot called Gotta Be Fresh…she’s spending a nice hot sunny day outdoors, goofing around in her bikini with her big perfect tits pretty much falling right out, blowing bubbles and whatnot before she gets too hot and takes advantage of a nearby fountain to spray water all over herself, getting soaking wet and soaking right through her shorts before she decides to just get completely naked and explode the heads of any guys nearby who were lucky enough to glance over and see that perfect female form! Zishy always shows the personalities of their models as well as their beauty and this is a perfect example…I mean if there’s a model out there with a fun personality it sure as hell is Dillion Harper!

Needs Tuition


College Girl Needs Tuition

So this college girl brings in a antique book and she is looking to get a couple hundred for it to pay tuition. When she hears the XXX Pawn isn’t going to pay her the money she thinks her book is worth he throws out the idea of her being a exotic dancer. She thinks a lot of herself and rips him a new one and leaves the shop. She of course comes back later though because it wouldn’t be a porn if she didn’t. She agrees to give him a lap dance, booty shake that type of stuff. She definitely is good at dancing and looks pretty good during her strip tease you can tell she doesn’t do it for a living or anything. The shop owner pulls out the recorder to record the dance and she is freaked out by that but when he says basically no deal if he can’t film it she agrees. After the lap dance the pawn shop owner tells her that he wants to fuck her. She flips her shit again and starts telling him there is no way in hell she is fucking him but about 2 minutes later she is reverse cowgirl riding this guys dick. She just really needed some money and college girls love big dicks that just a fact. After he busts his load on her face he sends this bitch packing because he got what he wants.



Marilyn on ecg

Golden haired Marilyn here has an amazing rack, let’s just point that out right off the bat…beautiful round C-cup titties that are so perky a boxer could use them as speedbags, and Marilyn knows they’re fantastic as she cups and grabs and massages her tits throughout her Exploited College Girls video. Well I mean she does so when she has the chance, like when her hands aren’t occupied with holding this guy’s cock while she sucks it and while she isn’t on her hands and knees with that perfect round incredible butt in the air getting fucked deep in her pussy doggystyle and moaning her head off! This amateur hottie is grinning and giggling and just having a blast the whole time this is going on, and speaking of blasts she gets absolutely coated with goo as this guy shoots a huge facial load of cum onto her! Add to this chick’s hotness the fact that she gives a great blowjob with deepthroating and everything and you’ve got pretty much a perfect 10!

Amateur Tits


Amateur Tits

I’m not so sure I understand this persistent trend of amateur girls willing to show off their tits and ass and pussy on camera but keeping the face anonymous. I mean on one hand I get it, you want the thrill of exhibitionism without your friends and neighbors recognizing your face, but on the other hand it’s not like they won’t recognize the bedroom or your tattoos or whatever anyway! Oh well, at least we get to check out some sweet amateur titties like the lovely pair being shown off by this girl, as well as her admittedly fantastic ass and a pussy that just begs to be fucked from behind as she bends over for us!

Kinky Katerina Kay


Gf revenge kinky katerina

Apparently kinky Katerina here had done a sexy video for her boyfriend at some point before so he rolled the dice and straight up asked her to do a hardcore sextape with him…luckily for him (and for us) she said okay! This girl is hot as hell too which we get to see even better the more clothes she loses, that ass of hers is just fucking incredible. She drops down and takes his cock in her hands to slide it into her mouth, licking and sucking him like a champ and then climbing up to take just the tip into her pussy while he played with her clit. Soon Katerina was riding him in earnest, sliding up and down that hard dick forwards and backwards, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl with her perfect ass facing us (the whole thing is shot in POV style of course) and looking just nova-hot! She gets fucked for this hot scene until the guy shot his load all over her stomach…maybe he wasn’t supposed to show anybody this tape and she broke up with him so he sent it in to GF Revenge, maybe she cheated on him, who knows!

Sexing Bria


Sexing bria black gfs

Beautiful ebony babe Bria here has an ass that you’ll be dreaming about for weeks I’m guessing…she’s got her bikini on in this Black GFs submission, showing off that sexy body as her man admired and filmed her. Soon he had his huge cock out and she couldn’t help but take him into her mouth, this girl just can’t resist a big black dick! Bria’s big tits fell out of her bikini top while she got her pussy filled up with that massive dick…her big round ass is incredible but those tits are no slouch either as she rides her lucky boyfriend, taking his massive dick to the hilt and riding him hard and deep for this hot scene called Sexing Bria! Nothing hotter than a round juicy ass slamming up and down and a gorgeous girl moaning away like in this hot scene.

Amateur Pussy


Perfect Pussy

I think I posted some similar pictures not super long ago of a hot amateur with just a perfect pink little pussy, this might be her again or it might just be another hot amateur with a perfect pussy! This girl almost but not quite shows her face, but we do get to watch her masturbate with her legs spread wide open, and we even get a look at those big lovely titties she’s got going on. The tease of this whole thing is nice but man, she’s pretty much shown it all, she might as well just head to a modeling agency and start doing adult work full-time, she’s definitely got the body for it! On the other hand, the mystery behind this girl’s face just sort of adds to the girl-next-door allure of it…who knows, maybe your cute neighbor has a sweet pink wet pussy that she loves to play with and likes to take pictures of herself while she does it!

Topless Chicks


Topless Beach Babes

Summer has officially begun and you know what that means…titties are out at the beaches! If you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere like France that has an open-minded view of topless women don’t even fret, we’ve got your ass covered even if some of these girls don’t have THEIR asses covered! I mean I don’t live in France either but every summer it makes me wonder if I should start studying cheese and film school because the women on their nude (or nude-friendly) beaches all seem to be fucking stunning! This little video clip gives you a cornucopia of titties…big boobs, little boobs, floppy breasts, perky pokies, pretty much anything you’ve got a hankering for tit-wise is on the menu so slop on some sunscreen, unbuckle your shorts and head on in!

Foxy Business Lady


Xxxpawn sexy businesslady

This foxy business lady had gone to some conference or other and then afterwards had headed out on the town, apparently she drank a hell of a lot more than she should and spent all her money, missing her flight in the process! If that’s not bad enough she had apparently been quite a drinker a few years ago (imagine that) and didn’t want her husband to know she had tied one on like this….well anyway she headed to the XXX Pawn shop to see what she could do to get some emergency scratch and buy a same-day plane ticket! Well if you’ve seen this site before you know how that goes down, she headed to the back room with the boss to ‘research plane ticket prices’ and started sucking his cock, getting those huge tits of hers out in the process, then bent over his table to get her pussy pounded while he recorded the whole thing! This hot amateur might be the businesswoman here but this guy is definitely giving her the business but good, and while she’s busy wiping cum from her eyes after getting a facial he starts showering her with cash, making it rain after making it rain if you catch what I’m sayin!



Bekah for ecg

This girl Bekah here is 18 years old, cute as hell, and is a raging fucking nymphomaniac! Plenty of women in the adult industry claim to that title but for the most part it’s all for show, they like cock but chicks like Bekah here on Exploited College Girls absolutely crave it…the hotel door barely closes behind them when this girl dives at Jay’s cock, sucking him and begging him to give that teen pussy of hers a good deep hard pounding! He’s more than willing but first she’s gotta prove she deserves it, by getting her pussy penetrated with toys and fingers and by sucking Jay’s cock until he has mercy and finally sinks to the hilt in her wet hole. She goes absolutely apeshit and fucks him like crazy in all kinds of different positions, I think her favorite is doggystyle (pretty universal favorite I think) and she goes after his cock with a very sexy enthusiasm and some nice dirty talk too…after giving her the deep dicking she was after Jay unleashed his load all over Bekah, giving her a huge creamy facial that covered her from chin to hairline which she dipped up with a finger and licked, this girl is just insatiable!

Check Please


Crazy college gfs check please

Beautiful college girl Roxanne was having lunch with her two guy pals but she made the mistake of getting up to go to the restroom…while she was gone they of course started messing with her food, rubbing their balls all over her salad and pouring a bunch of salt and pepper in her milkshake, gross stuff like that. When she got back they were both giggling away like idiots and of course spilled the beans about the food so she pushed her plate aside and took one sip of her milkshake and about spat it right back out! She realized what they did and bet one of the guys he couldn’t down the whole thing in one go while she had her big tits out to cheer him on…if he could she said she’d give him a blowjob right there in the diner! Well with a prize like that of course this guy choked down that nasty shake and Roxanne stayed true to her word, leaning over on the bench to suck this guy’s cock until he came in her mouth! This submitted video is from Crazy College GFs and it’s called Check Please…this Roxanne girl is smokin hot with her big boobs and fun personality!

Feels Alone


Zishy terri belk

I guess this girl, cute blonde Terri Belk, was a little reluctant to do a photoshoot without any makeup on but I’m sure glad she ended up doing it after all because these shots of her getting ready for the day are hot as hell! Zishy is the perfect site to do a photoshoot like this, they excell at not only showing the hotness of a girl but also bringing her personality out and what better way to experience what Terri is all about than by taking some fairly candid pictures when she’s not ‘trying’ so to speak! The name of this update is Feels Alone Part 1 which I guess is talking about the fact that she just got comfortable and felt like she was just relaxing by herself instead of doing a photoshoot…it also implies there will be a part 2 and I can’t wait for that! Terri has an incredible butt and some nice boobs, you’ll just have to see for yourself but I know you’re gonna dig this one.

Elizabeth Marxs


Elizabeth Marxs

Her name might be a little awkward to spell and pronounce but Elizabeth Marxs is so fucking gorgeous I think we’ll all be more than willing to forgive her in this Playboy photoshoot! Elizabeth is taking a nice luxurious bath one sunny afternoon, stripping down and showing off those huge perfect tits before slipping into the water and getting all wet as she stares up at us with those beautiful seductive eyes. This girl is smokin hot and has incredible skin, it’s like milk or something…can you imagine how smooth and full those breasts would feel in your hands, especially after she takes a nice warm bath and then rubs lotion into her skin?

Coco Rose


Zishy coco rose

Beautiful long haired girl-next-door Coco Rose stars in this Zishy photoshoot called White Seed as she shows off her lovely white outfit complete with stretch pants or yoga pants or whatever those are…all I know is that cameltoe lovers can rejoice, this girl loves feeling her tights get pulled up into her pussy crack and we get a nice close look at it with these shots! Her ass is tremendous too, fucking gorgeous in her stretchy pants and even hotter when she pulls her pants down a bit to tease us with some crack access…combine that with her nice perky boobies and that friendly open grin of hers and this girl is spankbank material for sure. Zishy always lets the models show their personalities and have plenty of fun so Coco gets to play around a bit in these photos, I guess she’s just plain sexy all the way through.

Amateur Ass


Amateur Ass

Good fucking grief this ass is tremendous…I don’t know who this amateur is but she’s got a booty like you wouldn’t believe! She also is lucky enough to have that combo of a nice round juicy ass and sweet perky little boobies, hopefully her face is up to snuff as well but for now we’ll just have to be thankful she (or her lucky boyfriend perhaps) was generous enough to share these shots of her flashing her butt and tits. Her nipples are like eraser heads too, they can easily hold up her shirt as she lifts it up and gives us a look at her sexy red panties!

Cynthia Monte Returns


Zishy cynthia monte

Beautiful Texas babe Cynthia Monte is back for another hot Zishy photoshoot, if you missed the other one you can see her first scene right there (just click the link)! This time the gorgeous Latina (at least I think she’s Latina) is enjoying a nice warm Spring day by heading out to the park and hanging out on a big towel to get a little sun! She didn’t have a bikini per se so she just improvised, hanging out in her thong panties and bra! It’s a matched set so it pretty much looks like a bikini, albeit a very revealing one…we get a nice look at that sweet flawless ass and her perky titties with puffy nipples as she lounges in the sunshine on the field, rolling around on the field to give us a look at every inch of her sexy body. This girl has incredible skin, just check out that perfect ass and you’ll see what I mean…I always heard sunbathing was bad for the skin but Cynthia is sure repudiating that claim here in her Zishy shoot!

Cucumber Sex


Amateur Cucumber

This busty amateur sure loves getting her daily dose of vegetables…she doesn’t eat them though, she prefers to take a huge cucumber and slide it into her pussy to masturbate with it! This horny hottie doesn’t show her face in this photoshoot but she does show off those huge tits and her nice shaved pussy as she fucks herself with that big thing…actually I guess it could be a zucchini, who knows or cares. This girl gives herself a nice pounding in this photoset, it’s nice to know there’s a hot amateur out there fucking herself with some veggies, probably right this very minute!

Catie Parker Library


Catie Parker Library

If you can’t tell by the photography which site this is let me introduce to you Zishy. They’re a very softcore site who a lot of the times does not even show any nudity. It’s most just tease type of stuff and you will get the feel of it once you see this new scene with Catie Parker. I am quite behind right now on their updates so I’ll try to do a big update here pretty soon for now though just check out the Zishy category and wait patiently. This girl shows off none of her nude body but she is just too hot for me the way she flashes her ass in public and gives you crotch shots of course with her panties on but still it makes me want her so much more.



Katya on Femjoy

This lovely and very sweaty creature is Katya and she’s showing off her tight nubile body in this Femjoy photoshoot as she relaxes in a sauna, letting the heat soak into her bones and letting her pores open up as well as her pussy! She gets all slick with sweat and looks amazing, which juust isn’t even fair if you ask me…usually when I get naked and sweat the last fucking thing you want to do is take pictures. Anyway Katya does not share that problem, she looks great head to toe and from the looks of things she’s getting nice and relaxed! Soon it’ll be time to hit a nice cool shower afterwards, hopefully she’ll take some shots of that too.

Babes In Bikinis


Gf revenge babes in bikinis

I mean we’ve pretty much all been there I’m sure…you’re dating a girl and you’re totally into her but man her friends are sexy as hell so you take any excuse to see them hanging out, and if you’re as lucky as this guy you get to watch your girl hanging out with her friends while they’re all in bikinis! Just that would be enough but once these chicks get a couple of drinks in them they start going wild, losing their bikinis and making out and licking each others pussies, getting naked in public and swirling around on a stripper pole in some dude’s bar! He seems a little taken aback by the whole situation but gets talked into it, I guess it would be pretty fuckin hard to say no to that many fine titties and sweet round asses prancing around. This guy doing the filming is about to explode when the girls start eating each other out like lesbians, and from the fact that the footage made it to GF Revenge I’m guessing he pushed things a little too far at some point and fucked one of his girl’s besties…too bad they didn’t film that part too!

Joy Ride


Black gfs joy ride

Get ready to strap in and head out on the town with this hot ebony babe who decided to make a little video for her man while he was out of town! She calls it going for a joy ride and I can see where she gets the name; she drives around in public with no pants or panties on and her tits out, sliding her hand down between her smooth chocolate thighs to finger and tickle her pussy, masturbating for us before heading back home to where her guy was waiting! After he saw that hot little scene she filmed for him he was ready to work that sweet pussy, getting his big black cock out so she could suck him and then spread her legs to take his cock deep inside! Her clit was all pink and glistening and poking out as he worked her hole with that big dark stick, flipping her over to drill her doggystyle before shooting his load all over her big round spankable ass in this hot Black GFs scene!



Cali on ecg

I’m not entirely sure why there’s such a big move towards skinny-ass bony chicks in the media and whatnot, when girls like Cali here who have just the right amount of curve bring the sexy so hard it’s almost unstoppable! This girl does have a terrible bleach-job on her hair but hey she’s got a fantastic ass, is enthusiastic, and of course she is a fucking demon when it comes to blowjobs. Plus apparently this teen hottie can squirt but sadly that doesn’t ever come about in this Exploited College Girls update…don’t be too glum about that though, she more than makes up for it if you ask me with the clinic she puts on in terms of cocksucking, giving this lucky dude the sucking of a lifetime! Somehow he doesn’t shoot his load right into her mouth though, laying her down on the bed to give her the ol’ ECG going-over…doggystyle, pinned to the bed, cowgirl, the works! She has a couple of huge orgasms and then the guy joins her, shooting his load into that sweet teen pussy for a nice creampie…it is too bad that she doesn’t squirt like she had been talking about but hey I guess you can’t have everything all at once.

Jessica Ashley


Jessica Ashley

Her name is Jessica Ashley, I’m not sure how she managed to get two first names but I guess she’s hot as hell so she’s used to getting whatever the heck she wants. Jessica is showing off for Playboy here, tugging off her animal print bra and panties to show off a tight nubile sweet body! We don’t really get a good look at that pussy of hers in this photoshoot so it’s entirely possible she’s got a doozie of a coozie if you know what I’m saying, but if it’s anything like the rest of her body it’s fucking perfect. Jessica is a newcomer to showing off in the nude online but after a shoot like this I guess her confidence must be way up! Once her bra comes off and those perky perfect breasts come out you know she feels just invincible.

Jessica Ashley


Jessica Ashley

This was the first nude shoot this girl Jessica Ashley ever did apparently, and you can tell in a few of the shots that she was a little nervous but hey this is for Playboy so it’s pretty obvious her excitement overwhelmed any shyness or butterflies she might have had going on! There’s no need for her to be nervous anyway, she’s fucking gorgeous and has an incredible pair of tits…we don’t really get to see too much more than that even though she does strip completely naked, but from what I can tell this girl is a stunner from head to toes and everything in between. Hopefully the thrill of being naked for the internet is strong enough that she’ll be back for lots more fun!

Luna Sauvage


Luna Sauvage on Playboy

Brunette stunner Luna Sauvage turns up the heat in this Playboy photoshoot as she tugs off her white top and slides those skimpy white panties down over her long legs to show off a nude body that is just fucking incredible! Perfect perky titties, sweet fuckable pussy, beautiful face, this girl has got it all. She probably sounds like Gilbert Gottfried though right? There’s just gotta be something…maybe she always smells vaguely like catfood or something like that, or moans like Chewbacca when she sleeps. Ha ha ha actually that would be pretty dope, a sweet sexy beauty like this just growling and moaning away…I like it.

Amateur Ass


Sweet amateur ass

Brace yourself for another sweet amateur booty…when a lot of girls send in photos (or more likely their horny boyfriends send them in) you’ll notice the butt is more often than not left unphotographed. It’s a whole lot more common I think for a girl to have a nice or at least decent pair of tits than it is for her to have a great ass! This girl though has a booty that is just plain stupendous…nice and tight and looks great in panties, and has them pulled aside just enough to give a little peek at that sweet pink pussy in a few of the shots. Let’s give a warm round of applause to this girl’s ass, and also one for her boyfriend (or girlfriend) who was nice enough to shoot some sexy pictures of it for us!

Emma Glover


Emma Glover Playboy

Playboy brings you these photos of gorgeous Emma Glover as she relaxes in a dingy, nasty, dirty room with a huge American flag on the wall…in other words, probably any room in the White House. Anyway, this chick has huge tits and a fantastic round ass and isn’t afraid to show them off in these shots as she pulls off her top and tugs down her panties! The look on her face is a little terrifying at times but just keep your eyes looking southward at those big boobs and you’ll be just fine.

Lickable Slit


Perfect amateur pussy

Now that is one nice looking pussy…nice and tight and pink and not all sloppy, with nicely trimmed pubic hair above and a nice ass behind, even a nice pair of tits! This amateur doesn’t show her face in these photos so hopefully she’s not a complete butterface but man oh man that sweet pink fuckhole is spectacular…I don’t think I’ve ever really said that about a vagina before, usually they’re just, you know, pussies, but this one is something special. It looks like a painting or something and I’ve never wanted to lick a painting as much as I do right now…

Digital Diaries


Digital diaries on playboy tv

When you’ve got a video from Playboy TV you’ve got pretty high expectations and this one (it’s part of the Digital Diaries series) definitely doesn’t disappoint! This gorgeous blonde is making out with her boyfriend on the couch, sliding her hand down his pants to grab his cock before stripping down to show him her incredibly sexy body. You don’t expect to find a girl with floppy nasty titties and a cheesy ass on Playboy of course but even among the hotties on the site this girl is something special. I guess her man thinks so too because he gives her pussy a nice tongue bath, licking her as she spreads her thighs and closes her eyes in ecstasy, still wearing her high heel shoes! She mounts on top, riding his cock and taking him deep inside her dripping wet hole…it’s a sensual, sexy hardcore scene and I wish I knew what this blonde beauty’s name is but oh well, I guess some things are just destined to remain a mystery.



Ariana on exploited college girls

You know how they say it’s always the quiet ones who turn out to be the freakiest? Well this girl Ariana pretty much personifies that theory…she’s shy and quiet and seems all innocent but she loves eating cum and loves getting fucked, even if she doesn’t exactly let the world know when she’s having an orgasm. She strips down after her introduction interview on Exploited College Girls to show that tight teen body of hers, laying back to get her pussy tickled and teased with a vibrator…being an amateur to the core she doesn’t try to fake anything or moan extra loud or anything, she just quietly enjoys herself and has a nice little orgasm before Jay slides his cock into her throat. She goes for it with gusto as soon as her lips touch that dick, with her pussy getting nice and wet as she gets into the action and gets her body rocked. The guy shoots a HUGE load all over her face and not only does she not get all grossed out, she starts gobbling it down like a true cumslut! Looks like this chick has a secret wild side, no doubt about that.

Cuban Fuck


Xxx pawn cuban fuck

This Latina honey didn’t speak a damn bit of English but figured she’d try to swindle the XXX Pawn guys for $300 for a shitty TV with, hold onto your britches, a built-in VCR! I mean maybe if it had $290 tucked into the cassette slot it would be worth three hundred but man this chick’s out of her mind. She was hot as hell though so the guy concocted a cunning plan where he ‘accidentally’ pushed the tv off the counter so it smashed on the ground, sparing anyone from having to deal with it, and offered to repay the chick if she came to the backroom. Once they were back there of course he offered to up the payout if she got naked and got fucked, and since this girl was obviously straight off the boat and needed some funds she agreed. She got those big bouncy titties out, gave the guy a great blowjob, then bent over the desk to get her pussy pounded before snatching up the payout! This amateur Cuban gets a nice deep dicking and I think by the time she left she figured she made a pretty good decision…I guess if the guy had a tiny cock or was a two pump chump she woulda been pissed. This is part of the Bang Bros network of sites by the way, XXX Pawn is pretty new but I’m definitely liking it so far!

Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage


Hegre art ejaculation

It always amazes me that there are people out there who still believe that female ejaculation is a myth…well for those poor sad individuals I present this Hegre Art update entitled Uncontrolled Ejaculation Massage! If the name didn’t already describe things pretty fucking well I guess I’ll just explain that this teen hottie gets a massage and ends up squirting all over the place. She’s 18 years old and is a virgin who has never had an orgasm in her life, much less squirted…but thanks to the skillful hands and magic vibrating wand of the Hegre masseuse she cums all over the massage table! It’s incredible to watch a beautiful woman orgasming like this but even hotter when it’s an innocent teen who has never cummed before, feeling the sensations run through her perfect tight body for the first time. Absolutely hot as hell.

Bail Money Blowjob


Xxx pawn bail money blowjob

Some women are willing to do pretty much anything for their man…this chick for instance, her husband went to prison and she brought his baseball card collection into the XXX Pawn shop to try and sell it off but it turned out not to be worth anything. Luckily for her (well for her husband) she’s got great tits so the guy swung her the ol’ deal, where if she headed to the back room and gave the shop owner a blowjob he would sweeten the pot a little by increasing the payout she got. She was pretty much at her wits’ end so she agreed to his terms, getting her knees dirty as she dropped down and sucked his cock, taking her huge tits out of her top to grease the wheels, so to speak. I guess she was getting pretty antsy while her man was in the pokey because as soon as she got her hands and lips on that huge cock she demanded he fuck her brains out as well…well you know what happens next, seeing as how this site is on the Bang Bros network!



Ecg gia

It’s not too often on Exploited College Girls that they bring out an exotic curvy hottie like Gia here…she’s a gorgeous brunette Arab teen with nice big titties, a fantastic bouncy bubble butt and libido for days! She gives a great blowjob too which never hurts, and shows off her sucking skills in this update even before the real scene starts. Once it does though she’s all excited and ready to go and immediately whips off her panties to play with that meaty pussy, getting all wet and ready to get fucked…and get fucked she does! Gia puts that juicy ass to work, especially when she gets on her hands and knees to get fucked doggystyle, pushing her pussy back onto the guy’s hard cock and moaning away…most of the girls on this site end up taking a facial but that’s not enough for this horny teen, she keeps his cock inside and takes a big messy load deep in her 18 year old pussy for a great creampie finish!

Faye Tinto


Faye tinto on zishy

This girl has the unusual and kind of mysterious name Faye Tinto and she’s posing for this Zishy photoshoot called Runaway Love! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this chick before but that’s not too surprising, a lot of the girls on Zishy are one-offs so to speak and are just doing it for fun or for artistic expression I guess. Zishy lets the girls basically show their personality as well as their hotness, never really giving up the goods or getting gratutious so expect a lot of flashing and teasing but no like cock-sucking or anything like that. Faye did this shoot a few years back so the guy didn’t really remember too much about her but she wanted to be an actress and was playing the part of a runaway as the photographer snapped some shots of her on a park bench dancing around and then at a house flashing her gorgeous ass and teasing a bit as she got ready for a long restful nights’ sleep. I guess the idea is that she was pretending to be a runaway that was invited back to a stranger’s house to spend the night, with the naturally naughty results…

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