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Touchy Feely Mia


Mia touchy feely on black gfs

Some girls are just able to pop right out of bed and immediately look fucking gorgeous, and horny ebony babe Mia is definitely one of em…she tosses off the covers and starts talking to the camera that she had set up for her boyfriend while he was out of town. Wearing just her panties and a goony happyface cut-off shirt she told him how much she missed him, then gets all touchy feely running her hands over her perky tight body with a beautiful smile and pulling out some of her favorite toys to show her guy just what she was thinking about while he was on the road for work! She spread those long legs and tossed her bouncy shoulder-length hair around as she buzzed her clit, bringing herself to a knee-shaking orgasm in a very hot solo shoot for Black GFs. Great perky little boobies, perfect shaved pussy and a fantastic ass, not to mention a beautiful face and of course the libido to want to masturbate on camera, this girl Mia is hot as hell!

Thick Mocca


Thick mocca on black gfs

Some guys love a nice thick juicy booty on a black girl and this guy certainly ranks among their number! Mocca here is aptly named with her sexy dark skin, shaking her big bouncy ass and big tits in her thong and sparkly lingerie before bending over and getting her wet pussy pounded. Black GFs always has hot ebony babes but they hit a home run with thick Mocca here (I keep wanting to type Mocha). She’s cute as hell, has some great cuves, sucks cock like a champ and fucks like a beast in this hot hardcore update. The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice and this honey looks like she’s got some awful sweet juice.

Sexy Ivy


Black gfs sexy ivy

If you’ve got a hankering for a sexy ebony princess with amazing tits and an even better ass, look no further than sexy Ivy on the site Black GFs! She loves pleasing her man and if that means doing a little dance in the bathroom and shaking her big full boobs while he films it, so be it. After teasing him a little with those nice bouncy boobies and a sexy grin, Ivy gives him a little oral action, bobbing her head up and down on his cock for a nice blowjob while she looks up at him (and us, since it’s POV with his camcorder) with those pretty eyes. She mounts up and goes for a ride, moaning as he slides his cock into that shaved chocolate pussy, making her breasts bounce as she got pounded. She even took her ankles up to her ears to get fucked as deep in her wet hole as possible in this hot scene…if you weren’t already wanting a black gf of your own this video submission might just make you turn the corner on it because this girl is smokin hot and sexy as all hell!

Do Me Good


Black gfs do me good

Sexy chocolate skinned Mya was getting ready to head to the gym for a workout but her guy had a better idea in mind…he got her on the bed and stripped her little top and tight workout stretch pants off to reveal her gorgeous titties and that round sexy ass! She said ‘do me good’ and who can turn down a challenge like that? Watch in this POV Black GFs update as he slides his huge black cock into her wet pussy, fucking her from behind and sliding every inch of that tool deep inside to make her gasp and moan with pleasure. She got a nice aerobic workout at least, that’s for sure! With her long brown hair, sexy smooth dark skin and bangin body, anybody would love to fuck Mya and now thanks to the magic of video cameras we all can share the fun! Too bad the guy told her the footage would never get out…whoopsadaisy.

Single Female


Black gfs single female

This hottie’s name is Sonia and after watching this video you might think her ex-boyfriend is a lunatic for breaking things off with her and sending this footage in to Black GFs but who knows, there must be a hell of a backstory there somewhere. That’s not important to us, though, but here’s what IS important: she’s got huge natural DD tits that look fantastic as she masturbates in this video she made for her guy while he was out of town on business! Besides having a great rack and a pretty face she busts out some very naughty dirty talk so if you like it when a chick has a few things to say this ebony bombshell is for you. Plenty of women bring a lot of baggage with them so this chick is doubtless no different, but man it does make you curious…she’s so hot she must have done something really bad for the guy to want to get back at her this bad. At least we get to see her masturbating and grabbing those big boobs though!

Sweet and Juicy


Sweet and Juicy

This ex girlfriend has some amazing big natural tits and she knows it! She is totally nervous making this video you can tell she is like doing that nervous giggle and what not but who cares she is looking smoking from those tits to her ass. She lets her boyfriend pretty much do whatever he wants because well he is hung like a god damn horse and she doesn’t want to loose this dick. She ended up loosing him or she wouldn’t be on this Black GFs site but still you can tell she put in a good effort. She gags on his cock and then he puts in it her pussy and it’s almost too much for her to handle. When she is being fucked doggystyle she has to spread her ass apart just so her pussy can take his dick and then that’s not even enough. The do the usual baby oil all over his dick and her pussy and that makes everything better, baby oil is love.

Feeling Megan


My black gf purple top

Megan was waiting for her boyfriend to come home and was recording herself on the camera, and it looks like he came home just at the right time! He wanted to play with the camera too so he recorded her sucking his big black dick in this hot POV scene from Black GFs, taping all the action as she bobbed her pretty face up and down on that chocolate meatbat before spreading her thighs to get fucked in that shaved hole of hers. He loves feeling Megan from the inside as she rides his cock and she loves it maybe even more than he does, so this ends up being a very hot video clip, especially when she gets those big titties out to bounce around as she rides him! It might be a little weird to have a black POV if you’re not black but hey maybe it’s a fantasy or something…I guess it’s just as weird to have a white POV if you’re not white, it’s all just hot fucking hardcore sex!

Adriana Malao


Adriana malao black gfs

This ebony cutie Adriana Malao is hot as hell from head to toe, especially those bangin hips of hers! She starts out giving her boyfriend a nice sexy blowjob in the kitchen, sucking that cock before bending over to get fucked in her bouncy black booty. She’s got a nice jiggly ass that’s not too big and not too small, just cushion for the pushin as the guy kicks a leg up Captain Morgan style and slams that wet shaved hole of hers doggystyle before fipping her over and fucking her from above as well. She’s sexy as hell with that tight cunt of hers and definitely loves getting fucked, so check out this hot POV scene from Black GFs! Sometimes there’s nothing hotter than a black girl with a juicy booty bending over and getting her fuckhole railed, and this is one of those times. I’m glad her boyfriend was convincing when he talked her into getting naked and getting naughty on camera, she seemed a little timid and unsure at first although she obviously knew what he was up to and fully expected to end up on her hands and knees in the kitchen. Maybe she’ll be down to make a sandwich afterwards too, who knows!

Rise and Fuck


Black gfs rise and fuck

Sexy and curvy black hottie Janet saw her boyfriend sleeping and decided it was a fine time to make the sex tape they had been talking about, so she came up camera in hand to have a little fun with his big dick! This sexy busty mama had no problem getting him to rise and fuck as she took his cock in her mouth, bobbing that pretty face up and down and giving him a nice blowjob to get him hard before riding him like she was in the Kentucky Derby. It’s almost mesmerizing seeing that big round juicy booty of hers bouncing up and down as she rode his dick in this hot interracial scene on Black GFs…she obviously loves having that big meat inside her and looked fantastic in their first sex tape! From the looks of things this lucky guy had a good time too…I mean with a hot and horny babe like that doing a pogo routine on your crank how could you have a frown on your face?

Juicy Jade


Black gfs juicy jade

Juicy Jade has a devious smile and a pair of big round titties and knows how to use both of em as you can see…her boyfriend has his camcorder handy and doesn’t feel like heading in to work so he and Jade decide to stick around the house and get naked! She grabs his dick out of his pants and starts sucking, looking hot as hell as she wraps her lips around that big shaft. Soon she’s on her back getting her shaved pussy pounded, those big juicy titties softly bouncing as she gets fucked for Black GFs…this ebony hottie is cute as hell and looks like fun in bed in this POV hardcore session. Can you imagine seeing those gorgeous eyes looking up as she sucks you off? Well stop imagining it and check it out, that’s exactly what happens in this video!

Mya Lushes


Mya lushes for black gfs

This busty ebony hottie goes by the name of Mya Lushes and in this video clip from the site Black GFs she was just getting some sun in her pink bikini when her boyfriend came up and convinced her to head inside for a little fun…this dude sounded like kind of a dork but she started giving him a blowjob it was easy to see why she kept him around, he’s hung like a donkey! Watch him slide that big thick black cock deep inside her shaved hole, fucking that pussy and making her big round ass bounce in this hot hardcore scene. If you’re into sexy big tittied ebony babes getting ramjammed take a look and see why they call her Luscious Lushes!

Big Booty Love


Blackgfs big booty love

I don’t know if this mocha-skinned honey works at Foot Locker but she’s got that stripey shirt on as she teases her boyfriend with her white panties and that juicy black booty of hers. Soon she’s sucking on his big dick and looking up at him with those beautiful brown eyes, working him with her hand and everything. This lucky dude hit the lottery when he started dating this girl, and we get to see him fucking the hell out of her in a hot POV scene from Black GFs called Big Booty Love! She loves a big black dick and isn’t afraid to say so…or at least to scream it while she’s getting her pussy railed! Take a look, especially if you’ve got a thing for sexy ebony babes. She might go a little over the top with the sounds she’s making but maybe she just loves getting fucked that much, who knows.

Sexy Sapphire


Sexy Sapphire Black GFs

This site Black GFs is a site dedicated to amateur porn but you have to be a black girl and that’s final! It’s the only site that I know if that is so niche specific, at least for black girls. They call it Black Gfs because sometimes guys who are pissed at ex girlfriends so times with submit their ex girlfriends sex tapes that they made with them to the site. They get paid some cash but more importantly they get revenge. I think this one though was submitted by a black couple that just wanted to make a couple extra dollars by doing what they nomral do on a Tuesday night and that’s fuck. This black girl has an amazing pussy and it looks site tight and perfect as he plays with it as she is in the doggystyle position. I also love this little fuck suit she is wearing you just don’t see girls going all out like this, but the more and more I see these homemade black sex tapes I see black girls love to keep it fresh and sexy.

Ass So Phat


Black Gfs Ass So phat

If you like black girls there is only really one place you should go to find your porn and that’s Black GFs. They have a whole collection of amateur homemade sex tape with some hot ass ebony beauties. This scene is called Ass So Phat and just by seeing this picture I think you can figure out why it’s called that. This black girl is your typical black chick with just one huge butt. I mean it’s so big the guy has to have her spread her cheeks just so he can get his dick in that tight black pussy of hers.

Banging Farah


Banging Farah

This girl is so damn cute she is just laying out by the pool when her boyfriend comes out with a camera. Farah doesn’t want to mess around just talking on the camera she tells her man to go to the house so they can play. She gets down on the floor and spreads her legs open so he knows exactly what she is talking about. They fuck right there and man does this black girl look good from behind! You all would totally fuck this girl and now that this guy submitted his sex tape to Black GFs you can pretend to.

On Fiore


On Fiore Black GFs

If you have never fucked a black girl in your life this gallery will give you a little glimpse at what you have been missing. This scene is from Black GFs a amateur black site where people submit videos of their hot black girlfriends doing everything from fucking like you see here to just getting naked. There is also a lot of videos of girls shaking that big asses because you know this black chicks know how to do that! This scene is called On Fiore and it stars a very fit black girl who can fuck like you wouldn’t believe! Just sit back and enjoy this is a long ass video.

Double Up


Double Up Black Gfs

I couldn’t get a pictures that had both the girls in this new scene from Black GFs so I just took the hottest one and this is when she is about to get her boyfriends white cock all up in her. Interracial scenes are just the best aren’t they what about when its 2 black girls vs one white guy? He last a long longer then you would expect with all those perfect black booties wanting to be fucked. Black GF is the site you need to go to if you like hardcore black porn there is nobody like them!

Ready To Ride


Ready To Ride Black GFs

I have a big booty black girl for you guys from my favorite ebony site and that’s Black GFs. The name of this episode is Ready To Ride and if you know anything about BlackGFs you know that they don’t really name their models because all of their porn is submitted to them by couples or broke up couples looking to get revenge on each other. It’s usually the guy who sends in the sex tape just to piss off a ex. You know you are getting the last laugh when the guy who is currently dating you ex girlfriend gets sent a link to this gallery! I would love to be a fly on the wall when something like that goes down.

Super Jadis


Super Jadis Black GFs

This is a hot homemade sex tape from Black GFs they call the tape Super Jadis. I would say this picture right here if you could go in the mind of this dark black girl it would be saying “I shouldn’t be making a sex tape with this guy” but guess what she did. I mean she was his girlfriend at the time but it didn’t work out and now her sex tape is on the Internet. I think she should have spent some extra time thinking this one through and thought if she really trusted this guy or not. Well I hope she doesn’t really care because let me tell you girl you can fuck good, I mean real good! You should probably become a pornstar because with a body like yours you could go far.

Off The Hooks


Black GFs Off The Hooks

This girl is pretty freaky cute isn’t she? Nice thick body nice round ass and a damn pretty face. She is on this site called Black GFs I have posted a lot of their galleries in the past and this is just another great one that you guys are going to enjoy. She isn’t just showing uss her ass and tits nope in this homemade video you get to see her fucking her boyfriend right on their bed. She rides him reverse cowgirl almost the entire time because you guys know how much black guys love asses!

Booty Check


Booty Check Black GFs

That is a real ass right there it isn’t photoshopped or she doesn’t have a butt implant it’s just real! The scene that you are about to watch is from Black GFs and don’t worry you don’t just get to see Jaydan here getting naked or masturbating. In this gallery you get to see her bent over the and fucked! Her boyfriend likes the view from back there and I can’t blame them. This black girl is quite the find I mean look at her when she is giving him head she she works those balls magically!

Feeling Freaky


Black GFs Feeling Freaky

This home made sex tape is with a hot black girlfriend who wants to give her boyfriend a free blowjob. It doesn’t look much like a blowjob I know but this girl just wanted to be fucked so bad her boyfriend couldn’t deny her! I mean she is the one who started this fuck session so that in itself makes her a good girlfriend. The problem though is that she did this a lot and not with her boyfriend you see. That’s why her sex tape is now on Black GFs where you can see the full length video and man is it a good one!

Bending Benton


Bending Benton Black GFs

I have no idea why Black GFs calls this scene Bending Benton maybe the guys name is Benton or something. One thing I do know is that this girl laying on her back here is giving that camera the fuck me eyes. She is laid back and ready to know licking her lips ready for a dick to penetrate that black pussy of hers. It’s a fine looking pussy isn’t it guys well that’s not the only thing that is fine on this girl she has it all!

Skin To Skin


Black Gfs Skin To Skin

This is a hot black chick that you guys are going to see get fucked if you watch the video. It’s a scene from Black GFs called Skin To Skin. This girl has a ass to die for and she knows it, any girl wearing a super skimpy g-string thong is trying to show off that asset. She lets her boyfriend film her shaking her ass and showing off her gorgeous body. One thing leads to another and he is fucking her and keeping the camera rolling. She should have asked for the tape after the sex session but she didn’t and now she is a unknowing star!

Blazing Booty


Black GF Blazing Booty

Here is a beautiful blazing booty for you guys whatever that means! It’s from a site called Black GFs that basically specializes in amateur porn of hot ebony girls like this one. She doesn’t have a name or anything because as I said she is a first timer. In this gallery though you get to see her trying on sexy clothes and then fucking her boyfriend who is some lucky ass white guy.

So Sexy


Leilani Leeane Black GFs

There is times like this when I look at a picture and am like that shit is photoshopped because that ass is just too damn round. I assure you thought I looked at these pictures super close and this girl really does have the perfect ass. The scene is from Black GFs a site where you will find a ton of really hot black girls getting fucked in home made sex tapes. This scene isn’t exactly homemade but it’s a amateur that is a fact for sure. She teases her man with her ass and then rides him reverse cowgirl so he can enjoy seeing it bobb up and down on his dick.

Taking Tori


Black Gfs Taking Tori

This episode from Back GFs shows a guy taking what he wants or maybe what his girlfriend is showing him. His girlfriend is getting ready to go out and she is wearing a wife beater that is probably 3x too small for her so her tits just look awesome. This black girlfriend is a all natural babe and a good fuck hole from the looks of the video. I haven’t yet watched the video but am going to as soon as I am done posting this!

Car Sex


Fucking In The Car

This couple must have really wanted to fuck in the back seat of the car because I mean they where parked at a god damn house! I guess when you have been together a while you have to spice things up and fucking on the side of the house in the car is something. This scene is from a site where you can submit your sex tapes to them. They’re a little different though because your ex girlfriend has to be black, black chicks only on this awesome amateur porn site called BlackGFs.

Between Us


Black GF Between Us

If I had a hot black girlfriend like this with a perfect round ass I would have her ride me reverse cowgirl all the time. I mean she is pretty damn cute but that booty of hers is really amazing. This comes from a site called Black GFs where they accept home made sex tapes from black girls. They will take the tape if you guys are just still together or if you want to get revenge on her you can just submit. If your interested in something like that you can submit your tape to them and they will pay you money!

Bathroom Bangin


Bathroom Bangin

This is another very good amateur scene from Black GFs they call Bathroom Bangin. I think you guys can figure out that title for yourselves but let me assure you guys that this is a scene you have to check out. The black girlfriend has a nice round booty as you can see and the cutest little tiny tits. Her boyfriend is a white guy so all you who like interracial porn this is going to be right up your ally. The guy walks in on his girlfriend getting ready and talks her in to a little sex session right there in the bathroom as he records the whole thing. I guess this girl didn’t get the sex tape when they broke up because after all she is now a pornstar because he sold it to Black GFs, oh well though you live you learn!

Street Meat


Black GFs Street Meat

When you have a girlfriend who will walk the streets in little booty shorts where her round ass hangs out you know she is going to cheat on you at some point. This guy who submitted his sex tape of him and his hot back girlfriend to Black Gfs is the only person to blame here. The girl sure knows how to ride a cock I mean just check out the video, but man I would use a condom on this hoe don’t know about you guys!

Black GFs


Black Gfs

I wanted to share with you guys a new site that just opened up it’s called Black GFs and this is a place where you will find hot ebony woman in homemade sex tapes. It’s brought to you by the same guys who did GF Revenge so if you want to submit a sex tape of a ex girlfriend who is black then send it to these guys and they will pay you!

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